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Part 9

Sara was sat on the table in the middle of the interrogation room, in the silence – just thinking about what had happened between her and Nick. She had lost it with him again this time in front of the team – she couldn't take it anymore. Maybe the two of them been together was a bad idea – maybe it was true – colleagues and lovers just shouldn't mix. Her head was still spinning after the bottle she'd hit and her anger was still very much present she just was not sure who she was angry at; Nick? or Grissom? or the rest of the team? All of them maybe – or maybe it was herself.

She just didn't understand what was going on with her. She ran her hand on the edge of the table and knew exactly what she was trying so hard to forget with the alcohol – the day she'd been in here with that guy and been more than ready to take his life. It was something she'd feared for so long – since she was a child – that she'd ever have something inside that could take a life. Sighing she knew exactly where it had come from, this fear – the night that she'd watched her mother bludgeon her father to death. She was terrified that there was a murder jean that it ran through the family.

Lifting her hands she place her head in them, how could she even begin to make this okay?

She remembered everything that happened that day- she remembered the police storming into her home – pulling her mother from her father…he head was crushed in. So much blood around the place…

She clawed at her head trying to make the child's please die down, banging her fists into her temple but it didn't work. She remembered, huddled into a corner crying out for her mother to get of her father…

'mommy, please, mommy stop --- please!"

She didn't stop, and Sara knew from that moment he life would be different. The please transformed in her mind for her childlike voice to a deeper males voice –

'Sara…stop…Sara…get back…!"

memories from the day in this very room – what if she didn't stop? If they weren't there to pull her from him? Would she have killed him?

Her beeper cut into all of the questions, and that was what finally told her she couldn't sit here forever – she looked down to see Greg's name flash. She stood from her position and made herself semi presentable. Moving forward she headed for the door – but not before taking one last look at the place where her worst fears became a reality.

Taking off down the halls of the lab, Sara took a left into the locker room heading over to get her vest and clip so that she could get out of this place. Hopefully she'd be given a case that would keep her busy and not have to deal with anyone. "Hey…you okay?"

Sara hared the caring voice of Greg fill the room, "Fine" She told him.

"Need to talk about earlier?"


"You Sure"


"Okay then… when you do I'm here" Sara just ignored him, she didn't want to talk. "Okay then, well we got a case together…DB in residential. I'll be waiting by the Tahoe"

She just nodded her head.

With a sigh, Greg left.

He was so worried about Sara, just like they all where.


"What the hell do I do? Huh? She won't even talk to me" Nick growled as he drove towards the scene that himself and Catherine were working.

"Give her time" Catherine offered.

"What more time to drink herself stupid?" Nick shot, he was angry – at Sara, at himself for not understanding Sara. At everything -

"She'll come around" The blond offered

"She's going to burn out Cath…she won't open up" He explained, "Everything was great with us, and now it's gone to this" He pushed his hand through his hair.

"Do you, want me to do my bitch kick and get her to open up to you?" Catherine offered with a small smile.

"honestly I don't think it'll help…I've had the argument so many times…"

"Well, I'm here if you need me, if either of you want to talk or anything…"

"Thanks Cath" Nick sighed.

Catherine hated seeing them like this, no matter how soppy it sounded the team was like a family – and when they were hurting it affected them all. Catherine just wanted to help. Sure she and Sara had moments but there was no doubting how much they all meant to each other. "Have you…spoke to Grissom?"

"About Sara?" Nick asked.

Catherine nodded, "Maybe she needs to be given vacation…made to take it" she corrected. Nick sighed; he had no idea what to do.


He sat over paper work, trying to process the evidence with Sara on his mind was proving to be a difficult task. As a result he just shuffled the paper in his hands – occasionally looking over the objects that had been collected. There was no way he could just sit here…he at least needed coffee. Standing up and stretching he turned and headed towards the exit. Praying as he went Greg had made the coffee.

Reaching the break room he saw Sara sat with her head in his hands, he stopped a little thinking that maybe he should turn and walk away – the last thing they needed was a domestic when they were on the clock and in the lab but when he saw her, he knew he couldn't leave her. She was shaking slightly as the tears wrecked through her body – she was crying.

"Sar?" All anger towards her melted, as she turned away from him not wanting to be seen like this especially after today - "Sara..." He asked again as he stepped in and walked over to her. He put his hand on her back only to have her stand up abruptly and walk over to the counter.

"No…" She managed. It was so weak that it was painful – she tried to take deep breaths to steady herself but it didn't work.

"What's happened?" He needed to understand – he was actually scared. The only time he'd ever seen her break down was in his arms in privet. "Sara – please talk to me…"

She lent on the counter – and had no idea what to do – "I'm…" She stopped. Then turned to face Nick – "I'm sorry…"

"What about? Sara…what's happened?"

"I can't do this…" she said, "It's too much…"

"Do what?"

"Be CSI"