Afflictions of the Heart


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Honey, I'm Itching for You

An auburn haired teenager paced back and forth, holding a pointing stick in her hand, "think Tomoyo! I'm not letting him get away with this!" She slammed the pointing stick hard in the palm of her hand. Sakura seemed too caught up with revenge that she didn't wince.

Tomoyo's eyes were the size of dots as she looked at Sakura's board that had a very complicated diagram on it. Why in the world did Sakura have to be so smart? "Sakura, I really think that you should calm down," she said the words slowly.

"Calm down?" Sakura turned those blazing emerald to her best friend, "he's going to keep pranking me! He won't stop, and if we prank him back we might have a chance to survive and dodge humiliation!"

"Sakura! This is not war!"

"Oh, come on Tomoyo, don't tell me that you don't want revenge," Sakura said, giving Tomoyo her puppy eyes.

The smoky-black haired girl tried to turn away, but couldn't, "fine, can you just please tell me what the chart says though?"

Sakura smiled and turned the pointer towards the board and started explaining.

"Okay, class, Winter Break is OVER!" the English teacher, Azukei-sensei said, "This is my first English class with you after break, so get back into gear. Li, get that smirk off your face!"

Azukei-sensei always seemed to hate Syaoron ever since fifth grade for no particular reason.

Sakura watched from the back of the room as Tomoyo slyly put in itching powder in Syaoron's shirt. She poured a whole lot in.

"Li is there anything wrong with you?" the teacher turned around after hearing Syaoron scratching like crazy."

Syaoron gritted his teeth as he stopped for a moment, "no sensei, can I please go to the bathroom?"

"It is may Li, may, where in the world are your grammar skills?"

Syaoron almost glared at the teacher then stopped, "MAY I please go to the bathroom?"

"No," the teacher replied automatically, "lunch was two minutes prior from now, you could have gone at lunch, I'm sure you can hold it."

The teacher went back to writing about adverbial phrases on the board as Syaoron continued to itch.

Sakura snickered gleefully, and then stopped as Syaoron glared at her, as if he JUST realized it.

The auburn haired girl stopped and pretended to be jotting down notes, and then looked at Li as if to say, 'what?'

Sakura went back to looking at the board, although she could feel Syaoron's heated glare on the top of her head.

"Li stop scratching and answer the question!" Sakura hid a smirk as Azukei-sensei stopped Syaoron's glaring sessions.

Li looked at the teacher with dotted eyes as he attempted to stop scratching momentarily, which would be hard since Tomoyo got the best brand, "Uh, the preposition is…"

"WRONG!" the teacher shouted, putting her hands up.

Syaoron stared dumbly at the teacher, "but I didn't answer!"

"Fine," the teacher snapped, "tell me what's the etymology of the word preposition?"

Syaoron looked at his textbook, and then opened his mouth to answer. "Uh…Latin?"

The teacher put her face in her hands, "you didn't give me the word it originated from."

Sakura enjoyed this ongoing question and answer thing, as did the rest of the class since it was rather time consuming.

"Uh, preponitial?"

"That's not even a word in any language!" the teacher stared at Syaoron, then turned her gaze to her best student, "Sakura can you please tell him the answer?"

Sakura smiled and recited, "Preposition comes from the Latin word, 'preponere.' Something we ALL learned in sixth grade, I guess Li-san skipped that lesson."

Azukei-sensei smiled at Sakura, with relief, while Syaoron glared at her.

"Li! If you can't stop scratching, why in the world did you even bother coming to class?" the teacher said strictly, while discreet snickers where heard throughout the class.

Syaoron, who gave up at trying to glare at everyone that snickered, said through gritted teeth, "because I wasn't scratching when I came into class, I think someone put something in my back…Namely Kinomoto-san."

The teacher raised an eyebrow, "oh, so you're saying that a girl, that's more than a yard away somehow stood up and put itching powder in your shirt? Tell me Ms. Kinomoto, did you put anything in Mr. Li's shirt?"

The emerald eyed girl feigned innocence as she said, "Why, Azukei-sensei, I'm appalled that you could accuse me of this, I didn't do anything. Li-san is just trying to avoid detention."

The teacher smiled as she pulled out a pink slip from her drawer and wrote something hastily on it, she smiled wickedly as she walked down to Syaoron's desk and placed it there, "ah, a record made by Li Syaoron, the first person ever to get a detention in my class directly after Winter Break," students where outright laughing now at Syaoron's dispense, "…anyone want to join him?"

The snickers stopped as the English teacher stared them all down.

Something dawned in Syaoron as he said, while discreetly scratching, "…but Azukei-sensei, if you give me a detention, I'll miss the basketball practice, and the team can't practice without their team leaded!"

The sensei covered her forehead with her hand, "You should have though about that before you scratched to deliberately waste class time!"


"I'm sorry Li, but you have the detention, deal with it!"

Syaoron reluctantly stopped, the teacher, knowing victory went back to the board writing some more about different kinds of phrases.


The bell rang, much to the student's relief as everyone hurried out, Sakura took notice that Syaoron stayed behind.

As the auburn-haired girl swung her satchel over her shoulder, and looked up, she found herself lost yet AGAIN in those hypnotic amber eyes, why couldn't they just be brown?


Sakura broke the gaze at the sound of Syaoron's hand slamming against the desk hard; he gave her a steely glare, "I know that you put itching powder in me."

"Li, I'm appalled that you, an honor student, would assume that I could walk from my seat and put itching powder in your shirt when 1. I wouldn't dream of touching you, 2. There would be witnesses and people would have vouched for you, and 3. I was taking notes…"

After Sakura's brief conversation, she turned around and walked out of the classroom.


"I can't believe that Kinomoto girl, who does that nerd think she is?" Syaoron questioned his cousin, Hiragizawa as he walked out of detention.

"Let's see, somehow smart enough to prank you perhaps?"

Syaoron looked at the hallway's clock '4:32' it read, "and now I'm going to be past late for practice, I'm gonna kill that girl!"

The athlete dashed down the hallway and took a turn, as he pushed open a door, which was part of his shortcut, honey poured over him.

With the sticky liquid obscuring his vision, Syaoron blindly and reached over, and pulled the bucket. Again, another liquid spilled over him, freezing cold water.

"This is war Kinomoto!" Syaoron growled under his breath as he walked, or rather squeaked over to the showers.

He was to blind by his fury to notice two girls giggling behind a corner.


Yuri will happen somewhere probably in a couple more chapters. Anyways, Syaoron is going to be an athlete, and on the honor roll.

Also, I hid a spoiler in this chapter to show what will happen in the later chapters.