Your beauty is in everything

In all that you have made

Your powers flow through your children

Your chosen ones

Your very spirit lives in me

Lives in those who choose to believe in you

Your light shines through the darkest of nights

Even through hell's dark passageways

Your faith is in those who you live in

In those who choose you

Your justice makes right

Makes those who do wrong pay for their wrong

Your Holiness flows through our veins

Through those who died with your Son

Your jealously never wants me to praise another

Who would want to

Your Wisdom never leaves me in the dark

It is ingrained in our minds

Your Infiniteness, I will never be able to comprehend

I will never understand for I am just a human

Your Sovereignty is everlasting

None shall surpass you

Your Mercifulness gives me second chances that I do not deserve

Yet I am your child that you care about enough to do so

Your Longsuffering makes you slow to anger and gives out more warnings then we should need

For you long for us to be with you

Your wrathfulness makes those who oppose you shake in fear

For none can defeat you

Your immutableness allows you to never change

For you are the same today, yesterday and forever

Your Omniscient-ness allows you to know all

You know the inner most stuff about me that no one else does

Your Omnipresent-ness allows you to be everywhere at the time

With me at school and with that scared orphan in Africa

Your Eternalness means that you never were not and you never will be a was

Meaning that you will never die and there was never a time in which you were not

Thank you…because of you I can sleep knowing that you will never forsake me

No one would give up His only Son for me, us, otherwise…

Thank you…Aslan

Thank you…Father

Thank you…Jesus

Author Note- you guy seemed to like the others. So here's another! I was doing a study on the attributes of God and this just came to mind. Please R&R! Thanks a bunch!