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I'm portraying more of Usagi's bolder loud-mouth side in this fic, but I'm still gonna try and keep her close to her character in the manga and anime. She'll still be Usagi, but some of her more dominantly vulnerable characteristics will be better guarded in this fic. Awesome:)

Of Medals and Rent

Chapter 1: A Notice Named OVERDUE!

"OWWWWWW! Makoto! Makoto, I told you to fix that damned nail on the stairs! I'm gonna get tetanus in this place, I swear!"

Usagi grumbled to herself about how she should take her shoes off at her apartment and not the door, before hobbling her way around the corridor, toward her door. She noticed a decent sized amount of mail tucked under her door. She reached for the mail, put it in her mouth and used her free hand to find her keys.

After much jostling around of her door, Usagi entered her apartment, dropped her bags to the floor, and took the mail out of her mouth. She noticed what a disaster her apartment was and frowned.

'When are you going to get yourself together, girl?' she thought as she went to the fridge and got a cup of juice.

Changing her focus she began sifting through her mail.

"Bills, bills, bills, Christmas card from Ami, probably a thank you note, bills…a rent notice?"

The rent notice was stamped in red ink, with the words overdue, causing her to panic. Usagi abandoned everything else to tear open the envelope, 'this can't be possible,' she thought. She had always paid her rent on time, and had just put down for this month and the next.

She opened the letter, which read:

"Dear Tsukino Usagi,

We'd like to welcome you into what will be your new and improved home! The management of 25 Kensington Street has been switched and we regret to inform you that you have not paid the new rent. In addition to the four hundred and ninety dollars you have previously been paying per month, there will be three hundred dollar increase on the rent flat, and a two hundred and fifty increase on water and gas bills. Other charges may apply if the apartment does not pass the local standard inspection. We thank you very much for your time and consideration, and hope you continue to enjoy your home.

Sincerley, the Management"

Usagi's eye's bulged and her mouth dropped, as she tried to tally all the math in her head.

"Four-hundred plus two hun—plus three—Are you serious!"

She picked up a pen and jotted down the numbers, only to quickly throw the pen down.

"$1040 a month! Is she crazy! This is bullshit! This place isn't even worth the $490 I pay as is!"

Usagi rushed out of her apartment, knocking things down along the way as she waved the letter around in her hands.

"Makoto? MAKOTO! DO YOU HEAR ME? WHAT THE HELL IS THI--?" she screamed making her way down the stairs.

"Usagi, would you shut up already! I do have some work to get done you know, and its not easy with all of your hollering! Besides Mako just took her dog out for a walk, she won't be back for fifteen minutes"

Usagi looked up to see Rei, looking down at her from atop the stairs. Rei was one of her oldest friends, all the way back to high school, and her next-door neighbor.

"Rei-chan!" she cried out. "Rei-chan! Did you get this? Did you? You're not going to stand for this, I know you!"

"Get what, Baka?"

Usagi made her way back up the stairs and showed the paper to Rei.

"A rent increase?" She said curiously.

"Hai!" Usagi cried out earnestly. She knew Rei to be much better at taking charge of situations, and getting what she wanted done. Both she and Rei had very hot tempers, but Rei would always channel her anger, scaring everyone around her into getting what she wanted. Usagi tended to just find herself with a sore throat after making so much noise and back at square one.

"Well, yeah, I got a rent increase…but mine was only by ten bucks a month. Its not that bad, and they're gonna do a lot more maintenance here".

"Wait, yours was only increased by ten! What the—My total is $1040, Rei!"

"$1040!" she shouted back.

"$1040! How the fuck am I going to be able to afford a thousand and forty bucks Rei? I'd like to know!"

"Calm down, Usagi, calm down. I'm sure there's a good reason for all of this. Let's just go downstairs and wait for Mako to come back."

Usagi nodded and began to make her way down the stairs, following Rei. She grumbled to herself as she usually did when very upset.

"OWWWW!" she cried out.

"Usagi, you've got to learn to put on shoes! Just because this is physically a house doesn't mean its adequate for your unprotected walking!"

Mako was enjoying the walk with her dog Jo. She had just made a nice amount of money but switching the ownership of her apartment house. She was still the landlord in that she had to collect the money and keep an eye over the house, but now she was getting paid to do it. And there would be a cleaning woman, too!

It had been a wonderful week, so treating herself to an ice cream and a nice stroll in the park she gleefully made her way back home.

The sight she saw when she entered her apartment complex was very much not a pretty one. Her favorite tenants were standing by her door, looking quite sour.

"Uh, hey guys…what's up?" she said casually.

Usagi bitterly thrust the paper into Makoto's face, "You tell me", her voice was dry.

Makoto looked at Usagi with confusion, everyone had gotten one of these. She had in fact mentioned that she was switching ownership of the house.

"Just read it," Usagi continued.

Makoto looked at the letter, there was the standard into, but as she continued reading she noticed the numbers, the figures were quite different than everyone else's.

"Oh my god," she whispered, bringing her hand to her mouth as she tallied up the new bill.

"What the hell is going on, Makoto!" Usagi cried out.

"I don't know! I switched ownership of the house. That man said he would be increasing everyone's rent by forty dollars—"

"Sweet!" Exclaimed Rei. "I broke free of thirty bucks," but Rei silenced herself when seeing Usagi's glare.

