Author's Note: Hey guys, it's me again with a new fic (and it's not a oneshoter or twoshoter, yay!) lol. I wanted to wait until I had revised this and made it more organized, but people are complaining about the lack of updated LWD fics (coughLORENcough) ;-) Just kiddin girlie, lol. I've been noticing the lack too, but I'm sure it's because winter vacation is over for most. Sooo I decided that since I was still at home, I should spread more Dasey love. I originally started writing this as a Mature rated fic, but decided to bring it back down to a T rating so more people could read it ;-) So here's the beginning, hope it turned out okay since I didn't reread it or anything :-p Feedback would be appreciated!

I strolled down the high school corridor, in a deep conversation with Emily about our favorite band's new CD.

"The last song is my favorite. It's like…it's like he's singing just to me," Emily said dreamily, in her own little world as always.

I laughed. "I know what you mean. It's like--"

At that moment, I turned the corner and plowed right into my stepbrother.

"Whoa, Case, where's the fire?" Derek held up his hands, that superior smirk across his face as usual. He nodded a hello to Emily, smirked at me again, and walked off, being praised by the underclassmen for just walking on his own two feet.

I rolled my eyes.

"I can't believe he's your stepbrother," Emily sighed for the umpteenth time. "I could never live with someone as hot as Derek."

"Pshh," I rolled my eyes again, opening my locker. "Derek is not hot."

"Yeah right!" Emily exclaimed as if I was delusional. "His wild hair, his sexy eyes, those muscles, that smirk…" I could practically see her drooling.

I laughed at my pathetic friend. "Whatever, Em."

She gave me a Look and then let it go as we walked into homeroom. I sat down in my usual seat, and waved over at Sam, who was sitting with a bunch of guys. He didn't come over. I sighed. Sam and I hadn't been really…connecting lately. I hadn't said anything to him yet, but maybe I should.

Later, of course. He was busy at that time.

Chicken, I scowled to myself with a tisk. Shaking my head, I opened my French notebook to do some last minute studying.

Of course, my mind wandered back to Sam. I looked up over at him and saw him now chatting with Derek. But my eyes didn't linger on Sam. They strayed over to that impish stepbrother of mine. I narrowed my eyes as I really looked at him.

Okay, the messy hair was kind of boyish and cute. And his eyes seemed intriguing… he looked up at me then and gave me a smug wink. I retaliated with a roll of my eyes and glanced down at my feet. Alright, so the dark eyes were kind of sexy in a way.

Sexy? I almost choked on my own spit. Did I just use the words "Derek" and "Sexy" together? Okay, that was just wrong. On so many levels.

But my eyes moved back to where he stood, and finished their little once-over. He had grown more muscular since I had first met him. It wasn't so apparent in the shirt he was wearing now, but last night, when I saw him going to bed shirtless…

Oh wow. Is this incest?

I met his gaze one again and he gave me his trademark smirk. I swear my heart stopped as I came to my revelation.



I thought my stepbrother was hot.

I went through the day repeating a mantra over and over in my head—"I do not think my stepbrother is hot. I do not think my stepbrother is hot."

I was quite pleased with myself for seeing him several more times that day and not thinking one single think above the PG level about him.

Until, of course, he walked into my room that night, shirtless and looking for one of his CDs.

He asked me something, but my ears didn't hear him. My eyes were on overload, R-rated thoughts returning to my mind as I stared at his bare chest.

"…Case?" he asked after a second, giving me a strange look.

I shook my head and then looked up into his eyes. "Wha?"

He raised an eyebrow. "I asked if you had my We Are Scientists CD."

I closed my eyes, trying to think. "Oh, uh, yeah." I stood up and walked over to my bed, picking up the CD, and turned around. I was surprised to see that Derek and moved in closer to me. I handed the CD to him, and I felt a slight jolt of electricity as our hands brushed.

Instantly, I jerked away from him.

He stared at me, obviously thinking I was completely psychotic. "You finally lost it, Case?"

"No!" I said quickly. I lowered my voice to a more normal level. "Uh, I'm fine."

He shrugged. "Freak," he stated, but not in a mean way really…more in a playfully teasing way. He even gave me a wink before walking out the door.

"Smooth, Case," I mocked myself, sitting back at my computer desk to finish my homework.

What the hell was wrong with me? This was Derek. Just stupid, mean, obnoxious, conceited Derek.

I peeped across the hall, where Derek was walking back into his room. Damn, he as a fine ass.


Hormones, I told myself quickly, shaking my head to rid the thought. It's just those horny teenage hormones. Plus the influence of Emily. Plus the lack of… chemistry, dare I say, with Sam.

Sam and I just didn't seem to click. I thought we had, in the beginning. But I realized that it just wasn't there when we were making out last week. Sam started to take things further, and I stopped him. I just…didn't want to. It's not like I don't want to fool around or anything. I don't think I'm as prude as people may think I am. I always felt that if the opportunity arose for me to go further with a guy I liked that I would take it. But with Sam, it wasn't like that. It worried me at first. But then I realized its not that I didn't want to go further.

It's just that I didn't want to go further with him.

And that's when I realized that Sam and I just weren't going to work out. I think he knows it too, which is the reason why he has been avoiding me ever since. He's just trying to avoid the inevitable. Can't really blame him, though.

As if my thoughts had been forecast across town, the phone rang and a second later, Derek called for me.

"Hey Ice Queen, it's for you!" he yelled. "It's the boyfriend!"

I opened my door to where Derek was standing, the cordless phone dangling in his hand. I took it from him without saying anything, and he smirked, not moving as I answered it.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey, Casey. We, uh, we need to talk," said a very serious sounding Sam.

And that was it. I shut the door in Derek's face, and a few minutes later, Sam and I had broken up. It was a mutual agreement, and I knew I should have felt sadder than I did, which made me feel guilty. I sighed heavily to myself and opened the door. I jumped in surprise when I realized that Derek was still standing at my door, obviously having eavesdropped on my entire conversation.

"Derek!" I shouted in exasperation.

He just grinned. "I heard you wouldn't give him any."

My whole body froze. "What?" I snapped at him.

He shrugged coolly. "Word on the street is that you're a prude, Casey MacDonald."

I glared at him, venom probably dripping from my eyes. "That is not true," I said calmly and slowly, but obviously pissed.

He leaned down close to me, just inches from my face. "Prove it," he said, and, grinning, pulled away, looking as full of himself as ever.

I growled at him and slammed the door in his face. I threw the phone at the door and flopped onto my bed. I muffled a scream into my pillow and then threw that against the door, too.

Arrogant asshole.

I was beyond mad right now. And not so much at Sam, for telling Derek this. But more at Derek, because he acted like he knew everything. Just because I didn't flaunt my sexuality for the whole school to see, and just because I wouldn't sleep with Sam didn't mean that I was a prude.

I was really worked up about this. Probably a lot more than I should.

And when you are worked up about things, you go to drastic measures to manipulate the situation to your liking.

That is the excuse I'm using to deal with what I did next.