So sorry it took so long to update, but here, at long last, is the end of Attack of Team Aqua. Now, before you go on, let me tell you all a couple of things. My OC, Kenneth, I have changed his name to Kitch, so remember that. And second, soon, there WILL be a sequal...and it will be great. So now, remembering I own not Pokemon or anything related, here is the final chapter.

He knew he should feel elated at his victory, but he wasn't. He knew he should be jumping up and down with joy, so much so that his friends should have to hold him back, but he wasn't. He knew he was now moving on to the championship match tomorrow against Kitch, but he didn't care. Only one thing seemed to be penetrating Ash Ketchum's mind at the moment… … …she was gone, she was gone and she wouldn't be coming back; he would never see her again.

Max had been unsuccessful in talking his sister into staying for the tournament, though she had come back just long enough to talk to Brock, who promised that as soon as the tournament was over he would bring Max back to Petalburg City. May had thanked Brock and, acting like Ash had never even been born, she had left.

Ash shoved his way passed Misty and Brock and slowly made his way back to the bunks the competing trainers and their families were using, still wondering why he had been so stupid, why he had been so stupid that he had allowed his big mouth to force away the girl he cared so much about, the girl he…Ash cut his thought off right there, not bothering to think any further.

He fell to the bunk and closed his eyes, but then quickly opened them. The same thing had happened last night, causing him to get no more than an hour of sleep, because every time he closed his eyes, even to blink, May's beautiful face kept popping up.

"Honey, are you okay?" Delia Ketchum asked her son. Ash looked up and noticed she had shut the door and the two of them were alone.

"I miss her mom." Ash said, and he knew his mother knew who he was talking about. "I did something stupid and now she's gone and I'll probably never see her again."

"Honey, friendships can't grow and mature without conflict, but they can die if we don't fix the mistakes we make in them."

"Mom, what does…what does love feel like?" Ash's face went red at the question, and he felt more than a little awkward at the question, but he had to know, though he had a sneaking suspicion that he already knew the answer. Delia looked her son in the eye and thought before she answered.

"It's the best feeling in the world. It's kind of a feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, like he or she makes you whole-"

"I thought so."

"Honey, if you really care about May then you should be going after her. Like I just said, you've done made the mistake, so how are you going to fix it?"

"But if I go after her then I won't make it back by tomorrow, and I'll forfeit the tournament."

"Ash, there's always next year, but if you don't act now then you could lose May, so ask yourself…is it worth it?"

Ash got up and opened the door, turning back long enough to tell his mom he loved her, and then he was gone, Pikachu following close behind him.

As walked without stopping, traveling through Victory Road in what he was sure was record time, and then he stopped at the Pokemon Center to get some food and call Petalburg City Gym, but when he talked to Norman, he learned May had never made it there, and she was supposed to have been there two days ago, but she had never arrived.

"I assumed the two of you had worked your differences out and she was staying for the duration of the tournament."

"I've not seen her since she left."

"Okay, I'm on my way right now…where are you calling me from Ash?"

"The Pokemon Center outside of Victory Road."

"I'm on my way." And then Norman was gone. He hung up the phone receiver and walked outside, looking around as though Norman might drop right out of the sky.

As he looked around he noticed a forest off in the distance, well away from Victory Road, and though he didn't know why, Ash couldn't help but feel drawn towards it, like there was something in there that could help him solve all of his troubles.


"I don't know Pikachu." Ash said, slowly walking closer towards the forest. Norman wouldn't be there for a while, so he knew he had time to check it out. "Come on Pikachu, let's go."

Ash and Pikachu walked into the forest, and once in they continued to go deeper. Ash noticed a set of footprints in the half-wet mud, and with that being the best lead he currently had he decided to take it, and so he followed the footprints ever deeper into the forest, and the deeper they went the darker it got, making it seem more like dusk than just early afternoon.

It seemed like they had been going forever when he came to a clearing, and on the far side stood a small shack; it was old, the front porch had caved in a long time ago, and vines covered the side and most of the roof.

He approached the shed slowly with Pikachu watching his back to make sure no one came up on him and surprised him, good or bad.

When he entered the building the it was impossible for him to see with the darkness of the inside. He fumbled in the dark until he found a light switch and flipped it up, illuminating the room in a dull orange glow.

And then he saw her. Lying on the floor, appearing to be asleep, was May, a poke ball still in her hand. Ash rushed forward and grabbed her, sitting her up next to him.

"Wake up May. Come on May, wake up." He cried out, but she didn't move. "Come on May, please wake up." But still, she didn't move.

