Chapter 28: Epilogue

I awoke to smell of fresh red roses, was it all a dream? No, it wasn't. That event happened weeks ago, Dreama was securely held in my arms still asleep. I looked at her beautiful sleeping form, feeling her breathe in and out slowly. I took in the sent of her ebony hair and grinned suddenly feeling excited.

My lips went to her blemished neck, as always it looks beautiful. I began to suck on the delicate sweet skin wanting so much more. I felt her shudder and I couldn't help but chuckle, she then shifted and her eyes calmly opened. Her gaze settled on me and she smiled.

"Good mourning My Lady," I whispered while nibbling on her small earlobe. She giggled and moved away.

"Good mourning Sir Erik, how is thy Knight doing this fine day?" she said in good spirits.

"I am doing perfectly well thank you, tell me though… how are you doing?" I asked with caution yet with a hint of humor. Dreama frowned and looked around the room thinking what I said was some code.

"What are you talking about?" she asked truly baffled. The site of her puzzled is just absolutely adorable, makes me love her more.

"You were… extremely… wild last night, it sort of scared me," Dreama looked at me as it all unfolded, she then began to laugh.

"Why? Did you not enjoy it?"

"Enjoy it? I loved it," I said with passion. Dreama laughed even harder.

"Well nothing else matters, just as long as you… loved it," Dreama said while placing a hand upon my face.

There was a moment of silence, and then I suddenly broke it.


She looked at me, "Yes?"

I gave her a serious look; she then sat up and really looked at me.

"What's wrong?" she asked in a stern tone. I looked at her a moment longer before responding.

"Where did you learn that move?"

Dreama groaned and turned away with a grin.

"Oh Erik let me be!" she complained like a child. I laughed and pulled her close.

"No I mean it, it was very interesting… what did you do? You placed your leg some where up here and…"

I was cut short when she threw one of her pillows at me. I laughed even harder and pulled her even closer.

I kissed her neck, her ear and jaw then landed on her lips. She giggled trying to push me away.

"Come on everyone is still asleep…" I whispered. She laughed out loud and kissed me back.

"My dear Knight, my screams that you can make me do will surely awaken everyone!"

At this I smirked and chuckled then tackled her.

"Erik! Dreama!" The door was swung open to reveal Bunny holding a letter. I quickly tried to cover myself but ended up pulling on a sheet that made me tumble off the bed.

"Oh… did I come at a bad time?" she asked innocently. I raised my hand giving her a signal that all was fine yet I still remained on the floor out of site. I glanced up and saw how Dreama was trying so hard to keep in her laughter; I glared at her and waited for Bunny to leave.

"Um, mama said it was time for breakfast and also we got another letter from Thelma" Bunny said happily.

"Oh well that's wonderful news, Erik and I will meet you downstairs"

"Alright" Bunny concluded with a grin.

I arose from my spot and did nothing but glare at Dreama.

"Oh darling… Are you alright?" she said not being able to hold in her laughter no more.

"Enjoying me sitting here, half naked?"

Dreama put a hand to her mouth,

"Actually yes," and with that Dreama erupted into laughter.

After our little game upstairs we finally got fully dressed and headed down to breakfast.

"Well how are our lovebirds doing this mourning?" Dolly asked. Dreama gave her mother a peck on the cheek, all I did was nod and said good mourning.

Everyone was seated at the table eating and talking about the future and how they slept and so on so forth; I was busy staring at my love. It was maybe sometime around ten thirty in the mourning when Dreama arose from her seat.

"Alright everyone, time to read Thelma's letter,"

For the past few weeks Thelma has been sending letters of her adventure of getting a new ship, saying things such as heading north, south all over the world. They were all the same except this one; this letter was longer then all the others.

Dear Family,

Great news has happened, after weeks of looking for the perfect ship we have not found it but it has found us. She is the most wonderful ship I have ever seen, she will never be like The Calico Crystal, but she will do.

But something else has occurred, mother and father, Tommy and Noah, Jonnie and Jennie, Bunny, Dreama and Erik, while commandeering my new ship there was one man that was in a deep sleep in the main chambers. His name is Jonathan York; yes he is from New York City, he is the man I will marry and New York is the place I am going to get married. Yes, your eldest daughter, your eldest sister has finally found a lover, a man that loves me just as much as I love him. You'll like him father, he's a… well was a teacher of history, but he is still just as smart. He makes me laugh, smile, everything that will make me happy. Of course the occasional getting on my nerves but I've been going through that since I was born. He's a good man, and I am more then sorry we cannot marry at Arthur Barstool for you and all the others to see how happy I am. Please wish Jonnie and Jennie my greatest apologies, luck and love. And please give Erik and Dreama my love as well, they do not need my luck since we all know great things will come their way.

I hope everyone is doing well, and I am terribly sorry my trip will be longer then I intended, but know that I will be home soon.

With all my love,

Thelma C. T.

Everyone was silent. What we just heard… was it true? Thelma in love? It was too good to be true, Thelma never loved anyone, well… alright maybe it's not so hard to believe.

This is terrific news! Thelma is getting married!

Everyone was now laughing with joy.

"Oh my god, Thelma is getting married!" Bunny squeaked.

"Bought time…" whispered Tommy.

"Oh shut it Tommy!" Bunny bellowed. We all placed our attention on her. Never have we heard such tone come from Bunny. Some one had to do it.

Dreama rushed to me and practically tackled me. She wrapped her arms around me and tears of joy began to fall, I laughed with ecstasy as I pulled her close and kissed those tears away until it was only her lips left to kiss. Then it was all silent, the family was talking but all I heard was silence. I pulled her close and kissed her passionately.


We snapped our heads toward Dolly.

"Not at the dinner table!" she said strictly with a hint of humor. We blushed and nodded.

It was only ten minutes later when Dreama pulled me close and whispered in my ear.

"I want to have a child Erik,"

I pulled away, a child? Me? A father? Dreama never looked away from me, she wanted one, with all her might she wanted one, and I will give her one.

The Tamber's have done more then changed my life; they made me the happiest man on earth. I may have had my down hills, but the good times are the times to remember most.

I now belong; I belong to Dreama, to the Tamber family. I am now apart of the family in New Orleans.

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