Title: Wounds
Fandom: Final Fantasy IV
Characters: Cecil/Rosa.
Rated: K+
Notes: Written for LJ community 30(undersore)fantasies.

They destroyed most of their memories in Baron after the wedding. Old armor, swords, spears, even some tables and chairs were burned -- then their ashes were burned. Secret rooms and passageways were sealed over. The throne room was completely overhauled, this time with more simple d├ęcor. It was almost a different castle; Rosa had seen to that.

For his part, Cecil had disbanded the Dark Knights and the Red Wings, replacing them with Baron's Guard. When he was finished, only the Dragoons had remained intact, though he had not named a captain.

Rosa understood the need for change. She hoped that it would heal the places in Cecil that her magic couldn't touch.

Still, she sometimes woke up in the night alone in their bed. She would wrap herself in her robe and walk upstairs to the roof, where she always found him with his sword.

He called it practicing. Perhaps he believed that was all he was doing.

As Rosa watched him crouch, and block, and swing his sword at the invisible opponent, she knew that she was watching not a practice, but a battle. She knew that Cecil was fighting his demons the only way he knew how.