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Supernatural belongs to the WB. Takes place directly after "Scarecrow". Last chap. I only own anything and anybody you don't recognize. Here you go guys. Last chap. If I get time during the semester, I plan on a sequel to this.

A few hours later, Sam and Dean watched as officials surrounded Streetland's Home For Orphans.

"You think they'll be okay?" Sam queried.

"It must be hard...not knowing who your parents are. And going through all that---trash---those people put them through---it did something to them. But I think their lives will slowly---hopefully---get better," Dean answered.

"But is it enough?" Sam wondered. Dean sighed.

"Samy...we can't save everybody. Especially from something like this. But we helped save these kids," he said. "Thanks to Anna and her friend's bravery---and you---" the older man stressed, "they'll be able to sleep better. And live more productive lives without getting beat," he finished.

"Yeah. You're right," Sam sighed. The woman and the rest of their employees were led out. She glared at Sam, just lifted his head up defiantly and met her gaze. Then, she was put in the squad car. Sam and Dean turned to go, but were stopped by a voice calling their name. They watched as Anna came over to them.

"I don't even know how to begin to thank you," she stated.

"It was nothing," Sam told her.

"It was everything," Anna corrected him. "We don't have to live in fear anymore. The police promised to find a new owner for Streetland's. Someone nice. And we owe it all to you," she continued. Dean had to swallow the sudden lump in his throat.

"We were glad to help," he told her. Anna hugged Sam, who wrapped her in his own embrace. Then, she hugged Dean. At first, he seemed taken aback, but like Sam, he returned the gesture. Then, he reached into his jacket pocket, where he found a piece of paper and a pencil. He down wrote a series of numbers.

"Here. If you or your friends ever need us again, or you just want to talk..." the man trailed off.

"Thank you," Anna said softly, taking the paper. Then, she ran off to her friends. Sam and Dean turned to the Impala. Sam blew out a breath.

"You all right?" Dean queried.

"Just surprised at their strength. Don't think I could've done it," Sam confessed.

"Sure you could," Dean answered. He got into the driver's seat as Sam sat beside him. Dean started the ignition.

"Hey, Sammy?" Dean said after awhile.

"Yeah?" Sam queried, not bothering to correct his brother on his name.

"Whenever you're ready to talk about what happened to you...I'll listen," Dean stated. Sam looked at his brother in surprise. However, he remained quiet. He knew that had to have been hard for his brother. But at least he knew. And for right now, being here with Dean was more than enough for Sam.



I know it was uncharacteristic of Dean to give Anna his cell number and for him to offer to talk with Sam, but that was sort of the point. He's been affected by all this. If you or someone you know is being physically abused, call 1-800-4-A-CHILD (2-2-4-4-5-3).