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:: Re-Cap::

At last, the stage director snapped her fingers and the doors flung open on cue, signaling everyone to move out. When the sound crew glanced over their shoulders, Satoshi was nowhere to be found

Nia's Point of View

"Class today we are finishing our paint job on our whistles so get everything set up while I finis-"

The door to the art room slammed shut and our attention averted from Ms. Gilbert, our sculpture teacher, to Satoshi who just walked into class, seemingly pissed. He strolled on over to Ms. Gilbert and gave her a note, then proceeded to sit down at the far end of the table, alone. As always. While everyone was finishing their painting of their whistles, mine looks like a long neck dinosaur that was purple with red eyes and a pair of sharp wings poking out of its back- the mouth of the whistle was under the creatures neck (Rather than the butt). Scary, I know, but still I was being rushed because I had missed so many days because of Izzy's breakdown so this was as good as I could get. I scanned the room, seeing the other varieties that were being done like dogs, ducks, and make-believe creatures and-...

My eyes glanced to the creation that Satoshi was working on and I just could not look away. His sculpture was a pure white whistle that was flat and rather circular with a blue swirl in the center with tiny holes placed all around it. My guess is that if he were to use it and cover certain holes, there were be different pitches. Cool!

"Wow Satoshi that's so beautiful! You're a true artist," I said, but my eye just couldn't seem to look away. Satoshi only nodded and said a low "thanks" then he continued painting not paying any attention what-so-ever to me.


:: Izzy's Point of View::

After such an awesome performance I had to go to my last class of the day, Gym. I know it's weird but let me explain; Gym was a subject that was required for all grades, regardless of grades and with there being no such thing as Recess, I really needed a way to blow some steam off.

"Hey," I said as I walked into the changing rooms only to see that no one was here. I knew I never got to Gym early so I made my way to the gym only to see that no one was there as well. The only thing other than me was a sign that said 'read me'. I made a quick dash over and opened it. Inside the simple white letter was 'look up'. On the ceiling, scrawled in messy letters was,

'Tick tock, the clock goes by. Can you find the bomb before it's time to die?'

"What the hell am I standing around here for? I need to leave, now." I looked around for the closest exit and dashed towards it. All the doors slammed and a loud 'CLICK' echoed through the gym just as I made it. I yanked as hard as I could only for the door to not give way to my attempts. My eyes traveled to all the other possible exits and guessed that they were locked as well.

"Hey!" I shouted to anyone, in case someone could hear. I pounded on the door and shouted a little bit louder but no matter how loud I was or how hard I pounded, no one seemed to come to my rescue. I could feel a panic attack come on until I heard a click of the intercom system.

"Attention all students, there appears to be a gas leak within the school by the Gym. Please follow proper emergency protocols and exit the building. School will no longer be in session for the remainder of the day." The voice was the infamous Mr. Hiwatari!

"Damn it Mr. Hiwatari! Let me out!" I slammed on the doors one last time.

I could hear all the screaming and panicking from the students and teachers. The sounds were getting farther and farther away from me and I knew no one was coming for me.

I bet this was all part of Mr. Hiwatari's plan…

The lights flickered on and off outside the door and within the gym, causing the echoes of everyone to hurry quicker. Great, just my luck. Everyone was so worried about saving their own ass that no one would bother to look for their students until much later.

'Okay, it was time for myself misery to end and time for my survival instincts to kick in. First, I have to assess the situation. I'm stuck in a gym with all the doors locked and there is a threatening note on the ceiling about a bomb and death. Two, I need to be calm and think. So, death is bad, yes, and if I died my friends and family would be sad, and that's bad too. Also, Mr. Hiwatari would get my company and possibly blow up the school. That is equally as bad because we are America, and no one is allowed to come here and start messing with us.' As I thought, I kept walking back and forth, my eyes slowly jumped from one area to another, scanning for anything that would pop out.

Then, an idea popped into my head and I walked over to the pulled out bleachers and climbed to the top, making my way to the edge by the wall. Just as I thought, there was a vent. Since I could not reach the vents that were high above on the ceiling, I remembered that there had to be vents lower to help improve circulation. The dusty cover of the vent was just caked in dust as I pried the damn piece from its place and started crawling.

Satoshi's POV:

After my father's bogus announcement, the electricity flickered and then went off and all my work that I have been doing since this morning was erased, I forgot to save.

