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Sakura No Yousei – Chapter 18: A Happy Ending Up Ahead
" Hmm I don't think I like that dress, it's just not the right thing to wear. I don't want people knowing I'm pregnant before I tell them," Sakura giggled while fingering through the dresses in her closet with Hinata and Ino. Ino pouted and hung up the short frilly blue dress and continued to scavenge through the racks of sundresses.

" Oh, Sakura, what about this one, it's soo lovely!" Hinata exclaimed, pulling out a light yellow dress with spaghetti straps and a delicate silk bow around the waist. Sakura looked in thought at the dress, her gaze somewhat blank as she thought back to the moment she had worn the dress last.

It had been last summer, before she and Sasuke had gotten together. She had pulled the dress from its box that it had sat in the day she had bought it and had excitedly put it on and grabbed a book to head out to the cherry tree grove to read. She had just been sitting there when Sasuke had come out of nowhere and sat down beside her, reading her book over her shoulder. It was the first time she had noticed something different about the way Sasuke had looked at her.

She had enjoyed his company as he sat with her, answering the few questions he surprisingly asked. She had wondered what on earth had made him change so rapidly in his mannerism towards her, but she shrugged it off as his maturing nature. What had really caught her off guard was his offer of walking her home when it began to grow dark. She sighed inwardly, knowing that she shouldn't hope for too much, having been broken hearted by him before, but she said yes anyways and let him help her up from where they sat.

It wasn't shocking to her now how he had tried to kiss her back then. She could still feel the rush of butterflies that had arose when his face had inched near hers, her breath hitching when she realized she just couldn't. She had backed away, his eyes opening when he didn't meet her lips. Her wide eyes had watched him soo carefully before she realized she was merely gaping at him in disbelief. It was an awkward silence for them both as Sasuke returned her gaze, determination reflecting in his onyx eyes. She had finally mustered confidence and her voice.

" Sasuke, I thought… y-you and I… I'm sorry Sasuke, this is too much," she had managed to say before a tear rolled down her cheek and she turned and ran from him. He had stood, watching her as she fled from him, looking back once to see the broken look on his face. It killed her inside to know that he was finally opening up to her, but she never fathomed that he would actually care after all the years of callous remarks and cold feelings towards her.

She was torn between getting over him and the shred of something she couldn't help but hold onto, the little ray of light in the darkness of her love for the Uchiha boy she had cared deeply for from her childhood. She had gotten over him through the years, but to have him suddenly have these feelings for her, it had caught her alarmingly off guard. She wasn't sure whether to go with what was happening or save herself from falling in love with him again.

" Sakura…" His voice was so clear when he had tried to make her stay, to hear him out, before she turned and ran.

" Sakura…" But she had ignored his plea and left him, alone.

" Sakura, are you okay?"

Sakura snapped her head up to meet Hinata's worried face. Her eyes darted from Hinata to the dress before she smiled weakly and nodded.

" Yeah, sorry, just thinking about how I'm going to tell everyone," she said with fake nervousness in her voice. Hinata hung the dress back in the row of sundresses before putting her hand on Sakura's shoulder comfortingly.

" You'll do fine, they'll be soo happy to know, what with the wedding and baby!"

" Yes, especially when you declare the godmother. Won't your baby be happy to have such a wonderful godmother like me!" Ino bated her eyes while staring at Sakura in expectancy, Sakura coughing slightly before clearing her throat and looking at the ground.

" Well actually, I was going to make Tsunade-sama the baby's godmother. Sorry Ino," she said apologetically as Ino gawked at her.

" The HAG? No way! Aw Sakura, that's totally not fair!"

Hinata laughed as she watched the two fume at each other, looking momentarily outside to catch a glimpse of Naruto and Sasuke on the porch. Her eyes lingered on her boyfriend, his eyes coming up to meet hers, a warm smile spreading over his lips. He chuckled as the noise filtered back into Hinata's sense and Sakura and Ino's yells where heard echoing through the house. She blushed as Naruto's eyes wandered over her and she looked quickly at her feet.

