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Nina and Ayu are sitting on bed in Nina's bedroom. Nina seems nervous and Ayu is looking at her with comforting eyes and clinging on to the cordless. There is an atmosphere of silence in the room. This silence is broken by Nina. Nina with nervousness, "When it comes, you receive it". Ayu says in bewilderment "What are you saying? He rings up to your house and I am the one to receive it!". Nina shows her puppy dog eyes and says' "Please, you are a friend of mine and…". Then, her her expression suddenly changes to despairity and she says, "If at all it comes". Ayu says with a comforting voice, "Don't worry, I know Tsujai would invite you to the movie. It's an instinct of mine".

Just then, the phone rings. Nina says to Ayu "Come on, pick it up". "Fine then", says Ayu and picks up the cordless." Oh! Hello Tsujai. Nina. Right. She is just beside me" with these words she hands the cordless to Nina and says under her breathe "Come on". Nina nervously holds the cordless and talks "Hello. Tsujai...Movie! yeah, it will do...five 'o' clock….. Thanks for inviting after all………". Then suddenly the door is thrown open and Lio comes in with a piece of envelope and says, "Hey Nina, an envelope for you. It's from the magical Kingdom. Nina whispers, "Ayu!). Ayu understanding the sign quickly comes to Lio and says, "Give it to me. Let's go outside, we got to talk". She takes lio out of the room and Nina continues "Nothing, one of Lio's prank".

Outside, the room Ayu speaks with Lio "Thank Goodness! You were going to spoil everything, Lio" . " Hey, I didn't know it was that Tsujai on phone" says Lio in defense. Ayu with suspecting eyes asks, "What do you mean by that Tsujai?". Lio coolly says "I mean, poor Nina lost her heart to such an undeserving fellow". Ayu with cautious voice, ""Hold it right there. If Nina hears you she is probably going to starve you for three days or so". Lio with bewilderment says "Just joking! What a nice boy he is!". "You better mean that" says Ayu and glances at the envelope and queries "From, Nina's granpa?". "No, I didn't see it" says Lio and glances over the name and reads "The sender is THE BLESSED MAGICAL WONDER" . "Who is that?" asks Ayu. "How should I know?" cries Lio in defense.

Nina calls both of the inside as her talk had ended.Ayu asks as soon as she comes in "So, how did it go?". "Fab! I cannot believe, he invited me!" replies Nina. "Told you so, he likes you. Five right? That's the time?" asks Ayu. "It's four now so, we have one hour for preparation" says Nina. "Okay! There is so much to do" says Ayu excitedly. Lio indicates the letter and says, "hey, your letter". Nina says, "Keep it on the dressing table and I will check it over, later". "As you wish, master" and by saying this he keeps the envelope on the dressing table and exits through the door. Nina asks "What's with him?". Both Nina and Ayu shrug and go on to do their work.

After several trial, Nina comes over to the dressing table to check herself in the mirror. She is wearing a cute white sleeveless shirt with a blue skirt. As she checks, she glances at the envelope which reads 'THE BLESSED MAGICAL WONDER' as the sender. With curiosity she opens the envelope in which Yuta appears and says, "How do you do, Nina? I wrote the name for adding your curiosity to the letter. Well, I am coming to you as soon as possible. Maybe, I will be with you even before you blink. Bye Bye. Oh! And how is Ayu?". The holographic picture of Yuta disappears soon after that.

Ayu comes to Nina and says, "Oh! He is the Blessed something…". Nina nods her head with a mocking smile and says, "Smart ass! I don't think that you will be with me because I am going out". Ayu smiles and says, "What a joker! But sometimes he really makes you forget your worries, Nina. I have seen you smile whenever you hear from him".Nina glancing at the watch says, "I am going. I have to go to buy the train tickets. Bye". Ayu waves and tells her "Tell me what happened when you come back". "For sure" says Nina and quickly walks out and reaches the station.

She gets the tickets but its too late the train leaves and she runs to get in but her foot slips and she misses the train. Nina waves her hand in disguist and tells to herself' "That's horrible! I couldn't afford to miss it but I have. I am such a fool.Drags

Then, someone offers her a hand and helps her to get up. Nina dusting herself says "Thank you". "Hey, no need to say this" says the person with blonde hair. Nina is amazed and exclaims "Oh my God! It's you, Yuta!". Yuta gives a smile and says, "Well, I came to visit this place for an ice-cream and I saw you running for the train. Ice-cream?". Nina takes the ice-cream and says, "Thank you. I cannot believe I missed the train". Yuta with a concerned look says, "I guess you were going somewhere very important". Nina with a smile says, "You cannot guess". Yuta asks, "Where?". Off to movie with Tsujai. I got an invitation from him.

Yuta with extreme ease says, "Then, what's so important? You can watch it in DVD in your house with Lio and Ayu too". Nina with serious look says, "You don't seem to understand. The person with whom I have always dreamt to be together forever has called me and I cannot make it. It makes me so depressed. Why am I so clumsy?". Yuta folds his fingers in utter depression and says, "Nina…". The feeling of his love saying this was like a volcanic eruption to his heart. "You said something?" asks Nina. Yuta suddenly changes his sinking expression and says, "You follow a very slow system of transport". Nina asks, "What do you mean?". Yuta gives his mischievous smile and says' "When Yuta is here the there is no fear. Just tell me the place and we will be there in a second". Nina smiles when she solves the puzzle and says, "You mean magic" and Yuta nods his head. "Thank you so much. The place is the cinema hall near the Sean shoppers stop" she says and Yuta uses magic and they get teleported to the cinema hall.

Tsujai is surprised to see them and rushes towards them and says, "You are well ahead of time, Nina and the train hasn't reached the stop, yet. Nina smiles and says, "That's because I used a faster medium. Thanks Yuta". "Mention not. You dare say thanks again and I will think that you have forgotten our friendship"' says Yuta. Then, Tsujai understands and exclaims, "Magic! Oh! I understand now". "Why don't you join us, Yuta?" says Nina expecting a yes but before Yuta could say anything Tsujai says, "Sorry, the tickets are sold out". "No more tickets?" asks Nina thinking that luck would shine but she gets a no from Tsujai' expression. "No, thanks. I have already watched the movie. Both of you would be better off without me", says Yuta with utmost ease. Nina enquires, "Are you sure?". "200" replies Yuta and walks off biding them goodbye.

After sometime, Tsujai says, "It's already time. I think my friends won't show up. What a shame, Yuta is not here!". "Yeah, right. Let's go", says Nina and they both go into the hall while Yuta sees them as he stood on a building's roof. He has a disappointed look in his face.

Yuta's POV

Nina has made her choice and I have to accept it no matter how far I try to run from it. If only I had known it before I would have not come here from the Magical World. So foolish of me.My hopes are now gone.


Nina with serious look says, "You don't seem to understand. The person with whom I have always dreamt to be together forever has called me and I cannot make it. It makes me so depressed. Why am I so clumsy?".

End of Flashback

It's all over, now.

End of POV

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