I told you that you should have saved it...

"Shut up Krad," I took my glasses off and rubbed my nose. What was my father up to?

A gas leak? When I made my rounds I didn't remember anything suspicious over by the gym.

Maybe your father wanted everybody to leave so he could play Krad laughed and his reflection appeared on the monitor. His smile was something sinister and his eyes created a haze on my mind that was hard to shake. So I quickly stood up and made my way out the door. Something was not right. Little did I know that Krad knew more than he was sharing.

Normal POV

Izzy kept crawling through the vents, not sure if she was lost or on the right track. With each right or left turn she took, there was just more vents to crawl through. The feeling of claustrophobia started to set in and she hastened her movements. She had made the decision of the next vent cover she'd encounter, she'd kick the shit out of it and get out of here.

Krad's POV

I walked through the halls of the school with my hands in my pockets and my face set to bored. I had made sure that no one was around before I changed, which wasn't much of a problem because of Mr. Hiwatari. Satoshi had put up a good fight but it was no use, I always win. It seemed to me like Mr. Hiwatari was finally taking Ms. Brown seriously as an opponent; I just didn't think he was going to go at this so rash. I stopped in front of the gym and peaked through the little window on the door only to see no Izzy. I sighed and pulled a feather out from my buttoned down shirt and inserted it into the lock and turned. The door opened with just a push and my eyes had not deceived me. Izzy was no were in sight.

"Tsk, tsk tsk. I know someone's not going to be happy about this" I said with a smirk. I was hoping that Ms. Brown had escaped. She was becoming more fascinating with each passing encounter and I could feel the rush in my blood. I believed there are sayings for this type of hunt, the better the chase the sweeter the victory. Though, I'm not so sure of the outcome anymore.

There came a loud bang from above and as I looked up, the vent was beaten from its' place and down it popped, followed by a squeal of my prey. I held out my arms and caught Izzy easily.

Well, that was easy….

Normal Point of View

Izzy remembered that she had bashed in the first vent opening that she came upon with all her might. She remembered that she felt like everything was closing in which made her desperate to escape. What she did not remember was landing on the tile below. Izzy opened her eyes to see that she was, in fact, not on the floor but in a pair of strong warm arms. Her blissful and peace filled moment came crashing when the man holding her chuckled. That chuckle had been in her dreams and in her nightmares, followed by a pair of golden eyes. She looked up to the face only to confirm her worries, it was Krad.

"Hello Izzy, so glad of you to join us." Krad tried to hold on to the squirming Izzy but was having the hardest of times doing so. She kicked and shimmied and got her legs to touch the ground just long enough to try and pull away. Krad had no choice but to push Izzy against the wall of lockers with his body. He pinned her with his hips against hers, her arms by her sides and he laughed. Krad was enjoying this way too much than he usually should.

"Let me go Krad!" She tried lifting her arms but with all his weight, she was literally stuck between a rock and a hard place.

"Silence" said Krad as he banged his fist into a locker by her head which immediately shut her up. Whether out of fear or common sense, Izzy held her tongue due to the overly calm tone that he used, "I am going ask a simple question. Depending on what you answer will determine whether I let you go or kill you now."

Krad lifted his hand to her chin and lightly moved her face from side to side. His eyes danced down her body but never stayed in one place long enough to piss Izzy off. When he finally looked back at her, Izzy had stopped shivering and looked him square in the eye.

"What makes you so special?"

The simple question caught her off guard so much so that she just stared blankly at Krad for longer than necessary.

"…Wah," was all she could muster.

"Why are you, Izzy Brown, so important to everyone?" There wasn't room for there to be any jokes in his question. Krad was full-blown serious. Izzy had to think about it because if she was to say something that Krad didn't like, it might be the end of her life. Apparently she took too long because an annoyed growl came from his throat soon after.

"Well," Izzy cleared her throat, "I honestly don't know why. I can't answer such a question with full confidence but what I can say is that I never had a perfect home. My father was murdered when I was young, my mother and I are still trying to cope and survive, I'm in charge of a company that constantly gets me stressed and I don't let that stop me from living my life. I have friends that care for me because I care for them. If anything were to happen to either of us, we would have each other's backs. I do what I do because I want to, not just to be a better person. So Krad, I really don't live for myself anymore. No, I live through the love and support by those around me and that means I will fight to my last breath to protect them. I'm going to protect everyone from Mr. Hiwatari because I know he is up to something shady and you are connected with it." Izzy had grabbed a hold onto each of Krad's sleeves some time during her answer. Her grip wasn't shaky nor of fear. She was going to make Krad listen to what she had to say whether he liked it or not.