' Maybe one day, Naruto-kun, you and me will get married…one day," she thought as she turned her attention back to Sakura and Ino who continued pointing fingers and name calling.

" Gah, can you believe her, calling me forehead girl, after all these years! All over the stupid godmother deal."

Sakura set her cup down and shook her head in exhaustion, rubbing her forehead in annoyance while Sasuke chuckled, finishing off his green tea with an amused smile still on his face. Sakura frowned and raised her eyebrow at him before picking her cup up and letting it warm her hands. Sasuke continued to leaf through the evening paper, pretending he hadn't heard her.

" You know, you could have backed me up Sasuke, this wasn't all my idea!"

Sasuke raised his head to meet her fiery green eyes and winced. He sighed and succumbed to her sour mood, figuring he could finish reading the paper later. He folded it neatly before resting his chin on his hand and smiled.

" Well Sakura, if I had said something, it would have only started a whole new argument. I figured I'd let you two solve it yourselves," he said with a shrug. Sakura pouted her lips and sighed.

" Well, in any case, Ino is angry with me and I still haven't decided what to wear fortomorrow nights dinner with everyone." She pushed her chair away from the small table and gathered up her cup and dish. Her eyes roamed to the sunset falling over the horizon and smiled.

" It sure is beautiful tonight," she said softly as she turned to the glass doors that led to the foyer of the Uchiha mansion. A cool breeze swept past her and she closed her eyes in comfort. Winter or not, the weather was reasonably warm with the occasional rain shower. What she longed for was snow before the night of her birthday, but she figured it was still far too warm for any kind of that weather.

" I'm going to head to bed, will you be along soon?" She stopped and turned at the open doors to peer over her shoulder at Sasuke who remained sitting at the outside table with his tea in one hand. She paused a moment to take in the sight of him, his face visible through his long dark bangs and the sly grin that had made her heart race when she was a young girl. She smiled fondly as his eyes met hers and she couldn't help the burst of joy she felt.

" Yeah, wait up," he stated as he rose and grabbed the paper, walking over to her quickly. She couldn't even blink before he had swept her into his arms and carried her through the door, taking the cup and dish from her hand and leaving it in the kitchen before he dashed to their bedroom. Sakura clung to him, her laughter ringing through the house before she hit the mattress unexpectedly.

" Goodness Sasuke, I can walk on my own!"

He watched as she laughed, her blushing face making him feel the same flutter of butterflies he had gotten the day he realized he loved her. He sat on the bed and watched her as he thought back to the last summer. His eyes focused on the painting of a Sakura tree in their bedroom as his mind slipped to reverie.

He had been walking around Konoha all afternoon, trying to find Naruto to train with him. His mind was lingering on Sakura and he had to figure out what was wrong with him, but he just wanted to take his mind off her for the moment.

His heart was sore every time he looked at her and now he was beginning to think he was going mad. His emotions were always crashing inside him when she was around and now he was even concerned about what he would say in front of her just to make a good impression.

His eyes roamed the street when he saw a flash of pink and yellow and his eyes followed the blur of vibrant color till it came to rest on Sakura who was making her way quickly through the crowd. She escaped through the people and continued running through the Sakura trees lining the road and into their depths before she was lost among the petals.

He battled inwardly against following her, his mind against emotions. But eventually after pacing in front of the path that wound through the cherry blossom grove, he gave in to emotion and coolly walked in after her. His heart was racing and he could hear the blood rushing in his ears when he spotted her sitting a fair ways away at the trunk of a large cherry tree.

It took all the strength he had to walk over to her and sit beside her, but somehow he had managed and had taken his place in the grass, his eyes scanning the novel she had laid out in her lap. She had smiled over at him and returned her eyes to her book. That was when he really looked at her. He was astounded at how shockingly beautiful she had looked it the yellow sundress. The soft cotton cloth and lace of the skirt pooled out over her crossed legs and a simple silk ribbon was tied neatly around her slim waist.