"She won't wake up son." A deep voice said from behind him. Ash looked over his shoulder and saw a man approaching him. His face was older and wizened, battle hardened even, and his beard and mustache, which covered most of his jaw line and the area around him mouth, had streaks of gray running through them.

"Who are you…why won't May wake up; is she dead?"

"No, I fear she has suffered a fate far worse than death; her soul has been stolen from her body?"

"Her soul?"

"Yes, by a criminal who is attempting to use Human souls to increase the strength of pokemon by 300 percent and make them loyal to him and him alone."

"Is there a way for us to get it back?"

"The only way to get it back would be to travel to Mossdeep City and fight this maniac and defeat him, and then reverse the machine that stole her soul."

He grabbed May's body and then led Ash back to the Pokemon Center at the entrance of Victory Road. Nurse Joy let them lay the body in a room and then she locked the door so no one could get in there.

"So Ash, where do you want to go next?"

"Mossdeep…wait, how do you know my name?"

"I know things kid, after all, I'm an old man. Now come on, let's go before he completes this damndable device of his, because once completed he will easily control the fate of the planet."

Ash didn't know what to think of the older man, but he knew right now this man was his only lead in reviving May. They took the next ferry to Mossdeep City, which would mean for the next four and a half hours they had nothing to do but sit and wait.

Meanwhile, back at Ever Grand City, Kitch had arrived, looking for Ash, but to his dismay Ash had already left. Outside the sun was beginning to set, and Delia was now slightly worried about her son.

"I know May had a two day head start, but Ash should have been back by now. Oh, now I'm worried."

"Ash does have a habit of getting himself into trouble at the most important times." Misty admitted.

"Yes," Professor Oak said. "But he also has a knack of getting himself right back out."

"I do hope nothing has happened though." She said.

"Maybe I ought to see if I can track him down. There's a Pokemon Center on the other side of Victory Road, perhaps he's spending the night there."

"That could be." Brock agreed. "I'll go with you."

"So will I." Misty and Max added simultaneously.

"Bridget will kill me for leaving without telling her, but if something has happened to Ash then time is of the essence."

Kitch turned and with his three friends by his side walked outside, heading straight for Victory Road, Raichu jumping on his shoulder. However, he didn't get far before his blonde girlfriend had caught up to him, not slowing down a bit as she walked with him.

"And where, might I ask, are you going?"

"Looking for Ash."

"So you were going to leave without telling me?"

"No, I-"

"Yes you were, don't lie to me."

"I…uh…I don't want you to…uh…I don't want to put you into any possible danger…um…yeah, you're not buying that one, are you?"

"Nice work Einstein." Misty said sarcastically.

"Yeah, that definitely got you out of trouble there." Brock said too. Kitch shot them a quick look.

"Thanks guys, I know I can count on you for support."

"Raichu, Rai I Raichu."

"Oh gee daddy, I can't take care of myself of course. I mean, I only have a Venusaur, Swampert, Scyther, Flareon, Pidgeotto, and Steelix with me, so there's no way in the world I could defend myself if it came down to it." She said sarcastically. Kitch gave up instantly.

"Okay, you win. Bridget, would you like to accompany us?"

"Thank you Kitch." She said, taking him by the hand as they continued to walk.

"Man Bridget, you really have him trained." Misty said, causing him to laugh.

"That does." He bent down and kissed his girlfriend's cheek.

"Okay guys, you can stop now, or at least get a room." Max said as though the kiss was the most disgusting thing he had ever seen.

It was two hours before they had made it through the maze that made up the infamous Victory Road, but when they arrived at the Pokemon Center Ash was nowhere to be found. Kitch asked Nurse Joy if she had seen him, and Misty and Brock described him to her, and as it turned out she had seen him.

"He was with another man, and I heard them say something about going to Mossdeep City."

"Thank you Nurse Joy."

"Why would Ash be going to Mossdeep City? That's out of the way if he's going towards Petalburg City."

"Well, the next ferry to Mossdeep won't be until in the morning." Brock said thoughtfully.

"Well then," Kitch said, walking towards the exit with Raichu following right behind. "If the ferry's gone then we'll just make our own ferry."

"What are you talking about?" Max asked. He smiled and as an answer pulled a poke ball from his belt, showing it to the others. When they reached the pier he released the pokemon inside, which turned out to be his Gyarados.

