Hey hey! This is the last chapter! THE FINALE! AT LAST! The Hyper Force finally finds a way to dispose of the bunnies... literally. Nah, just joking. But beware, there is a cliffie at the very end of the story! HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!... just read the story, okay?

Chapter six - Bunny disposal

Chiro had been waiting outside the Super Robot for hours, waiting for all the bunnies to be sold. Suddenly, someone walked past.

"Oh, hi Jinmay. Wanna buy a bunny?"

"Sure!" she said, and picked up a small brown bunny. "I'll call you... Sakko the Second! Oh, you're such a cute little girl..."

"Actually," Chiro pointed out, "It's a guy."

Jinmay was crestfallen. "Oh. That's not the first time this has happened." They all remembered the first Sakko, and shuddered.

"Well, that'll be $5. Erm... But I'll give it to you for free."

"Thanks Chiro!" said Jinmay happily, and she ran off with her bunny, Sakko the Second.

Chiro looked at the remaining bunnies. Two, he thought. Then he had an idea. He scooped up the two bunnies and ran inside.

"Hey, Otto!" said Chiro happily. "I saved you two bunnies!" He sat down next to the green monkey and held out two bunnies. One was completely black, the other was completely white.

"Hey, thanks Chiro!" said Otto happily. He picked up the two bunnies and patted them gently.

Otto held up the white bunny. "Chiro, because of your successful selling, I'll call this one Chiro Jr!" Otto held up the black one and said, "I'll call this one Antauri Jr, because Antauri got over his fear, and also because it's black."

Antauri smiled, then yawned. "Well, I'll be going to bed. Good night." Antauri went over to his tube and went up to his bed.

"I'll be going as well." said Chiro.

Soon after, everyone was fast asleep. Little did they know that Antauri Jr was actually a girl. . . .

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