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"Yo, Danny!"

Daniel Fenton, king of Casper high turned and grinned at Dash Baxter, his best friend since seventh grade. "Dash my man!" They banged there knuckles together and patrolled the halls of the school.

"So," said Dash, twirling a football in his hands. "Who're you going to the dance with? Paulina?"

Danny faked a sigh. "I dunno. She keeps on going on about this Phantom kid." He inwardly smiled. Paulina was obsessed with him, whether she knew it or not.

Dash turned to him. "Who do ya think is hot? You could date anybody." He thought for a second. "Well, maybe not Manson."

Danny stopped. "Manson? Who's she?"

Dash continued to twirl the ball. Danny stared at it irritatedly. "This goth chick. She's all individual." Dash used his fingers to make air-quotes. "Remember? The one you called the veggie-girl."

Danny nodded. He still had the scar from that incident. "I think I'll go check her out."

Dash dropped the ball. "Are you joking? She's like killer."

Danny grinned and walked away. I've had worse.

He couldn't know how wrong he was.


Sam Manson was not a morning person. Her friends knew not to bug her in the morning if they lied the shape their face currently was.

Today was particularly bad. She had slept in and woken up to a Justin Timberlake song. It had taken her fifteen minutes to find her boots, which her mom had hidden and she had missed the bus. Nothing could make her morning worse.

Tucker walked up to her as she struggled with her locker. "Bad morning?"

"Stupid locker, with it's freaking lock that won't fking open!" She kicked the locker. The upside was that it opened immeadiately. The bad part was that all her books spilled out. "ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!"

Danny walked up just then. He stood aside and watched Sam pick up her many books and papers that had spilled out of her locker. A smirk played along his lips. "Are you always this clumsy in the morning?"

A very hard History textbook met his face.

Tucker grimaced. "Sorry dude. She's not good in the mornings."

Danny was irate. "What the heck is your problem?" His eyes flashed green.

Sam stood up and met him eye to eye. "I don't want to be messed with. I want you gone." She said from between her teeth. Her glare could light a match.

Danny sneered. "And what if I want to stay?"

"Then you're going to have a lot more damage done." Sam packed up and slammed her locker shut. A thud against the door told her after class she would be met with another mess. She turned her anger on Danny, her closest target. "Why are you here, anyway? We hate you."

Danny glared t her and then gave her a nice, easy smile. "I wanted to get to know you guys better. Is that such a crime?"

Sam snorted. "That may work on lancer but it won't work on me."

Tucker started laughing.

"What?" they both demanded.

"Your faces (laughing) are, like (more laughing) two centimeters apart." He then collapsed to the ground hooting.

They turned to see he was right. It looked as if they were about to kiss. Sam turned red and stormed off to her first class with Tucker trailing after her, still laughing.

Danny glared at the crowd that had gathered. "What're you looking at?" He then stormed off in the opposite direction. He had just met the last girl he would ever date.


"I HATE him! He's so self-centered and conceited. 'And what if I want to stay?'" Sam mimicked in a nasally voice.

Tucker stared at her. "I think you like him."

Sam flipped her hair over her shoulder and continued to annotate in her text as Mr. Lancer looked over. "Yeah, right."

Tucker felt a slow smile spread over his face. "No, I really think you do. You haven't stopped talking about him since this morning. How else could he get to you like this?"

The bell rang, signaling the end of the day. Sam rolled her eyes. "Tucker, if there is one thing I can promise you, it is this. I will never, ever date Danny Fenton."

"Hey, where are you going?" Tucker called after her.

"I need to play." She called over her shoulder.


People do many things to relieve emotional stress. Sam played basketball. She would never join a school team, but she would play whenever days like this one happened. The court she went to was in a lot. It had a basket with a metal chain, and nobody watched her or bothered her when she played there.

"Stupid, annoying, jerk.." Sam muttered to herself as she dribbled the ball. The rhythm calmed her, but she was still seething. "…annoying, dirty, Pig!" She yelled as she made the shot. It rebounded off the back board and bounced away behind her.

Sam walked forward and leant her head against the metal pole. "Ugggghhhh.."


Sam's eyes shot open. No…please….Anyone but..

Danny walked over to her and stopped when he saw who it was. "Oh, god…."

Sam turned to him and shoved herself in his face. "Tucker told you I was here, didn't he?"

Danny gave her a confused look. "No, my house is a block away. Your ball nearly rolled into the street." He stopped. "Why would he?"

Sam snatched the ball away from him and turned back to the basket. "He was acting stupid in class today." She dribbled and made the shot. It dropped in perfectly.

Danny raised an eyebrow. " I didn't really think of you as the athletic type."

"Just because I don't where a letterman jacket everywhere doesn't mean I can't play." She picked up her bag and started wlking away with the ball.

Danny ran to catch up with her. "Why are you still following me?", she demanded.

"Oh, I don't know, maybe the fact my house is in this direction?" Danny snapped.

"You really hate me. Why are you following me around? Wouldn't our lives be so much easier if you just stayed away?" Sam demanded. She quickened her pace.

"Maybe if you weren't so awful everyone's life would be easier." Danny said, matching his pace with hers.

Sam snarled, "You're such a jerk!"

"Hey Sam!"

"Oh, hi Jazz." Sam stopped dead in her tracks and looked from Jazz to Danny. "Oh no…You're his sister."

"Guilty as charged. Why?" Jazz said, standing on the Fenton family stoop.

"Maybe you can tell him to back off, because he certainly isn't listening to me." Sam stormed off.

Jazz raised an eyebrow at Danny. "What did you do?"

Danny looked after her. "That jerk! She's so snobby and rude. I hate her."

Jazz smiled slightly. "You're getting this worked up over a girl you barely know?"

"Yeah! I mean, all I have to do is make a remark about her spilling her books, and she throws a book at me! A heavy book!"

Jazz smirked. "I think you like her."

"Yeah, when heck freezes over. I swear, I'm not coming within a hundred mile radius of her, ever." He walked into the house.

Jazz grinned and followed him. Yeah, he definitely liked her. She couldn't wait to see how this unfolded.