Draco returned to his apartment late that night, taking care to keep quiet so he wouldn't wake his roommate. He hung his cloak quietly, and then, treading softly, made the way to his room, pausing by the closed door next to it. Longingly, he stroked the knob before returning silently to his own room.

The next morning, an angel standing over his bed and calling his name softly roused Draco. Having the presence of mind to realize that this was no dream, Draco sat bolt upright, startling Ginny.

"Gin," he said tiredly, trying to mask his disappointment. "I thought we agreed not to go in each other's rooms?"

She looked at him strangely. "I knocked, but you didn't answer, so I figured you needed to be woken up. It's near ten o'clock…"

Draco jumped out of bed, heedless that he wore only boxers and began running about. "Oh, no," he muttered. "I am going to be in so much shit…" He tried to tug on pants, but overbalanced and fell.

Ginny watched him amusedly for a moment before finishing her statement. "It's also Saturday."

Draco looked up at her from his vantage point on the ground, flushing a bit at his own foolishness. Ginny laughed, sweet and clear, and Draco was reminded he was wearing only boxers and his pants were half off. "Er… why did you need to wake me if it's Saturday?" Draco asked, trying to mask his embarrassment with haughtiness.

"Seamus is coming over!" Ginny said with her eyes shining. "I think," she whispered, leaning near to him confidentially, "that he's finally going to ask the question!"

"What question?" Draco asked, beginning to feel the bottom drop out of his stomach. Surely not...

"Silly!" Ginny laughed again. "He's going to ask me to marry him!"

And now Draco felt his world crumbling around him.


They had a spring wedding, and Ginny persuaded Draco to stand in as Seamus' best man. This meant he had an up close view of the exact moment he lost Ginevra Weasley.

Shortly after the wedding, Ginny moved out, promising to write Draco and visit him often. Of course, sometimes her duties as a society wife got in the way, but it never stopped Draco from his weekly letters. He watched over her from his newly promoted position in the Ministry, unwilling to see her upset or hurt because of her new status.

And slowly, Ginevra Finnigan slipped away from him. Her letters became removed and impersonal, when he got them at all. She became nothing more than a casual friend, rather than the close bond they'd had before, and it hurt him more than anything when a Friday went by and he didn't receive an owl from her.

He still kept Ginny Weasley. He locked her inside of himself, and she became his new conscience, driving him pleasantly insane even though she no longer existed.

Draco didn't take another roommate. He dated casually, but always ended up comparing his dates to a particular redhead. He rarely had more than short flings, and always left them feeling worse than he had to begin with.

Unbeknownst to Ginny, he still watched over her, understanding that there was nothing he could do to get her back but everything he could do to prevent her from harm.

But she was content now. He accepted it, and it hurt him to know she had found her happiness with someone other them him. It tore him apart when he saw her at the Weasley functions he still attended, or when she visited occasionally and forewent even getting too close to him.

One night some two years after Ginny had moved out, and on, Draco was looking at an old picture of the two of them, his favourite. They had taken in it muggle London with shortly after his graduation, and in it Draco stood with his arms around her waist, unable to hide the smile on his face. Ginny was standing on tiptoe, kissing him playfully on the cheek, also smiling. Even though this picture didn't move like wizarding ones, Draco cherished it more than any wizard picture. He looked at it whenever he needed to remind himself that there was once a time where Ginny Weasley existed as his best friend, and not the cold and removed Ginevra Finnigan she had become.

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