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This story is about a girl running for her life and a boy doing all he can to keep her alive. I got this from this book I just finished by Sylvie Kurtz. I'll be changing some stuff and probably make it as interesting as possible. There will be a lot of characters, some from Digimon and some OC. Mostly Mimato.

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Chapter 1:

Mimi Tachikawa was watching cable television in yet another cheap motel when Deputy Kushner's chair was thrown backwards. His body toppled against the television screen blocking a wet Mary Jane talking to a hanging Spiderman. In the next instant the lamp on her bedside table shattered, throwing the room into flickering darkness. WSP Inspector Phillip McNair tackled her to the bloodstained beige carpet and shoved her toward the connecting door between their rooms. "Stay low."

She knew the drill by now. Pulse frantic and hyperventilating, she crawled to the bathroom, still steamy from Phil's shower, and stayed low on the floor. So much for witness security, she thought. Three weeks, three relocations, three dead bodyguards. She didn't even know where she was, what day it was, she doesn't even remember her current alias. It was all too much. Her chest cracked under the spasm of her tears. When would this nightmare end?

Phillip shouted into his cell phone. At this moment, Mimi would give anything to slip into Kirsten Dunst's role and do that upside down kiss with Tobey Maguire under the rain. Even rain sounded good. Maybe it could wash away the image of blood constantly tainting her vision.

The next thing she knew, someone was tugging on her elbow. She blinked up at him and mistook his gray and brown air and brown eyes for her father's. Phillip just yanked her to her feet. "Time to go."

Even though there were half a dozen armed men patrolling the parking lot, Phillip scanned every shadow as he led her to the waiting armored car with the tinted window. He barely slammed the door shut before the car sped off.

Mimi sank into the seat that smelled of cigarette smoke and canned deodorizer and let her head rest against the window. "I can't do this anymore."

Phillip patted her elbow, "Ten more days, princess. Once the trial's over, you'll be safe."

She tried to draw reassurance from the man who became her lifeline in the past year since her camera lens captured her father's murder at the hands of his partner. But the soul-deep fear wouldn't leave. Safe? She didn't think she'd ever feel safe again. "I can't."

"Don't you want to clear your father's name? Don't you want to see Sheer pay for his crimes?"

"I just want my life back."

"If that Sheer guy is set free, you never will."

You won't ever be free from me, Mimi. I won't ever let you go. I'll be in your dreams and in your nightmares. I'll follow you wherever you go.

Somehow, even in prison, Michael Sheer managed to hunt her. When was the last time she managed to sleep without having a nightmare about him? "Ten days is a long time to stay alive when my bodyguards keep dying."

Phil's jaw seemed to sag with the weight of the responsibility. "I'll keep you safe. I promise."

But doubt tailed her from the three hour journey to the cheap motel and even in the shower. It filled her mind as she lay on the motel bed with sheets that were too stiff and a pillow that was too flat.

Phillip checked the doors and windows, made a quick call, and then slid into the second bed fully dressed. "Try to get some sleep."

That was the code phrase for 'We'll be moving again tomorrow morning.'

She aimed the remote at the television, turned the volume down low and flicked through the channels until she landed on The Sound of Music. As Julie Andrews sang her heart out to the mountains, Mimi relaxed. Then later, as the German's chase the Von Trapp family, her doubts mutated into a fear so sharp, it cut her breath.

Someone knew, and not just anyone, someone on the inside. How else could they have found her? She trusted Phillip. She believed he had her best interests at heart.

She looked over to the man who became her friend ever since she started this program. Deep lines surrounded his mouth and wrinkled his forehead and the skin under his eyes were colored purple, eyes that were kind and understanding just like her father's.

But he couldn't keep her safeā€¦no one could. Michael Sheer had too much to lose by letting her live.

WSP or Witness Security Programtook everything from her and erased her past as if she never existed. But it wasn't enough. Michael remembered her and he wouldn't let go. Not when she was the only thing between him and his freedom.

Somehow she knew he was the one doing all this and would keep on doing until she was dead. Then the town, the company, the house, and everything that was still part of her fondest memories would be his to abuse and destroy.

If she was to stay alive to avenge her father and make sure his murderer never left prison or touch her beloved town, if she was to have a chance once again to live an ordinary life, she should trust no one.

When Phil's gentle snores told her he was asleep, she snuck out of bed. There's no point trying to go out the front door, he'd be up with the first click of the lock. She walked to the bathroom as if to use it. He heard her do that often enough in the past three weeks to think nothing was out of the ordinary.

In the bathroom she checked out the small window. Good. Like Phil, she crawled into bed fully dressed. She glanced at her feet and wriggled her toes. No shoes, but she couldn't risk going back for them. Flushing the toilet to keep the noise as she push the window open, she took a deep breath and then, balancing on the toilet seat, she pushed herself onto the sill.

Outside, cold ground met her bare feet. Panic climbed up her spine until her teeth shattered. If Phil can't hide you, what makes you think you have any chance to stay alive on your own? Glancing at the window she thought of crawling back to her only safety retreat. No, her best chance to stay alive was on her own. She couldn't go home, but she could disappear. All she had to do is hide for ten more days.

With one last look over her shoulder, she faded into the mist.

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