What my principal is Mr. Hiwatari!

By: Clockwick

Some fluff later on in the story; OC and Krad pairings. I don't own any characters except for Izzy. All other characters are not mine; this story mostly in Ms. Izzy's point of view. The Schools name will be made up as well as the location. I will try to fix as much as I can but still keep the story line the same(somewhat).

My life has been normal for as long as I could remember, nothing special ever happened where I live, not even a robbery. Until now. My name is Izzy and a new school year has already started. There was word going around that we were getting a batch of new students. Any news can round up to be interesting news, I guess...

"Ah, I'm late! Mom, why didn't you wake me?" I yelled as I scrambled all my supplies together into my pack and surprisingly not drop anything or trip over my own two feet. I woke up this morning to my alarm shattered across the room, again. The summer was finally over and school was starting so that meant goodbye sleeping and hello homework.

"I told you to get up half an hour ago," said Mom as she pushed toast into my mouth and shoved me out the house. Sometimes I wished that I could stay home like her. I guess it would be too late for me to say this but we happily live alone.

"I had a pillow over my ears Mom! Do you honestly expect me to hear you!" I grabbed my board and dashed down the stairs. In a fluid motion I tossed my skateboard to the pavement and jumpped on it swiftly. I've perfected this move down to a science now and there was no way I could ever injure myself anymore. It still scared my mother every time I did this.

"I used a mega-phone an-" she gasped as I hopped onto my board. She then shook her head and slammed the door; hoping I would hear. I did.

"THIS will be a long school year." I huffed as I coasted on my board to school. Thank goobers I didn't have to ride the bus or take a car, that would be a hassel in itself.

"Im late, Im late! I'm late for a not-so-very important date!" I huffed as I entered the deserted school. The halls echo'd my steps and everything seemed so... I couldn't place it.

"Huh, where is everyone?" I rubbed my head and pondered as I walked down the hall. I glanced into a few classrooms only to see they were empty as well.

Still dumbfounded, I just wondered the school that served my stay for my first and second year. I could hear the over-lapping conversations became louder as the gym came closer. All the gym doors were locked except the back door. Like always. I tried to sneak in without bringing attention to myself which wasn't that hard. The chatter wasn't the only thing going about. Both students and teachers seemed to be yammering about.


I didn't expect there to be this many kids here. Most of the seats were filled except a small addition of bleachers to my right(for extra students I guess). I hurried to the top and sat next to a blue headed boy and watched as everyone countinued talking, that is, until a man in came to the podium dressed in a brown suit and had matching hair and eyes. He looked out to everyone and said something. Obviously no one heard him. Seconds later of standing there his eyes shifted at all the students then a loud "SILENCE!" escaped his lips. All the students and teachers stopped and looked towards the prestigious man at the podium.

Whoa who knew that loud voice could come out of that dude...

"Greetings students, new and old. Welcome to the new year I am your new principal . Sadly, the old principal Ms. Hanser retired due to unknown reasons so I offered to step in and now here I am and now..." he smiled. I didn't know why but the vibes this guy was giving off was a tad bit creepy. I couldn't take the sound of his voice anymore so I sneaked out my MP3 player and blasted the music. I really didn't care anymore that having music devices were banned from the school. The golden, unspoken rule was 'don't get caught'. I tried to stay awake- I really did- but due to lack of sleep I could feel my eyelids growing heavier and heavier until my head slumped forward and I was out like a light.

:Blue hair'd Boy P.O.V:

I sat high in the bleachers. Nothing quite said 'yay' like being up early after a long flight from Japan. My eyes stared at the man making his way to the podium and my eyes narrowed. Then someone sat next to me. I didn't bother looking because I didn't care. Just another face.


Once she settled down I watched as my father stood in front of the podium and shouted to get the students attention. The girl next to me jumped in a state on fright/shock/surprised at such a voice coming from a 'supposedly' mousy man. Hn.

Hm.. She's scared...

Then my father started his speech of why he was here and right off the bat, his lies were leaving a horrid taste in my mouth. His eyes never left mine as he spoke, his smile couldn't mask the true evil I knew him to be.

Your dad is a lousy liar. said a deep voice within the dark recesses of my mind. I had to agree with him, my dad was trying to woo the teachers and students, and judging from the looks from most of the female (and some male) teachers, they were eating his words up. After a while of listening the girl next to me gave up on her MP3 player and fell asleep. I turned my head to her and just stared. She will be waking up with such a kink in her neck...

Father sure knows how to bored people

Once dad started giving away gifts to the personal from the recently departed principal(like goodbye gifts) the girl's head landed on my shoulder. She didn't seem to notice nor wake from her slumber. At this point I didn't really care so I didn't say anything.

your becoming soft master. The old you wouldn't allow this.

"Shut up not now ok? Its only morning plus she's not bothering anyone" I thought back to the voice inside my head. I tried to surpress it into a box, hopefully never to hear from it again today.

"Now for the student awards." announced, he held up a card and began to read verbatum from it, "the most cheerful goes to Miss Edward Bebop."

A red headed girl on the lower bleachers jumped up like an antsy monkey and skipped down to the center of the stage and claimed her ribbon. She seemed really happy as she backfilled and cart-wheeled back to her seat. I guess the previous principal must of had a deep connection with all his students.

"And our next award is a special award that wanted me to give out; the "Aces Cunning" which was won my Miss Elizabeth Brown."

Hm, the aces cunning. Should that be a bad or a good award? Hm wonder how she is?

"? !..." When no one came down to claim their ribbon my dad became pissed and stared scanning the bleachers, while as all the students were looking around as well. Once father's eyes connected with mine he smirked and continued looking agian. Students started to stare at me then a guy whispered,

"Dude, wake that girl on your shoulder! That's Elizabeth."

I looked at the girl on my shoulder and just stared. Really? This girl? I lightly shook her she jolted from my shoulder, stood and shouted "24ax over Pi". She had drool at the corner of her mouth and looked a bit disoriented.

The entire gym busted into a fit of laughter as she started looked around. Dazed and confused.

"24ax over PI!" I shouted as I blinked back into focus. Everyone was laughing and I looked to see that I had fallen asleep on the guy next to me, and that the principal was about to blow a blood vessel from anger. I rubbed the drool off and looked to the boy who was poking my leg,

"Go, you won an award." he whispered and I made my way down the stairs and to the podium where my new principal was smirking.

Yay for Re-Editing! Well, This is the end of the first and I shall continue writing again. I remembered when I started to write this, which was a good ten years ago, I was so proud of my work. I will admit that this is good, but now that I am a strong writer I want to finally finish this and hopefully have my own works published.

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