Title:His Date With The Phantom's Daughter
Author: MiraJade
Subject: The Phantom of the Opera
Genre: Humor, General
Rating: K+
Chapters: I'm thinking around 10, that's subject to change.
Characters: Erik, Christine, Aria, and mystery date.
Summary: Someone actually had the nerve to ask the Phantom's daughter out on a date. Due to the author's insanity, the Phantom had to agree. Now chaos ensures, and a disaster beyond the poor young man's wildest imagination is about to occur.
Disclaimer: Phantom does not belong to me. Duh. Now read. (smiles sweetly) Please.

Chapter One
Let It Be War

This is the moment every father dreads. The moment that I had hoped would never come. The day I had been planning ever since the doctor had announced that Christine had given birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Well, seventeen years had never prepared him for the moment she said. "Daddy, I met someone today."

His blood went cold as soon as the words left her mouth. Instantly wishing that time would rewind and take them horrid words back with them. His hand instinctively went to the lasso wrapped around his waist as he forced himself to be calm and rational. This was not a time to lose his temper. "That's great dear, I'm sure that she is very nice."

Christine glared warningly from across the table as Aria fidgeted uncomfortably in her seat. Erik tried not to enjoy her unease, as he silently willed her not to say what he knew was coming. "Well . . . Actually, I met this guy . . ."

"A guy?" He asked cautiously. Maybe this was all some huge misunderstanding.

No such luck. "Well, he's really nice, I'm sure you two would get along marvelously, gut he's asked me to be his date to the opera next evening, and I'd really like to go. With your permission, of course." She added hastily at the look in her father's eyes.

Erik's gaze would of froze fire. "Where did you meet him." He started the pre-planned interrogation.

"The hair salon-" Aria started.

Erik laughed as Christine hid a grin. "That sounds promising."

Aria looked frustrated. "It's not like that. He was just picking something up for his father." She paused as she reallied how ridiculous her statement was.

Erik was silent, waiting for her to continue. His look said enough. Really there was nothing to say"His name is Phillipe, and he's about my age. He's smart, and funny, and sweet. Just . . .I . . .I really, really like him! It's just one date. Oh, please daddy! May I go out with him!"

She laced her hands together beseechingly, and yet he was unmoved. "No."

"What! Why!"

"Because, " Erik began calmly, "I don't know anything about this boy. You could be wanting to date a rapist, or an insane murderer for all I know. Secondly, he's an 18 year old boy with hormones. I don't trust him. Third of all, I am just not ready for you to date. . . .

-30 minutes latter-

. . . . And reason number 67, I personally think that you are too young to go out with boys."

" I can see you have thought this all out." Aria commented wryly.

"You have no idea." Erik replied.

Aria was momentarily silent as she wondered how to get around her father's resolve. She turned to Christine. "Mommy," She pleaded, "Please tell daddy to let me go out with Phillipe!"

Erik looked at Christine guardedly, waiting for her attempt to persuade him. "Aria, you know that I cannot tell your father what to do. I gave up on that years ago." Erik smiled triumphantly. "Yet, I personally would have no problem if you were able to convince him."

Erik looked over at his wife, a wounded look on his face. "We're supposed to agree on things dear. I thought that you didn't want her dating until she was at least 35 either."

"I'm not disagreeing with you, I just think that we should give this boy a chance. I gave you a chance -"

"It's more like I begged, threatened, and deceived you for a chance."

Christine ignored him. "My father would've given you one."

"Then your father is stupid." Erik answered.

Christine looked frustrated. "Let's just try it. I trust Aria's judgment."

Erik tried not to laugh. "If it's anything like her mother's, then we should worry."

"What's that supposed to mean!"

"It means that you had your choices narrowed down to a deformed, demented, murderer; or the rich, fruity, fop."

"Which one where you?" Aria asked suddenly.

Christine smiled smugly at Erik. Yes dear, which one where you? The murderer or the fop?

"We'll talk about that some other time," He dodged the incriminating question. He forced a smile on his face, yet inside he was worried. He'd known eventually that she would date. She was beautiful. How could any man in his right mind resist? With her deep golden eyes, and long curls of ebony hair. She had a sweet captivating charm about her, and a voice that would make Angels jealous. He wanted to hide this rare treasure form the world. Keep her locked up, and hidden away so that she would never have to suffer anything. He was possessive, and unfortunately she was going to feel the brunt of it.

Christine watched the emotions running threw her husband's eyes. She hated disagreeing with him, yet she really believed that Aria was ready for this. She needed to try her wings. She wasn't ready to fly, but they needed to tackle this issue sooner or latter. If it was up to Erik Aria would remain single, and celibate until he died. He was so controlling. Most of the time she didn't mind, ot was one of the things that she loved about him, but sometimes it really did get annoying.

"Mom was my age when she met you," Aria pointed out.

Christine cringed. Bad point to make . . .

Erik blanched, "Aria, believe me, creating parallels to our early relationship will get you nowhere."

Aria sighed. "Is there any way that I can convince you?"

"None at all."

Christine looked at Erik expectantly, he was going to have to give in sooner or latter . . .He looked at Aria, painful consideration etched onto his face."We're only going to see an Opera dad. It's perfectly innocent, and we won't be doing a whole lot of communicating."

"You can be doing plenty of "communicating."Especially if the music isn't as good as it should be. The last place I want you is in a dark theater with a boy."Erik huffed.

Christine sighed, "I think we've taught her better than that. She'll start dating eventually. Why not now?"

Aria still looked patiently at her father. She was determined to win this. "Please daddy! I promise that I won't ever ask for anything ever again!" She paused, considering her options."Daddy, that's all I ask of you." She sung softly.

Erik glared at the mention of the cursed fop song. Then he caught the puppy dog stare. Oh no. Her voice was oddly compelling, he thought, I can teach her to use that to her advantage . . . He shook his head. Pathetic random thought! She was still giving him that look . . .Was that tears? Oh no. It couldn't be tears. He was a sucker for tears . . . Pull yourself together! You're the infamous Phantom of The Opera, The Living Corpse, The Opera Ghost, The Angel of Death, Red Death . . .

Yet even the infamous character he masqueraded at would of melted at the sight of the puppy pout. He mustered up his strength. "Aria . . .I said no . . ." He stammered. He caught the brunt of the stare.

Christine smiled.

"Oh, all right. You can date the boy." He threw up his hands in defeat. Disgusted with himself. Aria squealed in delight as she threw her arms around him. She hugged him briefly before leaving the kitchen to pick out the gown for the next evening. Christine smiled proudly at him. Erik just glared at her.

"Thank-you Erik" She said softly as she kissed him."And don't worry, everything will be fine."

He watched her leave slowly before rising himself. His dark cloak fell from his arms like the wings of a bat, as he moved to blow out the candles. Eighteen years he had prepared for this. Oh, he knew there would be no problems. He would make sure of that personally . . .The boy was going to be running scared all the way to London by the end of act one.

Now let it be war.

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