Chapter One : Beginning of the 'Tyranny'.

I guess it all started when I saw him: man he was HOT! Kind of crazy really… how hot he was not, like, him… He had nice dark crispy looking hair - the kind you want to run your hands through- handsome too (TO DIE FOR!), blue eyes that were like deep pools or a storm – man I love storms- basically tie-to-the-bed material!

"Class, we have a new student who just arrived from Seattle," Mr. Walden said in his gruff lumberjack voice.

"Great, another one," I mumbled looking glumly at Paul. I mean, sure they might all be hot, but I had enough to deal with already with Mr. Slater back there.

"Kelly, you will tell Debbie how hot you find our new comer later. First, I want you all to write an essay about your holidays. And no Mr. Ackerman you are not supposed to mention how you met a babe with great knockers," Mr. Walden added, throwing a piece of chalk at the back of the class much to Adam's delight.

"Back to our student…this is Mr. Sean Ayden, grab a seat."

Sean, damn hot if you ask me… Poor guy though, he had to sit next to Paul. I wonder what kind of poison he's feeding to the guy. I bet that Kelly Prescott is slobbering from where she is, I swear I can see a hint of saliva from here… EW!

Oh, Cee-Cee just passed a note.

He came from Seattle? Um… coincidence? Don't go all mad on me Suze…

I do not find Paul Slater attractive no matter how good looking and appealing Kelly Prescott might find him.

Yeah, right. Whatever! The Sean guy, you think he might do an article about Seattle for the paper?

Did I forget to mention that Cee-Cee is the editor for our school's paper? Yeah, well she is. The first thing she asked me when I came here, from New York that is, was to write an article for the journal. I mean, yeah, she's great and all and real useful for a mediator as myself but um… I don't really put Sean Ayden as the type of guy to help her out…

I mean, just look at them! There they are, Paul, Sean and the succubus clan and they're all having a great big laugh and looking perfectly happy in gogo-land. I looked back at Cee-Cee with her bright orange nail polish and purple rimmed Bloomsbury glasses and sighed.

Um…I don't really think that the readers will care too much about Seattle…

Yeah, I guess…

And yet another great save from the Brilliant Suze Simon! Okay, I agree lame, but I'm kind of nervous. All this hotness around me! That kind of stuff can go up to your head!

Must say, I'm kind of impressed with my "class performance" today. I didn't even fall asleep or dwindle with my pen for more than ten minutes straight. And I even tried to finish my boring essay no matter what Cee-Cee says. But, alright, I admit, I kind of got caught up watching Sean looking bored in class.

But, whatever. The bell rang and I followed Cee-Cee and Adman outside to have lunch. The crowd of popular girls followed Sean and Paul like a flock. I mean, GET A LIFE!

Adam looked at them in disgust. "Why can't they follow me just once!" he said.

"Duh, cause your mine!" Cee-Cee snapped.

And before I could get involved in the conversation Paul Slater came walking up to me: the beginning of a new tyranny.

"Coming over tonight, Suzie?"

God, sometimes I want to slap that smarmy grin off his face. But then there are other times when I want to kiss him and…. Um, yeah, kind of off topic…way off topic…

"Suze," I reminded him with one of the glares I keep for Dopey when he calls me Queen of the Night.

"So?" and then he smiles at me like a wolf and this dark flash comes up in his eyes. I remember that look all to well, happened last time I went for a shifter lesson and I remember that I hadn't learned much that night. Well, I did learn that my neck gets all prickly when Paul kisses me there… So you understand that I wasn't really in a hurry to return back in Slater's lair.

"Um…" I know, LAME!

"Aw, come on Suze. You wouldn't be afraid to fall for me? Sorry to be the one to tell you but face it Simon, you've got lust in your eyes and my name is written all over it." Paul said with that damned grin of his.

"In your dreams, Slater. How are things back there in I-wish land?"

"I'll take that as a yes. Be ready at five or I might just leave you behind."

God, what a cocky, arrogant, son of a bitch he can be. If he weren't so DAMN HOT!

Great, another session of shifting with Paul… or whatever… Well, I do have mace in my bag…

"Hey, Suze, you coming?" Adam called. "Cee-Cee won't let me listen to my I-pod; she says I sing like crap…"

Laughing I went back to the table.