He couldn't keep his eyes off her and the sight of her made his hands cold and sweaty and his throat tight and constricted. He never thought he would be soo nervous around a girl before, but then again, she wasn't just some other girl. She was the one, he was sure of it.

" Sakura, why are you out here all alone?" He had asked her sternly, trying to regain his composure.

Her big bright eyes looked up at him from the book and she grinned and waggled a finger at him.

" Sasuke, I can handle myself! You know that! I was just reading my book anyways, and it's not like ninja warlords will attack me at any moment!"

She giggled and closed her book gently and set it beside her before looking up at him.

" And why are you out here, Sasuke?" He frowned inwardly at the loss of the adoring suffix following his name that she constantly used when they were younger, but disregarded it as he tried to make his answer up quickly.

Her animated little smile made him itch with nervousness and he cleared his throat coolly. She watched him intently, her hands folded neatly in her lap, her soft rosette locks hanging neatly around her face.

" I was out for a walk and thought it would be quiet in here. I thought I might even get to train a bit without interruption," he fumbled. She laughed and leaned back against the tree.

" Well, it's the nicest part of Konoha, or at least I think so. It's also the most beautiful place to just sit and enjoy yourself once in awhile."

He simply nodded and she turned back to him, her eyes twinkling. His hand gripped the grass firmly as he tried to come up with something witty to say, something at all to impress her. But he couldn't manage a word before her eyes left his and peered up to the darkening sky.

" It's getting late, I should be getting home," she sighed as she gathered her book and made to leave. He panicked as she started to rise and his hand shot out and gripped her hand lightly. Her head snapped around to look at him in shock, her wide jade eyes searched his before he spoke up.

" Let me walk you home, I wouldn't want you to get hurt on the way," he said quickly, praying to kame he didn't sound like a totally blabbering idiot. Surprisingly she didn't argue with her usual defensive comment. Instead, her expression softened and she nodded, allowing him to rise and help her off the ground.

They walked silently through the grove, enjoying the warm breeze blowing the delicate pink petals across the path, scattering them about their feet. He walked closely to her, feeling the warmth radiating from her bare skin. It was then when their eyes met, the stars reflecting in her large emerald eyes did he feel the familiar push, the butterflies that stirred in his stomach. His feet stopped moving as his fingers wrapped gently around her wrist and she stopped and turned around to face him.

He hesitated, his eyes darting between hers as she watched him and he could feel his breath hitch when his eyes came to rest on her pink lips, hinted with a shimmer of gloss. He came nearer, the paling light their only witness. His hand wound down from her wrist to take her hand and he pulled her to him slowly.

She seemed confused by the look she had in her eyes, but he knew she would understand in the moment he needed to take. His eyes closed and he drew his mouth down to hers, dreading the feeling of a first kiss, but craving it as well. But he felt her hand tug out from his grasp and his eyes slowly opened to see the shock on her face. She stepped back clumsily and her wide eyes searched his.

" Sasuke, I thought… y-you and I… I'm sorry Sasuke, this is too much," she said, her eyes shimmering, a single tear streaking down her face before she ran from him.

" Sakura!" His voice rang out for her, but she shook her head, her pink locks flying on the breeze behind her.

" Sakura…"

His heart beat painfully and his eyes drooped sadly to meet his feet. He sparred one last glance, catching her gaze back at him quickly. His eyes followed her remorsefully as her skirt billowed out behind her, the graceful yellow sundress the last sight as she rounded the corner and disappeared.

" Sasuke, did you hear me?"

Sasuke blinked before Sakura came in focus and he smiled quickly to hide his inattentive state. She tilted her head to the side as she pulled her arms through the straps of her nightgown. He chuckled as she stood in front of him, confusion written all over her face.

" I'm sorry, I was daydreaming I guess. What did you say Sakura?" he said warmly as she shook her head.

" I swear you're impossible!" She laughed as she pulled her nightgown over her head.