"Gyarados will get us there fast enough, with more than enough time to spare. Well, you guys coming or what?" One by one they climbed onto Gyarados's back and, once he was sure everyone was securely on, Kitch ordered Gyarados to Mossdeep City.

Five hours later

Ash and his companion made their way through the island city of Mossdeep, not knowing that backup had just landed on the southern beach. Ash hadn't learned much about the old man, just that he had a wife and son he had left at home to go out training pokemon, but now he was on the trail of a man bent on taking over the world, but that was about it. He still hadn't mentioned his name, where he was from, or any personal information. Ash didn't like working with a man who happened to be so secretive, but he wasn't ready to dismiss the man's help just yet, not until he knew more about what was going on.

"Do you know where you're going?"

"Just trust me Ash."

"Trust you? How can I trust you if I don't even know who you are."

"Look kid, some things you're better off not knowing, believe me."

"I'd at least like to know you're name."

"My name is Jax, but that's as much as you're getting."

"Okay, Jax, do you know where you're going."

"We're headed for that house right there." He said, pointing up ahead at a small log house that looked like most of the houses in the city.

Another thing Ash quickly learned was the man didn't really have any manners. He twisted the handle but they quickly learned it was locked. Not bothering to knock Jax simply kicked the door in, causing Ash to slightly flinch at the resulting loud bang made when the door connected with the ground.

The house on the inside was empty, but this didn't seem to worry Jax in the slightest bit. Instead, he walked over to the middle of the room, kicked the coffee table with such force it hit the far wall, and then pulled the rug back, revealing a large trap door. He opened the door and grabbed a poke ball from the inside of his coat.

"Go Mightyena!" The dark-type pokemon looked a lot like an over-grown wolf, and Ash knew it could be a dangerous pokemon to face. "Mightyena, down the chute, make sure we're clear." Mightyena jumped down the hole and three seconds later, barked out an all clear to its trainer. Jax knelt down and entered through the trapdoor next, and Ash quickly followed.

The hallway was dimly lit, and once Mightyena was safely in its poke ball they continued their search…though Ash didn't even know who they were looking for.

The dim hall led to a more brightly-lit central room, which had only one other door and looked a lot like a laboratory. Jax led Ash into the room beyond, but all they found was a young man wearing a white lab coat hunched over a computer.

As the door shut behind them he jumped up and turned around, guarding the computer with his life.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" He asked, looking nervous with his square-framed glasses.

"I'm Ash Ketchum-"

"We're looking for Warlord Jasper Von Pongledoff."

"You're too late to stop him; soon the power of the Heavens will power the Soul Snatcher and then the world will be ours…and I can't allow you to walk out of here now; you've seen too much. Machamp, Hitmonlee, go!"

"Okay Pikachu, show em' who's boss!"

"Go Tyranatar!" A pokemon appeared that looked a lot like a mutated rocky T-Rex, and though Ash had never encountered one before, he knew they were just as powerful as even a Machamp.

"Thunderbolt em' Pikachu!"

And as Pikachu hit them both with a powerful electrical attack, Jax was already finishing up Machamp.

"Hyper Beam Tyranatar!" The powerful blast rocketed forth from his mouth, slamming directly into Machamp's well-built chest. In a beam of red light Machamp returned to its poke ball, leaving Pikachu and Tyranatar to face an alone Hitmonlee. As Pikachu used another Thunderbolt, Tyranatar attacked using a head butt, and that was the end of the short-lived pokemon battle.

"Seize him Tyranatar!" And then Tyranatar was holding the scientist in his muscular hands, and though the poor man kicked and screamed, trying his best to escape, he was going nowhere.

"Now tell me, where is he?"

"He'll kill me!"

"That'll be merciful compared to what my Tyranatar can do, so I'm going to ask again; where is Warlord Pongledoff?"

"I'm not telling you!"

Tyranatar roared and raised the man a little higher so their faces were even, and this seemed to scare him enough to make him talk.

"Fine! He went to the Space Center to try and collect enough meteorites to power the soul snatcher machine! Now have this thing let me go."

"You heard the man Tyranatar, return." And then Tyranatar was back in its poke ball, leaving the defeated scientist to drop to the floor. "Come on Ash, we need to get to that Space Center."

Kitch, Misty, Brock, Bridget, and Max were now making their way through the main street there in Mossdeep, looking for any sign of Ash, but so far they were having no luck.

At least, not until they saw Ash emerge from a house with a strange man next to him, both of whom were running full speed down a smaller road.

"Hey guys, it's Ash! Come on, let's go!" Misty exclaimed, and all five of them took off, running full speed after Ash.

