Chapter 18

"…And so, with the love of the Father backing you up, Eliza, we here by welcome you into the world of casework." The large celebration hall erupted into applause as the archangel Clara completed her dedication speech to the young angel standing down on the dance floor with her mother and Andrew.

It hadn't taken Eliza long to recover from her stay in the hospital and now she had made a full and complete revival. Her initiation party was well under way by now and Monica couldn't help but glow with pride at her daughter's accomplishments. Eliza was a caseworker, and she had plenty to teach her, but she knew it wouldn't be long before her daughter followed in her footsteps and became the best caseworker the force had ever seen. Several of Monica's closest friends had approached and introduced themselves as well as welcomed the young teenager into the business, saying they were so glad to see her well again and that they were sure she would grow up to be as good as her mother, if not better.

But it was just then, as Clara was stepping down from the microphone and Tess and the band began the music that Raphael happened to approach them. He nodded a brief acknowledgement to Andrew before offering his hand to Eliza to dance and flashing Monica a quick, questioning glance. "Monica, with your permission?" He proposed hopefully as the new caseworker then turned to her mother as well for the okay. But Monica only smiled gladly at Raphael and nodded her approval before Raphael then lead her daughter further out onto the dance floor and the two began to sway softly to the song Live Heaven, which was currently playing by the band with Tess on lead vocal.

Monica and Andrew watched them go with proud smiles upon their angelic features before Andrew then turned Monica with that mischievous glimmer behind his eyes that Monica had seen so many times before. But before he asked her what she knew he was going to ask her, he inched closer to her without saying a word and they shared one long, passionate kiss filled with more love than either of them ever thought possible. God always had a way of turning the saddest of circumstances into the most wonderful.

They pulled apart after one long moment and, without drawing back, and without a word said between them, Andrew held Monica's hand at his chest and with the other tenderly encircling her waist, they danced where they were, thoughts of the future, their child running wildly through their minds as they realized they no longer knew anything but love for one another.


Author's note: This story is dedicated to all those lovely shipper fans just like me, who waited so patiently for this story to be written and I promise, I will not disappoint with the sequels. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned!