Title: Cold War 1/5

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: nautika

Rate: K

Warning: Is snowballs fight counts? Fluffy. And more surprises as it depends in my bunnies…

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien, I just borrowed them.

Spoiler: AU.

Summary: It is not a regular war it is… snowball fight… with consequence…

Note: Estel first year at Peredhil's house in Imladris.
The cold sequel of "White Blanket", and could be the prequel of "Surprise".

1. – Daylight: Round one


"Ada? Are we going to fight the twins?" Estel asked in a worried tone.

"Not with swords and arrows, but with this," Elrond took the white stuff and shaped it into a ball, and let the little boy study it.

"With this? How?" Estel asked, as he seemed still confused.

"Watch, ion, just watch…" Elrond said softly and threw the white ball at Elrohir.

"Father hit me…" Estel could hear his brother whine as he smiled.

"Want to try?" Elrond suggested as he noticed the smile, and could see the shine on Estel's face, as he beamed at him.

"…H… how?" Estel asked, curious.

Elrond took the white stuff, and waited for the boy to do what he did, both shaping it into a ball. Elrond could see Estel smiled, and smiled himself.

"… And then… we throw it at them?" Estel asked, as he tried to fight the cold in his hands.

"Yes, ion…" Elrond answered, and then he noticed how his son shivered and asked, "Are you feeling cold, ion?"

Estel nodded, and answered, shimmering, "… B… But I want to play…"

Elrond nodded uncomforted, but then grinning, he quietly asked, "Are you ready for a snowball fight, ion-nin?"

Estel nodded, and offered a smile, as tears caused by the wind ran down his face.

Elrond wiped the tears away, and said, "Tell me if you do not feel well, alright, ion?"

Estel nodded and watched his ada.

Elrond threw the snowball at Elladan who raised his head, what seemed as mistake, and swept it away.

"Father hit me too, gwador…" Elladan comforted his twin, smirking. "And that, gwador, means war."

Elrohir smirked at his twin, as he gathered snow in his hands. Ready for attack.

Elrond looked at his youngest son, and asked, "Are you ready for fun, ion?" Estel nodded, and smiled.

"Good, because I want to win for change, and you will help me…" Elrond grinned, and then he encouraged him, "Just aim and throw at them, then hide as quickly as you can. If you get hit, act as if nothing happened, it just a game, alright ion?"

Estel nodded, and then he threw his snowball, but neither of the twins were hit.

"You missed…" Elladan smirked, and then he gathered his snowball and threw it to Elrond and Estel's side.

Elladan was surprised to see his father wipe the snow from his face, glaring hard at him. Elladan noticed the sparkle in his father's eyes, and hid quickly before he would take a hit.

Elrond stared at his ion that looked tensed, as he saw his movement, he noticed his eyes and looked for sparkle but saw none. He knelt by him, and asked, "What is wrong, ion?"

"You are covered with the white… white thing… Ada…" Estel pointed in his hand, and his hand shivered.

"Estel, are you cold?" Elrond asked with growing concern, as he did not wish to push the boy.

"N… No ada, I am fine…" Estel answered, as he fought the cold.

"You see, nothing wrong ha happened to me… I am alright, and remember, it is only a game between family, and this is your new family…" Elrond grinned at the boy.

Elrond watched the boy as he made another snowball. He smiled as he saw him aim his snowball at Elladan, and almost hit his target.

Elrond noticed the excitement that appeared in the boy's face, and found himself smile with pride and love for the him.

Elrond was so deep in thought, he did not notice or hear the whistle as snowball hit him.

Elrond smiled as he noticed Estel pointed his hand at him and giggled. He heard his voice, as he seemed to be happy, "Ada…" he laughs, "You… been hit… and that's means war… right ada?"

Elrond looked at him and nodded. The boy was special to him, and now he could see the diamond in his eyes sparkling with love.

Elrond felt hungry, and knelt to hide from the next hit, and asked, "Estel, are you hungry?"

Estel nodded and moved his hand over his belly and circled his hand over it.

'Yes… it seemed like…' Elrond mused.

"We give up for now, but we will be back after breakfast. If you want to eat, too, you know the way…" Elrond raised his voice so the twins could hear.

Elrond noticed the heads, and then he took his opportunity and hit them, and shouted, "AND THAT FOR HITTING ME…"

Elrond heard the boy laughing, and he enjoys the laugh too. Then they hurried inside the house before the last snowballs of the twins would hit them.

BREAKFAST TIME… End of Chapter 1.