" I wanted to know what you thought I should wear. Do you think Ino was right about the blue dress? I just think it'll make me look obviously pregnant," she giggled as she pulled the light summer wear out of the closet and held it up against her thin frame. He admired how nicely her hair stood out against the color, but nodded in agreement as he noticed how low the bow hung around her waist.

" I think you should wear the yellow one. It ties higher and it's loose enough for people not to notice. Besides, I thinks it's beautiful on you," he said as he watched her thumb through the dresses. Her hand stopped at the yellow dress and she pulled it from the rack slowly, lingering on the sight of it. She pressed it against her waist, holding the fabric to her body as she turned, the skirt fanning around her thighs.

" Are you sure? I mean I have others like this one…"

" No, I like this one best on you," he said positively and she sighed and smiled.

" Alright, I'll wear this one. But if people notice, I blame you," she said laughing. He pulled her over to him and laid her beside him as he reclined on the bed. His eyes roamed her body, still toned and fit and beautiful as ever. He scoffed as his eyes followed the flat slope of her stomach to her hips.

" I don't even know what you're talking about, you don't even show signs yet."

Sakura propped herself up on her elbows and studied his face. He was still so young and handsome, like he was the gorgeous 13-year-old boy she fell in love with just yesterday. But something in his matured eyes told her he was nothing like the child he used to be. Now he was a man, her soon to be husband and father of her child. It made her smile to think of how her life seemed to fall perfectly into place after soo much turmoil.

" Sasuke, I think we should prepare a baby's room soon, you know, just in case," she casually said as she laid her head back on his outstretched arm. His hand lifted to rest on her shoulder and he turned in towards her.

" Alright, we'll go looking for things to put in the bedroom beside ours this week. Sound good?"

She nodded happily and pressed herself against him comfortably.

" Sasuke, have I told you how much I love you today?"

" Only every minute of the day. Have I told you how much I love you?"

" Only every second," she said, kissing him gently. She pulled her lips from his and looked deeply into his onyx eyes. His hands came to rest against her cheek, brushing the stray pink strands away from her face.

" I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you Sakura," he said as his gaze pierced hers, his lips meeting hers again in passion. She kissed him deeply and smiled as she broke the kiss. Her forehead came to rest against his and her hot breath tickled his lips.

" I can't wait either Sasuke, you're the only man I've ever truly loved, when I was a girl and now as a woman. I'll carry the Uchiha name with pride," she whispered.

" No Sakura, I do nothing for the name of Uchiha any longer, only for you and me. Just love me as my wife and that's enough for me," he replied, holding her close. She buried her face into his chest, feeling the familiar beat of his heart and felt herself drift to sweet dreams of a home and family she was soon to have.

Sakura held the clipboard tightly in her hands as she nervously checked over the last details of the party. Although Sasuke and the others had planned on a surprise birthday for her, she refused the idea outwardly, insisting she needed to be part of her party planning. Sasuke argued till his face was blue, but in the end, she was standing in the grand dining room of the Uchiha house, setting up the last of the decorations with Sasuke and Naruto's help.

She and Sasuke had to beat Naruto to not tell of any of the news that would be shared at the dinner that night, and after much persuasion and threats made by Sakura, he gave in and vowed to keep the baby and wedding with him to his grave.

Of course he had told Sakura he had known she was pregnant the day she had come back and was resting in the hospital. She was surprised it wasn't spread throughout Konoha, but he had said he felt it wasn't something he had the right to tell people. At that moment, she had really felt honored to have Naruto as one of her best friends.

" Thank you Naruto, I think that's the last of the streamers. Now for the balloons!"

Naruto groaned and she laughed as she pointed to a box filled to the top with the red and blue balloons. Sasuke followed suit and began shuffling through the box, pulling out a handful.

" The helium tanks are outside, you guys can handle balloon duty I take it?"

They nodded, Naruto mumbling something horrid about being on balloon duty and the familiar smack of Sakura's hand on the back of Naruto's head echoed through the room.