Krad noticed the reaction and with a smirk, slammed a palm onto the locker, attempting to make her flinch, and it worked. As she winced, Krad leaned in close to her ear. Such close contact brought an interesting shade of pink to Izzy's cheeks, and he took note of that and wanted to test it out more.

"Krad…" She tried to object to the close contact but her arms did not push him away nor bring him closer. Whatever she was about to say was lost when his breath touched her ear and she heard that low laugh of his.

"I've never noticed how much of a lady you are…" His voice trails and Izzy felt a hand caress her shoulder. "So soft, even though you wear such baggy men clothes. It's like a flower hiding in a patch of weeds." While one hand trailed up Izzy's side to the back of her neck and into her hair, the other slid around her waist to prove his point.

"Let me go. I answered your question." With her hands trapped between them she tried to push but to no avail.

Krad gave her no answer as his nose traced a line along her jaw and down her neck. He could feel her pulse and could tell she was just as affected by this as he was. It was when he gently leaned Izzy to the wall that she knew he won't stop anytime soon.

"K-Krad," she gasped in his ear when his fingers brushed bare skin that used to be covered by her shirt; due to the struggling had made her shirt rise a few inches. If to escape, then she would use fire with fire on Krad. After all, it wasn't as if she was unknown to such feelings. She had kissed guys before but she had never gone all the way before and with what Krad was doing to her, everything was stronger than with any guy Izzy had been with before. It was almost like magic.

At the mentioning of his name, Krad's eyes tore away from her pulse point to look Izzy in the eyes briefly just to see her flustered face. His smirk faltered at the sight and his attention was drawn down to her arms which were slowly rising up to touch the little triangle of skin shown from the two buttons opened on his dress shirt. When her arms linked around his neck and pulled him closer, he did not complain. It was when Izzy rose onto her tip-toes that Krad became more cautious of her motives. He had not expected such from the girl and it just seemed that this girl could surprise her any day of the week.

Izzy proceeded to rise on her toes until her face was almost level with Krad's. When she looked him in the eyes Krad could only note how half lidded they were and that her face was getting closer. Once their lips touched, it was as if the flood gates opened for the both of them. Her hands clasped onto the back of his neck and his grip pulled her impossibly close that from their knees to her chest, there wasn't enough room to stick a hair between.

Krad felt Izzy moan into the kiss as his hand slipped underneath her shirt to sprawl along her lower back; she even arched and tugged on his lip with her teeth. Just as he was about to go for her neck, his head stopped, but not of his own decision; something was holding him back literally. Izzy had placed a firm grip on to his ponytail and was pulling it tightly. Now was the best of times to figure out that playing with fire wasn't the best of choices because she was definitely burned from his touch.

"Oh, so soon? Things were just getting interesting" said Krad, that smirk was back on his face. He wiggled his fingers that were still under her shirt, which made her gasp and almost let go.

"Krad, stop it." She had to grit her teeth to resist her hormones, "or I'll rip your ponytail off and tie you up." She gave a slight tug to prove her point.

"Kinky." He winked but got the message because he retracted his hands from Izzy and stepped back. His arm extended out to show he was allowing her to leave.

Izzy nodded and ran away from Krad, with her cheeks red and her clothes messed up. She ran down the corridor and out of sight. Little did she know that as Krad watched her ass, one eye was blue and the other was gold.

Izzy's Point of View

What is wrong with me? I screamed mentally to myself. No sane person would dance on the blade by making out with a killer who could try to take your life!

I shook my head to rid it of the thoughts from earlier, unaware that her mind had already locked those private moments for her future daydreams.

He smelt so good….

I skid to a stop and held my head in my hands. These crazy thoughts HAD to stop. What I needed to do was leave. I didn't care about the bomb or Mr. Hiwatari, I just wanted to go home and hide under my covers, away from the world.

"Gurgle." Said my stomach, saying in its own language that it was hungry and that I wasn't going to do jack-shit until it had food. So I turned on my heel and ran to the cafeteria's vending machine.