"You should call the guy, Usagi. This has to be a mistake. I told him that amount sounded fair, and that if something seemed off he could give or take a couple dollars off the new rent price,"

"Yeah, and this give or take ends up being more than double the original cost!" Usagi cried out. She sighed, "What's this guy's name, Mako?"

"Chiba. Mamoru Chiba."

Rei froze at this, and exchanged a glance with Makoto, showing that she should expect only the worse.

"Chiba…Chiba! Of course…." She said, her eyes dazed and far away. "Yes, yes, its only natural for that punk-ass chauvinistic, big-mouthed, son of a—"

"Usagi!" Makoto said in surprise.

"Don't worry, matters involving money and Chiba send her clean mouth over the edge," Rei stated.

"What does he want with this house? He has HUGE complexes in the city, where people will gladly pay $1040 to stay. THIS is a HOUSE converted into five apartments! FIVE! There's nothing going for him if he owns this place!"

"Looks like he found you, Usagi-chan" said Rei smirking.

"Rei, if you had anything, and I mean, ANYTHING to do with this--"

"Mah, Usagi, calm down, you know where my loyalty lies," Rei countered.

Makoto just looked at the two confused, who was this guy out to get Usagi? What if he wanted to hurt her? Kidnap her? She began to fret worrying about what she had done.

"Don't worry," Rei said hushed, reading the expression on Makoto's face. "He's harmless"

"Harmless? Ha! I'll give you harmless! I don't care, he isn't getting my medal! If he—" and Usagi's voice trailed off up the stairs and into her own apartment.

"It's a long story," Rei stated. "But theyre very competitive enemies, and well, its really stupid, but she has something he wants."

"Yeah?" Makoto questioned. "What's that?"

Usagi came trampling down the stairs, "He wants this!" she cried out point to a large gold tacky medal hanging around her neck.

"Usagi, please for the sake of your own dignity, don't wear that out of the house," Rei sighed shaking her head.

"I won it fair and square! Fair and square! He's not getting, and I'm going to remind him of it!" she yelled as she made her way out the front door.

Makoto raised an eyebrow at Rei, since she was now questioning Usagi's sanity.

"It's a medal. From a spelling bee, in fifth grade. I wasn't there, I've only heard stories, but Usagi won. Apparently Mamoru thought he was more deserving. I think that may be what caused the big disaster that is their relationship right now, though if you see them I think you'd agree it be hard to pinpoint an exact catalyst…"

"Riiiiigghtt," Mako replied without blinking.

"I doubt either of them can spell for crap now, so its really really stupid" Rei muttered.

"He must be awfully rich, if he can play games like this by purchasing an entire house." Mako remarked, in awe.

"Well, yeah," Rei replied almost incredulously. "You've heard of Shields Hotels? That's his mother's maiden name. He practically owns an empire".

"Shit," replied Makoto in awe.

Usagi took a taxi to Shields headquarters and marched herself into the building, pressing the button in the elevator to the 11th floor. This wasn't something that was new to her; in fact she had had many battles with Mamoru before. She knew all the people who worked for him consistently, and the lifespan of a secretary for him.

As the elevator opened she marched up to the secretary, whose face was a new one. She looked up at the calendar, and took note of the date. 'Right on time for a new one, Chiba. Of course, you're never late," she thought.

"Hi, I'm for Mamoru Chiba himself," Usagi said, sounding quite entitled.

The secretary sneered, "Yes, but do you have an appointment?"

"She's a regular Anne. Mr. Chiba allows her immediate access to the conference room whenever she enters," a young man with sandy hair said.

"Hey Jadeite, how are you doing?"

"Quite well, Ms. Tsukino. I fear that the same does not apply to you…"

"I'm here, aren't I?" she said courteously.

Jadeite chuckled to himself. "Good luck, Ms. Tsukino,"

"Hey, if you want a pay raise or want to throw anything at him, I'll be glad to let him know!"

"I think I'm alright, Ms.Tsukino, but I'll let you know if anything comes up," he said, before waving his hand and gesturing for his departure.

The secretary's face was still contorted in intense animosity at Usagi. Usagi smiled at this, realizing that Anne probably thought she was sleeping with Mamoru. The notion came to Usagi early on, since Mamoru's secretaries never seemed to be very fond of her. Usagi then noticed, that Mamoru never really had an unattractive secretary though he had plenty of incompetent ones. Putting two and two together she figured, that he would hire a bedmate for as long as he could stand her and then get a new one.

'Pig!' she thought to herself.

She also figured that since she had such immediate access to him that all of the secretaries thought her to be the longest-running lover of Mamoru, and saw her as competition. They never even imagined the hatred and intense competition between the two. Nevertheless, Usagi began to enjoy getting the secretaries' panties in a twist, and forcing Mamoru to deal with the emotional woman later on, when he had hoped to be engaging in more physical matter.

"Don't worry babe," she said, as she took a tootsie pop from the little candy jar on Anne's desk. "I'm not his wife," and she threw the wrapper at Anne as she walked towards the conference room.

The sour expression never left Anne's face, as she picked up the phone and pressed the number 8. "Mr. Chiba. There's an Usagi Tsukino waiting for you in the Conference Room".

"Thank you, Anne," came the voice from the other end. "I'll be right in."

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