" Not in this house, Naruto. Save your language for outside," she chuckled as he rubbed his head sorely and stalked out the door. She nodded at Sasuke, who followed behind Naruto, but stopped abruptly at the door as Ino nearly ran into him, Shikamaru in toe.

" Sorry about that Sasuke, is Sakura around?" Sasuke nodded his head inside and she hesitantly peered around him to see Sakura sitting in a chair, checking off tasks on her clipboard. She smiled weakly when Sakura's eyes lifted to meet hers.

" Hey Sakura, I thought Shikamaru and I could lend you a hand with the decorations," she said nonchalantly. Sakura shrugged and returned her eyes to the clipboard. Ino sighed as she entered the large room and made her way over to Sakura. She took a seat across from her and placed her hands on the table.

" Ino, I didn't think you would even come to dinner tonight. I'm surprised you would come to help me," Sakura said as her eyes remained glued to the clipboard, scanning over the food preparations. Ino drummed her nails on the table coolly, hating the awkwardness of the situation. Finally she hit her hand against the table in impatience.

" Look Sakura, I'm sorry about what I said. The whole godmother thing just…I guess I was too anxious about being part of the baby's future that I jumped on you. You've been my best friend for all my life. I want you to know that whatever part I have in this baby's life, I'm satisfied," she said smiling over and Sakura's hidden face. She lifted her head to meet Ino's blue eyes and grinned.

" Well actually, I had a talk with Tsunade this morning about the marriage arrangements and I told her about wanting her as the godmother. She says she couldn't handle being my baby's godmother," she chuckled.

" Tsunade said that?"

" Yeah, but what really surprised me was who she thought I should really make the godmother."

" Who?" Ino leaned forward calmly, Sakura laughing while tilting back in her chair.

" She said, and I don't lie, ' Well, shouldn't that little blonde troublemaker you're always around be this kid's godmother?' I swear it was the most sincere thing I've ever heard her say," Sakura said between breaths, her sides aching from laughter. Ino doubled over while giggling.

" Well, if it came from the old woman, I guess it must be true. So what do you say Sakura, how about making this blonde troublemaker you're kid's godmother," she chuckled. Sakura beamed, tears of laughter shining in her eyes.

" I wouldn't have it any other way, Ino!"

" Neither would I." She stood and embraced Sakura tightly before grinning down at her long since rival and friend. " I'm happy this baby will have such wonderful parents, Sakura. If you ever need me and Shikamaru, we'll be here."

" I know Ino. Thank you."

She waved her hand impatiently as she stood back up, her face serious, but her eyes glinting something mischievous.

" Now I didn't come here to get all mushy, Sakura. There's work to be done. Now what do you need me to do?"

Sakura nodded and threw over the clipboard, the food menu circled in red. Ino caught it and her eyes scanned the cuisine before handing back to Sakura.

" Shall we get to cooking?"

The tinkling of the silverware on glass, the crowd silencing, all eyes turned to the hostess. Sakura took a deep breathe before setting down her glass and knife. It seemed all of Konoha had shuffled into her dining room, all seated around her, exchanging words of joy and companionship. She forced a nervous smile as all eyes fell to her and she caught her breath for a moment before beginning her speech.

" Friends, family, comrades, I thank you all for attending our dinner tonight. It would have been rather lonely with just me and Sasuke," she said, the crowd laughing briefly before she nodded, ready to continue. She nervously tugged at the hem of her dress as she spoke.

" I've been through a lot these past few years, ninja wise andgrowing as an individual. I've also fallen in love with the man of my dreams," her eyes met Sasuke's and cheers resounded, focusing Sakura back to her audience.

" I speak for Sasuke and myself when I say that without the help and watchful eye of you all, we would still be mere children, no future ahead. But fortunately, it seems we've grown up just right."

Kakashi grinned at her from her left, mask gone and dressed casually. She really felt her heart go out to him. She would have given her life so many times for the man who raised her to fear nothing, to love life with all she had, to give things another chance. She beamed at him and he nodded back.

