Blue Study

A little Bryan song-fic I thought up. Before, after and during his battle with Ray. Probably rather OOC. Rated T for naughty words... Bad Corey! Song-fic to Blue Study by Stone Sour.

Blue Study

Somewhere between my tongue and cheek

Boris grabbed my head between his hands. I can't fight him, I would only lose.

I can feel the hands on me

They make me scared. I don't like fear.

Pulls me in so we are face to face

He's so close now, I can feel him breathing on me. Face to face, down on one knee.

I don't wanna see it...I don't wanna see

He's gone now. I lean against the wall. Compose my face and thoughts.

Hold my head up, can't avert my eyes

I must win this battle. I can't lose sight of the trophy. Or the price.

Spots and rats on me, I don't wanna see

The price I will pay. If I don't win.

Claw the ground up, get me out of this

My mind is there now, screaming to let me out.

Never wanted this - NEVER NEEDED THIS!

What horrors wait for me if I don't suceed?

And you left me and I left you

Left to face the music.

And you left me / and I left you, too

Concentrate Bryan. CONCENTRATE.

Chair is stained and I can't stay awake

Oh god. Help me. He's staring at me. Can he see right through me?

Bring forth evidence to keep me sane

Why am I doing this? Yet, even as I order Falborg into another attack, I know why.

I can't keep this riddle locked inside

I can't keep it locked inside. But I am. So hurting someone else... It's the only thing I can do.

Seven ways to keep my secrets tied

Torture. Brutality. And other things I won't - can't - mention.

Can't believe this, I belong in chains

What did I do? WHAT DID I DO?

Separated, it was me and something else

That wasn't just me out there. It was me and Biovolt.

Now I'm numbing, get me out of this

Who am I kidding? That was me. I am a monster.

Never wanted this - NEVER NEEDED THIS!

Do I even have a choice? Am I that bad?

And you left me and I left you

No team to stand by me.

And you left me oh, but then I left you and:

What can I expect? I didn't stand by them.

And you left me and I left you

Tala is in the cell next to me. I could reach out. See if he was ok.

And you left me and I left you, too

But I know I can't. I don't have the strength.

Arms stretched out, giving thanks to pain

Jagged breaths remind me I'm human.

Spotlight looking down, I'm ashamed

Everybody hates me. Can I really be surprised? After what I did?

Kneeling with my forehead to the ground

No one will look us in the eye. Not even Kai.

I can't help but flinch before I'm found

Yet we flinch from touch and curious glares as though they were poison.

I DON'T NEED YOU! Can't you see behind?

But we'll be fine on our own.

Doesn't matter now - DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE!

Nothing matters anymore.

Maybe made me, get me out of this

Yet, in my dreams, I scream for help.

Never wanted this - NEVER NEEDED THIS!

I scream as I watch them staring at me.

And you left me and I left you

More arguments. Everyday, there's more yelling.

And you left me and motherfucker, then I left you and...

On and on and on and on... It's enough to make a sane guy scream.

And you left me and I left you

But we're not sane. I'm not sane.

And you left me and I left you, too

Day after day, people argue over our souls.


Yet they never ask us.


We just want to get it through their thick skulls.


Things could change. Yeah, sure, sparky.


That's how I live and that's how I die. Alone.

Good god! That was a load of rubbish! But hey, I had to get it out of my system!