Afflictions of the Heart


This idea came out of nowhere, and I want to write it down before the muse for it goes away. Also I don't have a writer's block in my other stories, it's just that I reached a certain point in them where I just don't seem to know what to type.


When Syaoron Li, the popular guy, is dared to ask out Sakura Kinomoto the nerd, he does. She flat out refused. So now that his rep. is ruined, he pranks her and her friends, what he didn't expect to start a prank war. Especially when Sakura gets a makeover…


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Prologue: Refusal

Syaoron Li approached the nerd smoothly. He looked around making sure that people where watching this.

"Syaoron, I dare you to ask out the nerd, Sakura Kinomoto out on a date, when she's positive that you love her… Break her heart…"

That was a light dare for Eriol. Eriol was the kind of person who gave dares that were flat out embarrassing. Like streaking through the hall, during the break between classes, or take those pair of underwear that you always get from some relative, that looks horrifying, and putting it up on the flagpole.

So this dare was easy…

Syaoron looked at the girl. Sakura Kinomoto, she looked ugly, which was a pretty hard concept, considering her mother, Nadeshiko Kinomoto was a world wide model. Everyone knew Nadeshiko Kinomoto, and wanted to have one of her famous traits, like her velvety, black hair, that waved down her back, her hourglass figure, her beautiful complexion, her oval face, or her breathtaking emerald eyes. (Even contact lenses didn't have that beautiful emerald shade.)

Sakura almost got none. Sure, she got the complexion, and perhaps, if you got through ALL those clothes that hung loose on her body, the figure. Maybe if you removed her thickly rimmed glasses she might have her mother's emerald eyes, but that's it, and most of them were assumptions. Instead of her mother's hair, she had whatever colored hair that she wore in a ponytail and hid under a cap. Actually no one knew her real hair color, or if it had those curls that her mother's had, and frankly, who wanted to find out?

Syaoron put his hand on the cold surface of the locker next to Sakura, making a bang. She turned around and stared him straight in the eye. Yep, emerald eyes.

"Yes?" Syaoron almost frowned at her tone. It sounded that she didn't care that he was the most popular guy, or the hottest.

"Would you like to go out with me tonight?"

"Let me think about it?" the girl tapped her chin thoughtfully, in an almost mockingly way. "No."

Syaoron was astounded. Why in the world didn't that girl want to date him? He almost growled as he heard laughter from someone laughing nearby, "I'm sorry. Perhaps I didn't hear you right. You said no?"

"You heard me right," the girl shut her locker, "I don't want to go out with you, now please move, I have to go to class."

The girl went off to the direction of the biology classroom, leaving Syaoron astounded.

Syaoron stared dumbly at the girl. He could fully hear the laughter and the whispery voices of people already gossiping about his refusal. He knew that before the day was through, his reputation as the heartthrob, that had no one EVER refuse a date from him, would be gone. In it's place will be the former heartbreaker that got his refused bya nerd. He stared at the small figure at the distance.

"Sakura Kinomoto," he whispered in a deadly way, "I will find a way to get revenge for this. Just watch your back."


Okay, so there it is. From the looks of it, I'm portraying Syaoron as a cold-hearted bastard that's temperamental, and Sakura as a smart, non-naïve girl that everyone loves. Also, I'm sorry to say this, but I just turned on my computer this time, and saw that EVERY file I had on my computer, my favorites, music files, new chapters, WHERE ERASED. I'll try to update before Martin Luther King's Day though.