" I want you all to know that starting now, a new chapter in our lives is about to begin," she said with a nudge to Sasuke, who rose beside her. He cleared his throat and the crowd fell to silence once again.

" For those few of you who know, this will come as no surprise," he chuckled, " but for the rest of you, Sakura and I have two announcements we would like to make."

He paused to look over at Sakura, noting the tears in her joyful emerald eyes. He grabbed her hand and briefly kissed it before turning back to the crowd.

" Sakura and I are to be married."

Cheers, gasps and exclamations of joy rang through the room, but Sasuke lifted his hand to silence the uproar of surprise. Sakura squeezed his hand before she took a breath, ready for the final impact of the night to end.

" I also have another, rather important matter, to announce…"

" I'm pregnant."

Sakura winced at the loud yells exploding from the crowd. Naruto and Hinata stood to applause them, the rest of their company following suit. Sakura let her tears spill down her cheeks as Ino ran up to her table to embrace her. Sakura laughed as she cried, holding onto her. Ino pulled back and wiped Sakura's tears from her shining face, Sakura hiccupping as she giggled.

" It seems just yesterday we were kids and now you two are getting married and having a family! I'm soo proud of you Sakura," she whispered, her own tears running down her face.

" Oh Ino, thank you soo much," she sighed as she clung to her. Ino smiled weakly through tears and pulled back.

" Well god what are we getting all emotional about," she said in mock annoyance, giving Sakura a wink before moving back into the crowd with Shikamaru who was shaking Sasuke's hand in congrats.

The rest of the night was spent receiving words of luck and hugs and handshakes from all their guests, all enjoying the uplifted spirits. Sakura's bright smile illuminated the night as the last of their guest gave their blessings, making their way out the door to their homes. Sasuke followed the last guest out, making small talk out in the garden with Naruto and Neji. Sakura sighed, finally ready for the night to be over and fell into a vacant seat.

As her exhausted body fell into the chair, she realized it wasn't vacant at all and ended up in Kakashi's lap. Her body hitched immediately and she quickly got up and turned her wide eyes to look into his smiling face.

" Oh Kakashi forgive me! I didn't see you there, I guess," she confessed. He only chuckled and dismissed it with the wave of his hand. She sighed and moved to the seat next to his to sit beside him.

" All of the festivities tonight must have worn you out. I had really thought you had seen me sitting here," he laughed as she blushed and buried her face in her hands. A twinkle caught his eye and his eyes went to the bracelet dangling on her wrist.

His memory knew that as the bracelet Sasuke had given her as a White Ribbon gift, but as his eyes trailed her delicate hand, they came to rest on the silver ring encrusted with shimmering diamonds. He inwardly noted it as her engagement ring and sighed. He couldn't tell her what he wanted to, she was a taken woman and he had no right to ruin her night with his heartfelt words.

" Kakashi, you look a little dazed, are you okay?"

His eyes rose to meet hers and he nodded, but the dour look on his face remained. She reached out to grasp his hand comfortingly as she peered into the depths of his mismatched eyes. The pull of the Sharingan on her kept her eyes locked with his and she could hear words being spoken but she didn't really recognize them as her eyes searched the scarlet laden comas.

" Sakura, I've needed to tell you something. I want you to know, I'm happy for you, I really am. You were the one woman I truly loved with all my heart and to see you happy is what I always wanted. You and I, we weren't meant to be, and I apologize for taking advantage of your feelings when Sasuke was gone."

She nodded, hypnotized by the blur of black in a red sea. His delicate lashes closed over his Sharingan eye and she blinked, shaking off the feeling of dizziness. She shook her head, running a hand through her hair before looking into Kakashi's face once more.

" I wish you all the luck in the world, for you and Sasuke, and your baby on the way. I know you won't need it, but it's all I can give. You know where to find me when you're ready to train again, hopefully after the baby," he said brightly before leaving a chaste kiss on her forehead and disappearing in a cloud of smoke. Sakura glanced around, feeling out of place and his words still echoing in her head.