"Where…in the world…is he…going?" Misty asked in between breaths.

"It looks like he might be headed for the Space Center." Kitch said, pointing to a large, towering building up ahead.

"The Space-what, is my sister going to run away to Mars now? I knew she was always a little crazy, but-"

Sure enough Ash and his new friend ended up going into the Space Center, so naturally they followed him in, but what they saw when they walked through the massive double doors stopped them dead in their tracks.

Ash and the other man, whose name they still didn't know, were standing side by side in front of a mammoth of a man who had to weigh at least four hundred pound, though none of them could find a single ounce of fat on him, though with him turned away from them they couldn't fully see him.

"Hello Jasper, long time no see." The stranger next to Ash said in a casual voice, as though he were talking to a long-lost friend.

"Oh-ho, so Jax has returned once again…it's nice to see you too little brother."

"He's your brother?" Ash asked with a sharp look at the man standing next to him.

"Hey boy, you can't choose your family, even if they happen to be crazy brothers intent on taking over the world…all you can do is stop them."

"Oh, and who's your new friend little brother?"

"My name's Ash Ketchum, and you stole-"

"Ketchum? Oh-ho," Now the man was laughing in his deep voice, though the laughs sounded more like thunder than they did actual laughs. "Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time. And you…" He trailed off, looking at the other man. "Well Jax, my dear little brother, you sure know how to pick the right people for the job-"

"You stole May's soul and I'm here to get it back!"

"May? Who's….ah-ha-ha! You're talking about the little brat with the red suit and red bandanna I met in the forest outside of Victory Road. So she has a name huh…oh, I meant to say she had a name. She was rather pretty, but once my soul snatcher machine comes online as fully powered you will never…" He held a machine in his hands for them all to see.

Bridget put her finger to her mouth to tell Kitch, Misty, Brock and Max to be quite, and in her other hand she had a poke ball.

"Ever be…" Warlord Jasper continued. Bridget silently opened the ball to release Venusaur.

"Able to retrieve…" Bridget whispered something into Venusaur's ear. Venusaur said nothing but acted like it had understood perfectly.

"It." He finished, and as he finished his sentence, two massive vines shout out of the flower on Venusaur's back and flew through the air, grabbed the machine out of the man's hand, and Venusaur handed the machine, which turned out to be rather small, to his trainer, who smiled.

Ash, Jax, and Jasper all whirled around, and each had a different reaction to the five newcomers now standing there with the machine. Ash smiled a little dumbstrucked that they had followed him, Jax just looked neutral, but Jasper looked angry.

"Give me my soul snatcher back!"

"You want it, you gotta get through us first." Brock said.

"You guys came for me?"

"Ash, we're always keeping your scrawny butt out of trouble, do you know that?" Misty asked, though she was now smiling at her old friend.

"And I'll never get tired of it."

"So be it! Electabuzz, Magmar, go!"

"Get back in there Venusaur!"

"Go Typhlosion!"


"I choose you Onix!"

"Go Golduck!

"Let's end this Tyranatar!"

Even outnumbered six to two, this Jasper guy didn't know how to give up.

"Electabuzz, Thunder! Magmar use Fire Blast!"

"Tyranatar, hit Electabuzz with Rock Throw!"

"Hydro Pump Magmar Golduck!"

Magmar was out the first hit, but Electabuzz was still in.

"Fire Blast Typhlosion!"

"Solar Beam Venusaur!"

"Tackle attack Onix!"

"Pikachu, Thunder!"

As the two electric attacks met midair, the three other attacks found their target, and Electabuzz fainted, forcing a shocked Jasper to return his final pokemon.

"You always were so arrogant big brother, arrogant to a fault. You have only two pokemon that, until now, have done all you need them to do. Well, you have lost, and your bid to seize control of the planet has ended in disaster. Now tell me, how do you work the soul snatcher?"

"I'm not done yet little brother. Regirock, Registeel, go!"

The two regies were tough, as tough as any pokemon most of them had ever faced. Kitch and Brock moved forward to battle, but Ash's voice calling out stopped them.

"No you guys, this is personal, and he's mine."

"Pikachu, Sceptile, go!" Ash now squared off with Jasper for control of the soul snatching machine.

"Pikachu, Thunder attack on Regirock and Sceptile hit Registeel with Razor Leaf!" But both attacks had little damage on their targets. Jasper smiled and with one word "Superpower" Both Pikachu and Sceptile took so much damage neither of the could stand.

"Return Sceptile. Go Corphish, go Swellow!"

