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Kono Yo Tou Ano Yo No Sakai

Chapter 2

Sora's ban-ryu twirled in the air, connecting with Naraku's body when he reappeared, and cut him in half. He connected again and when Sora swung her ban-ryu at him again, he deflected it, making it go flying right towards the temple...


It was too late. That part of the temple collapsed, just as the sun began to come up. Ash and dust rose up off the ground, accompanying the debris piled up. When the smoke cleared, standing in the rubble, was a white-haired, golden-eyed, elfin-eared, nine-tailed fox demon...

Kitsune had transformed back.

"Hey, Naraku," she said, smugly, "Miss me?"

Naraku, who now had Kaonashi hanging from his hand by his neck, turned towards the hanyou, and smirked, throwing the spirit away. "So, you finally decided to show yourself," he said, as his lower body began to transform into green, writhing, tentacles. He moved himself closer, wrapping the tentacles around her, as his body engulfed her.

He whispered in her ear, "Kitsune, become one with my body," This made the fox angry, and she threw out a long psychic blast that separated him into two halves. She quickly jumped away before the halves became whole again.

"What do you want with Kitsune?" Kaonashi demanded, stepping up beside the fox demon.

Naraku's upper body reformed out of the writhing green mass, smirking. "You all should know the answer to that. I want her dead."

"Well, that's a change," Kitsune said. "At least you haven't fallen in love with me. Now, die, Naraku!" Kitsune exclaimed, aiming an Iron Reaver attack his way. The demon dodged, lunging at her.

"I didn't even do anything to you," Kitsune said, "Why do you want me dead?"

"Because," Naraku said, "You harbor jewels shards, which are necessary for me to have if I am to destroy Inuyasha." He finally stopped his assault, standing away from her. He smirked. "You got lucky this time, half-demon," he said, "You have a date with someone else today." He jumped up and disappeared into a cloud of miasma.

"What do you suppose he was talking about?" Sora asked.

"Dunno, but he sure wasted my time." Kitsune said, stepping away. From beside her, Kaonashi sighed, encircling her with his arms and nipping her ear, gingerly massaging the pointed tip with his soft lips. This made her giggle softly. "Now right now," she warned him, although he continued his ministrations.

Kaonashi pouted, resting his head on her shoulder. "Why not? I wanna."

"I know, I can tell just how excited you can get, but we still have the little dilemna of exactly where we will sleep, if you get my drift," the fox said, glancing behind her.

Kaonashi glanced back, eyeing his destroyed temple. "Oh."

Sora blushed and muttered and small "I'm sorry . . ." to which the couple gazed tenderly at her.

"S'alright, Sora-chan," Kitsune said. She smirked, sending both Sora and Sahara a telepathic message. 'This just means I get to watch Kaonashi reconstruct it in the summer, all sweaty and topless.' She mentally laughed when both girls faced blanched. 'Kidding!' Sora and Sahara still cast wary glances at her.

"Well, if you guys need somewhere to stay, you can always stay with me," Sahara offered. "I could use the company."

Kaonashi nodded, smiling. "Thank you, Sahara. That would be nice."

"Sora, you're welcome to stay, too," Sahara added, making the panda demon smile brightly.

"Thanks Sahara!"

"No problem."

Kitsune looked thoughtful for a second before she gasped, eyes wide in horror and realisation. "THE RUM!" She whirled out of Kaonashi's embrace, rushing towards the ruined remains of the temple. "MY RUM STASH!" She began digging through the rubble, finally "Ah-Ha"ed, grabbing a bottle, pulling the cork off, and sticking it in her mouth. She gathered a few more bottles that weren't broken, and made her way over to Kaonashi and the girls.

Sora laughed. "Is everything okay?" Kitsune sucked on the rim of the bottle in her mouth before shoving one bottle to Kaonashi, then took the one in her mouth out. She shook her head, swallowing the sweet liquid in her mouth.

"Twenty-something bottles are gone! Smashed! There's only about five left, four after I get done with this one." She lifted the half-empty bottle in her hands, then stuck it back in her mouth, drinking.

Sahara glanced at her as the hanyou began to walk away, swaying slightly due to her drunkness (that was quick), and glanced back at the broken temple. She suddenly got an idea as she ran after Kitsune, grabbing the other three bottle of rum from her, and rushing back. Kitsune swiftly turned, watching in horror as Sahara threw the rum into the rubble of the temple, as the glass was heard breaking and the rum spilling.

"Wot the hell are you doing!" Kitsune screamed, running drunkenly back towards Sahara, who'd lit the temple remains on fire, as the rum aided it.

"Well, you should start anew!" Sahara said, smiling.

"But the rum?" Kitsune asked. "The rum is gone?"

"Yes, the rum is gone," Sahara said, gazing at the fire.

"WHY IS THE RUM GONE!" Kitsune screamed in her friend's ear.

"We're burning the temple because to start anew, you cannot have debris. That and the fact that anything sacred and magical about the remains can be used for evil should demons come upon it. So, that's why the rum is gone."

"But-- but-- but-but!" Kitsune studdered. Her face grew stern and she grabbed the bottle from Kaonashi, walking away and muttering angrily and incoherently. Kaonashi laughed, following her after a last look at his precious temple. Sora and Sahara followed soon after.


A hooded figure knelt before a darkened throne. "My Lord, Lord Kiyoshi has been defeated, and the Jewel of Akitoki Daikon has been destroyed," the woman's voice said. "What do you wish of me?"

A dark figure seated on the throne, smirked, the small amount of firelight illuminated just enough to see his gleaming teeth. "I do have a request of you, Nuriko," he said, grabbing something inside his robe and throwing it at the assassin's feet, "Deliver this to the Lord of the Southern Lands."

The assassin reached out and grasped the parchment in her hands, fitting it into a pocket in her robes, nodding, "Hai, my Lord."

"When your task is finished, hereupon, return to me. There is another who must know of these arrangements."

"Hai, Lord Kain." Nuriko looked up, sharp grey eyes glinting in the firelight. Her hood concealed her other features, but she assumed a ninjalike pose before disappearing.

Meanwhile, Kain's laughter echoed throughout the dark hall, bouncing off the walls and giving him a maniacal air about him.


"Master Naraku, why did you not kill Kitsune?" Kagura asked her master, her icy, seemingly soulless, crimson eyes flicking in his direction. The dark-haired demon sat upon a futon, looking down at some discarded bones and sticks that held magical properties.

"Because, dear Kagura," his cool voice wrapped around her, "It was not yet the proper time. We must wait for the opportune moment before we strike. For now, we can wait and watch."

Kagura bowed, "Yes, Master Naraku," she said, leaving the room. As she wandered through the palace, she thought about the situation, scowling. 'What moment could you possibly be waiting for, Naraku?'

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