Erik took one more glance at his domain, his lair, the lair witch will now be filled with nothing but haunting memories of what has happened, and what happened now. Will this finally be it? Will I return to this pitiful world? No. Never again, I will never return to my hell. This is it, I may not know if I will survive, or if someone might recognize me and decide to take action, but I do know that my day of haunting and tormenting are over. Christine is gone, I can't change that, and as much as I want to I can't.

I hid underneath small houses where no one went. I waited Intel it was dark, I waited after hours. Finally there was no one in sight except maybe few women who ruled the streets of Paris, and the men waiting to either pleasure them, or get pleasured by them, or just do the worst of all crimes to them. Torture them, rape them, and then leave them to rot in the dirty Ally's.

I walked the lonesome filthy streets; I walked past the whores who stared at me with desire. They think they know me already. I gave a short, dark chuckle. They know nothing.

As I continued walking I realized from the corner of my eye one of the whores who was talking with her friends began walking toward me. Her slender body moved lavishly in the night, the blood red dress she wore raped tightly to the corset she wore making her chest extremely noticeable. By the sound of her heels I can tell she was now fully behind me.

"From the looks of it love, I'd say your in the need of…" She stopped dead as I turned around to face her, my deformity hitting the light. She took a few steps; she was pale and wide-eyed. She was terrified, I could tell, I lived with that look my whole life.

"The need of what Mademoiselle? The need of pleasure!" I spat the last word at her. I walked forward toward her, she could handle no more, she ran away shouting.

"It the devil himself! Someone please its the devil! It's the devil!"

I took my leave as soon as people began to crowd the young streetwalker. But then the obvious came.

"You there! I see him; he was the one attacking that girl!" shouted an old man sticking his head out his bedroom window. Men and women all turned their eyes on me. I could still here the young woman's cry.

"It was the devil! Oh god help us! He tried to take my soul!" The woman just couldn't stay quiet could she? The angry men and women began running at me. I ran as fast as I could. PERFECT! Just what I need, another mob coming for me!

I ran and ran till I heard the mob no more. I turned around and saw that no one was behind me. How long have I been running? Where have I run? I looked around me, the area seemed familiar but then didn't. I felt as if I shouldn't be here, that something would come and come soon. Something I would regret, it feels like betrayal, but then again, I always felt that. I walked Intel my legs gave away, luckily there was an abandon barn, and somewhere I can hide out for the night.

I slipped in the dark and gloomy place, just the way I like it. I climbed the ladder to the attic where a big pile of hay lay; I settled myself and surprisingly fell asleep within instants.