Misty picked Pikachu off of the ground and Brock sprayed him with a super potion to help him heal faster.

"Corphish, hit Regirock with Bubblebeam! Swellow, use Ariel Ace on Registeel!"

The water attacked weakened Regirock, though he was still nowhere near fainting, and the same held true for Swellow and Registeel.

"Okay boys, time to finish these kids off once and for all. Use Superpower on those two, now!"

"No! Corphish use Hydro Pump to block the attacks! Swellow, use Whirlwind on Corphish's Hydro Pump to make a shield for you two."

Not only did the strategy work, but it actually sent the attacks back at their originators, and in that instant the battle was over, and Ash had won.

"Now tell us how to work the soul snatcher Jasper!" Jax yelled as the others rushed up to stand beside Ash.

"Go to hell, you'll never learn the secrets of the soul snatching machine-"

Ash brushed past them all and tackled the man to the ground and began pounding on his face, hitting every square inch of flesh he could reach. Brock and Jax quickly pulled him off of the man, knowing that, in the mood Ash was currently in he could kill Jasper, and then they probably would never learn how to work the machine.

However, as Ash was forcefully pulled from Jasper, he wasn't done just yet. He grabbed a nice-sized dagger from the man's cloak and lashed out at him, cutting a deep trench in his thigh, sending him sprawling to the ground.

"Raichu, use Thunder Wave to paralyze Ash, now!" And then Ash too fell to the ground un able to move.

"Wait," Bridget suddenly exclaimed. "I think I know how to work this. It's crude, but if we can get to May's body… …yes, I can do it."

"Let's go then, we haven't a moment to lose." Jax said, picking Ash's paralyzed body up and taking him outside as the others recalled the pokemon. Once outside they repelled the effect of Raichu's Thunder Wave.

"Sorry Ash," Kitch said apologetically. "But I don't think going to jail for murder in Mossdeep City isn't exactly the best way to help May."

"But he wasn't going to tell us-"

"Bridget is pretty good at science, and she reckons she can work it."

"Okay then, let's go!"

Six hours later

It seemed to take forever for them to get back to the Pokemon Center May's body had been left at, but when they did Bridget, Misty, and Nurse Joy went into the room, shutting the door behind them, leaving the boys outside in the lobby to wait and worry on whether or not they would be able to save her.

No sooner had the door shut than the main doors opened back up and Norman and Caroline came rushing in, stopping right in front of Ash.

"Where is she Ash?" He asked.

"Nurse Joy is that room," Ash said, pointing to the door. "I found her in the forest off from Victory Road, and Jax here told me her soul had been stolen, so we brought her here and tracked the thief down to Mossdeep City and fought him, and we got her soul back, so now they're trying to heal her."

"I'll go check on her Norman." May's mother said, disappearing behind the door seconds later. For the next half hour no one said anything, but they all just sat there looking down at the floor.

But they soon learned that their patience had paid off. Nurse Joy led the others out, shut the door softly behind her, and approached the boys, all of whom looked up.

"Well," the pokemon nurse said, sensing the unasked question. "She's as good as new. She's getting dressed right now but then she'll be out."

They all cheered, now smiling, even Kitch, who was normally the type of guy who just stared there and looked ahead in space when these situations came up, was smiling and cheering loudly.

"Oh crap!" He suddenly exclaimed. "Ash, our championship match is in four hours!"

"Oh yeah, I forgot all about it."

"It'll take us at least two hours to get through Victory Road and back to the stadium-"

"That's why we brought this." A voice said from the doorway. They turned to see Professors Oak and Birch walking towards them, and as the two professor arrived, the room door opened and May walked out, dressed up in the same usual suit, but now she looked much better and happier than she had in a while.

Everyone took turns hugging her and welcoming her back, but for some reason Ash said nothing to her, not even as they got into the helicopter and flew over Victory Road to the stadium.

Finally, with only one hour remaining before the championship match, Ash got up the courage to go and talk to her…lucky for his she was alone when he found her sitting on the edge of the large lake at foot of Trainer's Village.

"How are you feeling May?"

"Much better."

"Are you…um…are you still mad at me?"

"No, not really. I mean, from what Misty told me it's you who defeated that warlord Jasper guy and saved my life, even if you did go a little overboard."

"They told you about that?"

"Yeah, they told me everything…I actually think it's kinda sweet. I also heard how strong his Regirock and Registeel were; are Sceptile and Pikachu going to be okay?"