" Luck… thank you Kakashi," she said, deeply moved by his confession. She had never thought he would be happy. She thought after all this time he was bitter, but he was quite the opposite and for the second time in the day, she felt honored to have such people in her life. This was turning out to be the best birthday she would probably ever have.

" Wake up Sakura," Sasuke cooed as he kissed her lips softly, watching as his beauty roused from her peaceful slumber to open her bright eyes and smile up at him. She shuffled underneath him, giggling as she found herself trapped under his body.

Her eyes traced over his muscular chest up to his handsome face and wrapped an arm around his neck to pull him back down to her lips. She hummed happily as she left his lips, letting her head lay back down on the pillow as he watched her. His finger traced along her jaw up to her cheek, brushing aside strands of pink hair and tucked them neatly behind her ear.

" We have breakfast with Naruto and the gang, remember. If you don't hurry, I'll be forced to take a shower…by my self and wash myself…by myself," he said coyly as she laughed openly.

" Ha, when has Uchiha Sasuke ever needed help with anything?" She raised herself up on her elbows, her face a mere inch from his.

" Well, ever since I fell in love with this girl," he screwed up his eyes in mock forgetfulness, " what is here name, I just can't remember…"

She smacked his arm playfully, Sasuke responding by throwing the sheets off her and picking her up bridal-style and whisking her off to the grand bathroom.

" Sasuke no, no please, I didn't mean to hit you hard, I'm sorry if I hurt you," she yelled through her giggles as he pushed her into the shower, nightgown and all and turned to water on, letting a blast of icy water hit her body. She shrieked at the shock of the freezing water on her warm body and instantly buried herself in Sasuke's warmth.

He shivered at the sensation of her chilly chemise and turned her to face him slowly. His eyes locked on hers and the water around them heated up, the shower filling with steam. Her arms hesitantly rose, Sasuke's gentle fingers running the length of her hips to rest at the hem of her nightgown, pulling in slowly from her body. The appearance of the silk clinging to her body make his anxious and he quickly pulled the gown over her head and dropped it outside the shower.

Her naked body filled his vision and his hands ran down her arms, caressing the sides of her breast to rest on her waist. He pulled her to him slowly, her eyes darting between his nervously. Her face neared his and her lips left tantalizing kisses on his neck, her teeth grazing his skin. He hissed at the pleasure and waited with baited breath as her lips neared his.

He took her mouth hungrily and kissed her deeply, his hands exploring her body as their lips parted and met in a heated dance. Sakura's hand wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer, her fingers weaving through his dark wet hair. The steam invaded their bodies, making them sweat as they pressed against each other.

Sakura's breath was ragged as they parted, her hand smoothing over his face. Her intense green eyes captured his and he did all he could to prolong the passion. His hand slid over her bare back, his hand resting at the nape of her neck, sending shivers down her spine.

His lips nestled into her soft flesh as his mouth explored her neck, licking, sucking, tasting the supple skin below her ear. She moaned deeply at the sensation and dug her nails along his shoulders agonizingly slow.

" Sasuke…we'll b-be late," she sighed in ecstasy as his lips moved down her breast.

" Hn," he mumbled as his lips moved over her nipple, making her gasp out, her back aching against him.

" Good enough for me," she whispered. His mouth came up to finally meet hers and he kissed her slow, carefully, and put in it all the love he possessed, all the want and compassion he had in him, prolonging the kiss as he poured every bit of him into it.

She pulled back, out of breath, her wide eyes gazing into his.

" You've never kissed me like that Sasuke," she whispered.

" I've never loved you more in my entire life than I do now," he said smiling as his finger swept a tear that rolled down her cheek. Her lips crashed against his and in return, she gave him all of her, completely and entirely. If ever their love had been strong, there was no way it could be questioned, ever.

" It looks like there's a happy ending up ahead after all," Sasuke breathed as he held Sakura to him, the steam enveloping them completely, and their sighs of passion filling the bathroom.

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