Not Worth it

(11th January 2006)


Summary - SNICKERS Sara and Nick are going out together, yet none of the team know. How will their relationship last? After an incident in the lab indangering the Saftey of the CSIs, Sara asks herself - is any of it worth fighting for?
Rating - T (language and content)


Never wrote Sara Nick as a couple, so first time for everything. Here's my shot at it - hope you like

Part 1

"Grissom wants you to be in there in about ten, got it guys?" Warrick called into the locker room from the door way, where two of the team where getting changed.

"I'll be out in Five Rick so get the coffee on" Nick smiled back as he began to change.

"I already got Catherine on it" Warrick smiled, "Fresh pot coming up" he explained and then walked away from the doorway letting it slam shut.

"Must be a big case tonight" Sara spoke as she reached into her locker and took her gun placing it into the holster strapped to the side of her waist. Then she looked over to Nick as she placed her bomber jacket on. "I got $20 saying we work a double"

"You're on" Nick smiled, as he finished buttoning up his dark blue shirt leaving the top two open and then placing his own gun into his holster, off the side. As he did this he shot Sara the famous, and more than charming 'Stokes smile' before shutting his locker closed, "I'll see you out there then". Turning he went to walk towards the exit of the room which Warrick had moments before been standing in, he only made it to the doorway and as his hand pressed against the doorknob he was stopped by Sara's voice.

"Hold up. What's the rush Nicky?" She smirked as she shut her own locker and turned to face him – "We got ten minuets"

Nick nodded his head in agreement, "Yeah we do, but we also got a lab full of people on the other side of this door."

Sara walked towards him, a smile slapped on her face, she placed a hand on his chest and he moved his down taking hold of her waist, "Did I ever tell you, I like to live dangerously?" She asked. Moving forward slightly their lips met, his hands tightening the grip on her waist as he lent back against the door, their embrace becoming more passion fueled by the moment. His hand moved under her jacket and shirt, his fingers lightly grazing her soft skin.

"Mm, is that so?" He murmured against her lips, drawing back for a breath.

"That's so" She nodded. Smiling and moving into him further – their lips locking again.


"Hey nice of you to join us" Catherine smiled from where she was sat in break room, "Where's Sara?"

"She'll be in here in a minuet…just got a call" he explained, "She won't be long" Nick walked over to the coffee machine to pour himself a mug. Catherine was sat at the table along with Warrick – each with their own coffee.

"So, how was your night off?" Catherine asked Nick.

"It was okay! Did I miss anything here?" he answered her question with a question, something which he had become more than skilled at over the past few weeks while dating Sara. None of them knew, and for now that's how they wanted it to stay.

"Not much with me, DB on the strip but Sara - she had a bad case last night." She explained.

Nick had his back to the rest of them pouring his coffee so they luckily couldn't see his facial expression. If they could have then they would have noticed the worried, confused look. When Sara had shown up at his that morning she had told him everything was fine. "What do you mean?"

"What do we mean, it was a domestic abuse case… that's what we mean" Warrick answered for Catherine. Nick wanted to ask more questions but couldn't knowing that it would look to conspicuous. Plus, the words SARA in the same sentence as DOMESTIC ABUSE meant the same thing to him as it did the rest of them – trouble.

Nick left it at that walking over to the table and took a seat next to Warrick and across from Catherine, before any of them could say anything more Sara walked in. "Hey guys" She greeted, taking the much trodden path to the coffee pot.

"Hey Girl" Warrick smiled, "Coffee's fresh"

"Yeah, thanks Catherine" Sara smiled, as she reached for it.

"Don't mention it. So I hared you closed the case…" The blond offered.

Sara stopped pouring the coffee and then looked up at the wall in front of her, her back to them she hesitantly answered. "Err, yeah…I did" turning slowly she was sure to put the cup to her mouth and letting the piping hot coffee enter her as she looked over to Catherine leaning on the counter top readying herself for more questions.

"So who was it in the end?" surprisingly it was Warrick who asked this, Sara looked to the guy who she considered a brother – and who could sure piss her off like one – she offered him a calm reply, "Try the boyfriend, not that I doubted" She explained, "DNA match, her blood on his shirt – he beat her to death after coming home drunk" They could all tell that she was thinking intently about the case and knowing Sara she was probably beating herself up over it – "Bastard got 1st degree – he murdered her in cold blood" she looked up and locked eyes with Catherine, "She was 3 months gone as well"

"Pregnant?" Catherine asked, "Shit" She cursed.

"Yeah" Sara nodded her head, and then looked to the floor, her mind reeling through the image. The victim was bludgeoned to death with a blunt object…her skull crushed and shattered.

"Well you got him Sara… you got a conviction…he'll pay for what he did" Catherine offered – it was the only comfort that was available to Sara.

Nick sat watching his, Girlfriend; it was still funny thinking that Sara was his girl. She was so angry, yet hurt…he could see that in her eyes. And now with the way she was avoiding eye contact with anyone he knew that she was pissed off. He wanted her to look up so he could at least offer her a comforting smile but she wouldn't. It took him all his will power not to stand up and walk over to her – comfort her, hold her. Instead he looked back to his coffee and even though the conversation continues to flow from subject to subject all that he could think about was Sara, and would be until they got out of the lab and he'd be able to make sure she was really okay.

"So it's Lindsey's big day tomorrow huh?" Warrick asked,

Catherine gave him a nod, "Yeah and please tell me you guys are still coming to the party?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world Girl" Warrick reassured.

"Yeah, I'll be there"

"Cont on it…have we ever let you down?" Nick questioned.

"Count on what?" Grissom asked as he walked into the Break room only to have four of them turn and look at him.

"On these guys going to Lindsey's party tomorrow" Catherine answered "You still coming Gris?"

"Well I got a court case in the morning but I'll be there." She seemed happy with this and smiled, "Great, Fresh coffee if you want"


"So what you got for us tonight?" Warrick asked Grissom,

"Not much happening tonight…it's slow out there… Catherine, Warrick - I got you a car collision on the strip. Two Cars involved and three dead…this sounds to be anything but an accident but let the…"

"…evidence do the talking. We got it" He smirked.

"Cute" Grissom shot at Warrick.

"Sara, Nick…nothing as of yet…I'll find you if anything comes up" Grissom explained, "And Sara, I need a word" Sara didn't even argue, she just nodded her head – "My office" he looked to the rest of the team, "Keep me posted" with this he left.

"I'll see you when we get back" Warrick offered to the room.

"Yeah…if I still got a job" she mumbled following Grissom from the break room.

Each of the remaining three looked confused at this statement.