Chapter 1: The Item of Envy

Chris Benoit stood in the ring, ready to face his opponent, HHH. HHH was the current World Heavyweight Champion. That was one thing HHH had that Benoit wanted. Benoit heard Evolution's music playing as all three members came down the ramp. HHH now had both of Benoit's desires on each arm. The championship title on one, and a beautiful young woman holding onto the other. Benoit watched as she smiled and had her arm wrapped around HHH's.

Her name was Karen. Her long brown hair with natural highlights that went down her mid-back, swaying with every little movement of her head. Her big brown eyes glistening as she waved and looked all around at the audience. She was a kind person, and loved the fans greatly. She was really great with the little ones as well. Her smile was simply breathtaking, making Benoit have to shake it out of his system so he could focus on his match. HHH stepped through the ropes, as Flair and Batista sat on the second rope for Karen to step through while HHH offered her his hand. HHH grabbed a microphone, ready to make one of his long, dragged-out speeches. "Benoit, you don't get it, do you?" HHH asked with a smirk on his face. "You had this title once, and that is the only time you will have it. Just face facts, destiny has decided that your time with this title is gone, and never coming back."

Benoit grabbed a microphone and brought it up to his lips. "Well HHH, things change. And tonight, my destiny will change, along with yours, once I take that title from you." he replied. Benoit stole a glance at Karen, who simply looked up at HHH with her arm wrapped around his. He noticed she wasn't holding on all that tightly, like it was just for show. HHH simply smirked and handed his title gently over to Karen, who took it and put it on her shoulder to hold. Batista and Flair followed her out of the ring, as each of them took a separate side of the ring.

It was ten minutes into the match and Benoit had finally gotten HHH into the Crossface. He looked up and saw Karen standing there, looking scared. She wasn't cheering for HHH not to tap, or anything. In fact it looked like she was looking straight at Benoit. Before Benoit could really understand what was happening, Flair and Batista ganged up on him allowing HHH to escape. All three of them started beating on him, when Karen jumped into the ring. As soon as she got in, she saw the rest of Benoit's team; Orton, Jericho, and Maven, running down the ramp. Karen tried desperately to break up the fight, only to get an elbow to the face. She fell through the ropes onto the floor. Benoit's team had jumped into the ring and started fighting Evolution, as Edge and Snitsky ran down to the ring also. Benoit stepped out of the fight and checked on Karen. She was on the ground, and looked to be knocked out. Benoit knelt down beside her and laid her across his knee.

He gently patted her cheek to bring her to. Karen's eyes slowly opened and looked into Benoit's. She tensed incredibly, but didn't fight him off of her. "Are you all right?" he yelled over the cheers of the audience. Karen simply continued looking up at him, shaken. "Are you all right?" he repeated. Karen nodded yes, as she felt his arms around her. "Come on, let's get you out of here." Benoit helped her to her feet to get her backstage, when he felt someone shove him into the steel steps. The impact knocked the air out of him, as he looked up to see HHH pointing and yelling something at him. Benoit watched as HHH lifted Karen into his arms and carried her away. Pretty soon Benoit's team drove the rest of HHH's team away, and raised their wrists in victory. They all walked slowly up the ramp backstage as Benoit walked away from his team and started for his own locker room.

As soon as his hand covered the door knob, he heard a meek voice behind him. "Mr. Benoit?" Benoit turned to see Karen hiding half her body behind a corner. "I'm sorry if I got you hurt," she said quietly. Benoit took a step forward, but she hid behind the corner further.

"I'm not going to hurt you," Benoit told her. Karen didn't move towards or away from him.

"I–I know. It's just make-up got smeared during the match and I look a mess. I'm so embarrassed. I–I have to go." she said and ran away.

"Wait!" Benoit called out and ran after her. He turned around one corner, to come face-to-face with Evolution.

"Well, well, well. Looks like you didn't learn your lesson, Benoit," HHH smirked with his title on his shoulder, Batista and Flair alongside him. None of them had heard Karen speaking to him. "Didn't know you were literally a woman chaser. Especially a woman that wasn't yours." HHH started moving in on Benoit, when a small hand clasped his arm.

"Come on, H. He's not worth your time now. Save it for Survivor Series, when you beat him and his sorry team to the mat," Karen smirked coming out from behind HHH. Benoit was a bit surprised by her sudden change in attitude. But he also didn't fail to notice the bruise on her cheek.

"What was that about Benoit's 'sorry team'?" a new voice asked. Benoit turned to see Maven, followed by Orton and Jericho coming into the picture. Maven was glaring right at Karen. HHH nudged her behind him and told his team to head to Evolution's locker room. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and led them away. Karen slowly turned her head, and mouthed what looked like, 'I'm sorry'. As she turned away, Benoit saw a bruise on her shoulder blade, and it looked fresh.

"Come on let's get out of here." Jericho suggested as they all headed down to the men's locker room. Benoit simply sat down on the bench and contemplated everything that happened that evening.

"Man that bitch gets on my nerves. She thinks just because she's HHH's girl, she can do or say anything she wants. In fact if it wasn't for her, Benoit wouldn't have gotten tossed into the steel steps–" Maven yelled. Until he was cut off by Benoit grabbing him by the collar and ramming him into the wall.

" about her that way again!" Benoit growled and stormed his way out of the locker room to his own dressing room. As soon as he walked in, someone knocked on his door. Before he could tell them to go away, Randy Orton walked in. "What do you want?" Benoit demanded.

"Benoit, listen. I just wanna talk," Orton said holding his hands up in defense. Benoit just took a deep breath and sat on his bench to try and cool off. Orton sat on the bench across the room. "Benoit, don't take this the wrong way, but I saw how you were looking at Karen." Benoit snapped his head up, but didn't say anything. "Dude, you're obvious, but I really don't care. What I'm trying to say is, I think she's interested."

"What the hell is wrong with you? You of all people should know she's in love with HHH. You used to be on the same team as her for god's sake!" Benoit told him angrily.

"Benoit, just because she smiles and holds his arm doesn't mean she's in love with him. If anything, it's completely opposite," Orton stated. Benoit slowly looked up again, wanting to learn more.