Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own In Justice. I also got one of the lines from the Close to Home episode "Miranda", somewhat, if you recognize it.

A/N: I meant this to be a drabble, just to get into the fandom some. It's 110 words though, because every single one is important to the story. Oh well. Hope you enjoy it.


I watch as Dan Wainwright embraces his wife and son, and I know.

I know that, despite what I'd been told again and again – that the Wainwright case was a losing one, that he was guilty, that I should turn my attention elsewhere – I was right in the end.

I brought an innocent man, and his innocent family, justice. A second chance.

I bring my hand to my eyes, momentarily overcome. Damned if Swain will find out I'm getting emotionally involved, but I can admit it to myself.

And I'm glad of it.

Because when we stop seeing the people, we'll never see sights like this.

Homecoming, reunion.

And justice.