"I don't know. Pikachu is still walking, but he's clearly in pain from the attack, and Sceptile's too weak too battle, and so are Corphish and Swellow…but I did promise Kitch I would give him the best I had."

"Ash, thanks for coming after me." She reached over and hugged him, and he happily returned the hug.

"You're welcome. I owed you after all; remember what I did?"

"And I'm sorry I went off on you. Can you forgive me?"

"I already had…so, can I count on you to be there in my corner later when I become champion?"

"You better believe it." She smiled and kissed his cheek. "Now come on, let's go get ready for the match."

Ash and May were in the lobby of the cabin Ash and his mom were sharing, along with Misty, Brock, Max, May, and her parents. As they talked the door opened and Jax walked in, intending on telling Ash thanks for his help, but when he saw the woman standing next to him, and when she saw him, everything stopped.



"You two…know each other?" Ash asked, looking from his mother to Jax and then back at his mother.

"Yeah…Ash, is this the man who helped you recover the soul snatcher?"

"Yes, his name is-"


"So you two do know each other."

"Of course I know her Ash…she's my wife."

"Your wife? But then that would make me…" Ash made the connection and fainted right there on the spot.

When he came to, about five minutes later, he saw everyone had cleared out, expect for his mother and the man claiming to be his father.

"Oh good, you're up."

"But if you're my dad, then where have you been all these years?"

"Not long after I left out, I found out my brother had went over to the Dark Side, so I went after him, and for the past six years I've been following him, stopping him at every turn and corner, until finally today, you killed him?"

"He died?"

"Relax son, the police won't do anything."

"So maybe now we can be a real family."

"That is up to your mother, and it'll be a lot of work, but if she doesn't mind, then yes, I'd like that."

One hour later, the Hoenn League Championship Match: Kitch vs. Ash

"And now ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the final round of the Hoenn League Championship! Introducing first, the red trainer, hailing from Pallet Town, Kanto, please give it up for Ash Ketchum!"

Ash walked out onto the battlefield, Pikachu now on his shoulder. All around him the stadium exploded in cheers and applause.

"And his opponent, the blue trainer, hailing from New Bark Town, Johto, Kitch Grant!"

Ash watched across from him for almost two minutes before Kitch finally arrived, to the continued cheers and applause of the crowd, and when he did finally come out he was holding not a poke ball in his hand, but a microphone. He didn't stop in the white box where trainers stood when battling, but continued walking until he was standing in front of Ash. Now Ash was just confused, not knowing what his new friend would do, at least, not until he began to speak. All around them the crowd went quiet as he began to spoke, hanging on to each word.

"I have made today perhaps the most difficult decision of my career as a Pokemon trainer. Many people, trainers included, believe the key to becoming a Pokemon Master is to have the best team of pokemon, to have the strongest pokemon of any trainer.

"But the real key to becoming the best trainer in the world is nothing like that. The best trainer in the world should have a strong, loving bond with his friends, and especially with his pokemon, for without them he, or she, will not get anywhere.

"When presented with a choice of whether to compete in a championship match or go and help a friend who's in trouble, the best trainer will make the right choice, and will stop at nothing to help that friend. And now, with that in mind, I know, without a shadow of a doubt, I am standing here today in Ever Grande City, facing the best pokemon trainer I have ever met. Ash, yesterday you risked forfeiting the championship to help a friend, and thanks to your efforts her life was saved; that is a choice not many of the Pokemon Masters of the Elite Four could truly face, and yet you did it, without thinking twice. So it gives me great honor to surrender the championship to you, Ash Ketchum, and name you the new Hoenn Pokemon Master Champion."

And then the stadium exploded with cheers and applause like never before.

Later that night at the end of tournament ball, Ash, having officially been named the Hoenn Champion, was dancing, yes, he was dancing with May.

"I don't know Ash." She was teasing. "Being your girlfriend is a lot of hard work. I mean, the arguing, the walking, the fighting…" She laughed and hugged him again as his hands continued to hold the silk of her blue strapless dress around her waist. Even he had to admit her hair was beautifully done, though she wore a blue bandanna, like the red one she always wore, and a beautiful blue bow in her hair. "I'm joking Ash, I'd love to…after all, I love arguing with you, because then we get to make up."

"Like this?" And then he kissed her beautiful lips, and though neither of them saw it, across the way, Norman and Caroline were watching.

"What do you think Norman?"

"I think that if they keep this up then one day soon we'll be welcoming him into the family."

"And you know what?"


"I don't think I would mind that one bit, and neither would you."

"And I think you're right."