"What to get, what, to, get?" I pondered to myself while looking at the snacks. There was salty stuff, sweet stuff and just plain random stuff. The deeper I pondered my choices; I neglected to sense another person in the café. It wasn't until I saw something in the reflection of the glass did I duck to avoid the oncoming object. Whatever was thrown, the glass of the vending machine shattered and rained over my shoulders and back.

"I'd say get the cookies but you are already sweet as it is." A female's voice came from behind made me jerk to look and see that it was none other than Catherine swinging multiple linked chains that had small knives on the ends of them. She looked beyond miffed as she tugged her weapon back from inside the vending machine.

"Catherine, what the hell?" I shook all the glass off of me and kept my eyes on her, walking off to the side, closer to the center of the café so I wouldn't be cornered. I knew there was a reason why I didn't like her! Catherine just smiled as suddenly her chains started to glow while she swung them.

"I was hoping for this, truly-truly." She giggled and her grip tightened on her chains, "I was so sad to hear you didn't stay in the gym. I thought my scary messages would make you breakdown, but I guess that was stupid of me, right?" Her heels clicked as she began to lazily circle me, "you have no idea how happy I was to hear that Mr. Hiwatari evacuated the school just for me. He really wants you out of the picture."

"I knew you were a bitch, I just didn't expect this much." I evaluated my situation as of this moment, the only protection I had was a switchblade while Catherine had her weird glowing chains. I looked screwed.

"Tut-tut, such language should never be uttered by a lady. Oh wait," her eyes flicked over my apparel and she laughed, "are you even a lady? You dress and look like a man that I wouldn't be surprised to find out that you're a lesbian."

I had half a mind to knock her out, lesbians are awesome.

"Shouldn't you be in the kitchen making me a sandwich?" I bit my lip to try and hide my smile but that seemed to fail miserably because a snort came out. That comment enraged Catherine and she took a swinging chain and slung it in my general direction. I dodged by leaning back and planting my hands on the floor, pulling off a successful "bridge". I kicked off of the ground and pushed with my hands until I was right side up. By doing so I missed Catherine swinging her chained-knives by an inch and saw as the ends of my hair fell to the ground. Now that's what I called sharp…

"Stop moving and let me kill you!"

"Not no but hell-no! I just got away from Krad-"As soon as I mentioned his name, her weapons ceased motion and landed tip first into the ground.

"Krad's here?" Catherine swooned with her hands clasped in front of her, "oh I just can't wait to kill you and show him. Maybe then he'll go out with me."

Out of nowhere I threw a Twinkie at her head to get her to come back to Earth which was probably not the best of things for me to do.

"Are you kidding me?" I shout more in rage and a slight bit out of jealously.

"Krad's just playing hard to get, Catherine. Don't worry about it. When we get rid of this brat Mr. Hiwatari will praise you and then all spot light will upon you. Krad won't ignore you then…" She said to more to herself than to Izzy.

"This will boil your pot then." I laughed, "because I just sucked faces with him and he didn't seem to complain one bit, looks like he isn't interested in you."

The look on Catherine's face was of utter hatred as she tugged her weapons free and swung with full intent to kill.

"How dare you say such a thing! He would never kiss such garbage! He's mine!" The last part was screamed so loud that I thought I saw the glass shake.

I really wish I didn't look at the glass because Catherine's chains wrapped around my legs, chest and neck causing me to fall and land on my knees. All of chains had knives that sank deep within my skin so that if I moved, more blood would ooze from the wounds.

"You disgust me Izzy. It's a shock that such filth could have friends and a company. You are not deserving of such attention or my time." As she walked closer, her chains began to glow brighter and her smile grew darker. A sudden pain surged through my body and I screamed.

"Now Izzy, I know it hurts but you deserve every bit of this. Your pain will slow and painful thanks to all the trouble you cause." To prove her point, she yanked on her chains and the knives dug deeper causing my scream to get louder.

"Now I might stop if you say 'I'm the scum of the Earth who has no right to kiss Catherine's shoes' go on, if you say it I will make your death swift."

My head hung low from the constant pain I was feeling. I only looked up once at her just to spit blood on her pretty white dress. God I hate that dress.

"You, whore!" Catherine backhands me and I'm sent to the ground. All I see from over the swelling cheek was that Catherine was raising her leg to kick me and then all went black and silent.

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