Takes place directly after "Scarecrow". Written for P.L. Winter's fanfic challenge. Supernatural belongs to the WB. Deals with physical abuse, so if you have prior experience with this, you may want to bow out now. Story kinda came about from my twisted mind wondering why Sam slept with his clothes on, even in a motel, and Dean didn't. Evansville, Kentucky is a real place, though I don't know anything about it. I made up the name of the orphanage.



The sixteen-year old girl quietly opened the window and climbed out. Silently, she grabbed her duffel bag and pulled it through. Hearing footsteps echoe throughout the building, she took off. Moments later, a middle-aged came up to the room and looked through the window. Her cold, gray eyes flashed even more spookily in the moon-lit night.

"Run away again, has she?" she muttered. "Well, no matter. We'll get her back. We always do," she continued. With that, she backed away from the window and closed it sharply. Meanwhile, the girl was still running. She couldn't get caught again. She was sick of this place. She wasn't going to stay here any longer and no one could make her. No one! A few miles later, she began to pant. No. I can't get tired now, she thought to herself. She just---she just had to keep going. That's all she had to do. Just keep going. She blew out a breath and quickened her pace. Suddenly, she felt somebody grab her.

"No! No!" she screamed, struggling to get away.

"Running away again, little Anna?" a male voice asked knowingly.

"Let me go!" Anna screamed.

"You're such a predictable little girl. All I had to do was wait until you came out here," the man continued with a derisive chuckle. With that, he dragged Anna---who was still kicking and screaming---back to the orphanage. He took her inside, and shut the entrance. However, you could still hear Anna's screams.