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Set, kind of, in s3 - basically after any extended amount of time where Horatio has been missing from the actual CSI building, which was s3. And because s3 had barely any Horatio/Calleigh scenes...grr
Pointless fluff basically, enjoy!

Miami Dade CSIHQ was unnervingly quiet.

Calleigh walked through the halls, noting a distinct lack of people. Of course, there was the odd lab tech, Swing Shift CSI or detective, but it was generally empty. Was it always like this at this time? Calleigh was usually locked away in her home-away-from-home, her gun range, to notice the inhabitants of the building.

The time was 4 o'clock on the dot, and she was on her way to clock out. Calleigh always tried to make sure she left on time at least once a week, if nothing else, to have some quality time to herself and actually have some time off!

So here she was, bag in hand, jacket on, heading for the elevators. That was, of course, until a strange sight caught her eye...was that a light in Horatio's office?

Sure enough it was, and what was even stranger, was that Horatio was actually up there! That had to be first! Well, a first for the last couple of months at least.

Calleigh crept up the stairs, hoping to take him by surprise. When she reached the top, she flung the door open, succeeding in startling the LT. "What d'you think you're doing up here? This is for authorised personnel only...wait, don't I know you?" her mouth crept up into a smirk while her eyes sparkled with mischief

"Hmm" Horatio chuckled, realising what she was getting at. "I apologise for my lack of presence recently"

"And so you should" she nodded her head, still holding onto the open door, "Ryan was ready to send out an APB"

He smiled, his head drooping as the thought crossed his mind. "You taking off?"

"Yeah, I feel in the need for a pizza and a movie. You're welcome to join if you want"

"What movie?" he enquired

"I don't know..." she thought about it for a second, "I'm in the mood for Hugh Grant, I think"

"I bet"

"Nooo, Hugh's not my type. Too short, dark and handsome. I prefer my guys tall, red and drop-dead sexy"

"Is that so?" he chuckled again. Pleased to have regained the banter with Calleigh, it had been a while.

"Join me for a movie and you might find out" she added a wink for emphasis, while her long blonde hair fell over one shoulder and the mischievousness sparkled beyond control in her green eyes

"As unbelievably tempting as that is, I have a mountain of paperwork" he tried to disguise his disappointment with a look of annoyance to his ever-growing paper-trail adorning the small metal desk

"Well, you know where I'll be" she smiled, waving a goodbye and going back through the door. "Good to have you back, Handsome!"