Title: Cold War 5/5

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: nautika

Rate: K

Warning: Is snowballs fight counts? Fluffy. And more surprises as it depends in my bunnies…

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien, I just borrowed them.

Spoiler: AU.

Summary: It is not a regular war it is… snowball fight… with consequence…

Note: Estel first year at Peredhil's house in Imladris.
The cold sequel of "White Blanket", and could be the prequel of "Surprise".


Several days later, Estel sat in the balcony with a cup of hot chocolate in his hands, and a blanket wrapped around his body. He stared outside where Elrond and the twins played, Elrond was seemed to be outnumbered, alone against the two.

Glorfindel saw Estel alone in the balcony and sat beside him.

"Estel?" Glorfindel asked as he looked at him, "Are you all right?"

Estel nodded and only answered the lord with a large smile on his face, "I am all right, but Ada is not…"

Glorfindel could see what Estel saw, as the twins took turns tossing snow balls, and hitting their Ada in the face time after time with no way for him to hide from them.

"I see…" Glorfindel only given.

Estel asked him, "Would you go and help Adar?"

"I think I will do so." Glorfindel replied, stroking the boy's hair before heading outside.

Glorfindel found it hard to reach his lord's side, as the twins struck him as well.

"Need some help?" Glorfindel asked Elrond with a bit of smile, as he wiped his face.

"Be my guest, mellon-nin, and we might entertain Estel." Elrond replied.

"It will be my honor, to defeat the twins for once." Glorfindel grinned as he started to make snowballs and then when he was ready; he aimed one after another at the twins, and laughed time after time when any snowballs found their target.

Elrond looked back at Estel and enjoyed seeing the boy laugh.

Then after feeling the cold snowballs strike his torso, he returned to the game.

The End