As Dash turned the corner, still fuming about Danny's desertion, he ran into Paulina

As Dash turned the corner, still fuming about Danny's desertion, he ran into Paulina.

She looked up at him through a thick fringe of lashes. "So… what'd the freak do?" She asked, standing directly in his path.

Dash felt the anger in his chest harden. "He didn't care, Paulina." He pushed passed her and down the hallway. Paulina tripped over her heels to keep up. "I told you he wouldn't care. That kid is whipped."

"Paulina stopped him short. "No, he isn't." She hissed. "That boy is mine."

"Well, what do you want me to do, Paulie?" Dash said, using her hated nickname. The students around them were giving them a wide berth and hurrying by. "Beat him up? Beat her up? There's nothing I can do. They are going to stick together, like stupid kids." Dash turned and walked away.

"Wait!" He turned as Paulina sauntered towards him. The look on her face reminded him of Mr. lancer's before he gave a pop quiz. He shuddered with fear. "I know exactly how to handle them. What is it they say?.." She walked by and brushed his shoulder with her hand. "… Divide and conquer?" She beckoned to him, but didn't look back, heading for the athletic office.

Dash felt a chill run down his back, but hurried after her. This was one girl that he would rather be on the right side of.


As Sam changed quickly into her red and white (ugh) uniform, her actions echoed in the room. I'm late. Damn. She struggled with the silky jersey and then heard the gentle plop of paper hitting hard ground. She peeked her head out of her jersey.

On the floor was a white envelope with her name scrawled on it. Curious, she untangled her arms and opened it. Inside was a terse message in block letters.





Sam overlooked the letter. She considered stopping in the gym, but looked at the clock and saw it was only 3:55. After pausing a second, Sam shrugged. She couldn't leave Mrs. Sawyer waiting and the rest of the team was probably already there.

She hurried out the door and away from the gym, towards the athletic office.


"Mrs. Sawyer!"

Mrs. Sawyer looked away from the drills she had her team playing as warm up before the big game. "Dash! Get off the court! We have a game soon!"

"But, Mrs. Sawyer," he said, his chin quivering with feigned fear. "I was outside your office, and I heard screams. It sounded like Manson."

Mrs. Sawyer huffed and jogged out of the gym. "I knew that girl was trouble…. Never should have…"

Dash winked at the team as he jogged out behind her. The girls on the basketball team giggled and started whispering to each other. Anything to get that stupid Goth off the team, right? And even if they felt bad, who could say no to Dash?


"Mrs. Sawyer?... Hello?" Sam swung the door to the empty office open. There was silence and darkness. Weird. "Hello?" Sam found the switch and flicked it.

She gasped as she saw Paulina, standing there with her hair mussed and her eyes red and swollen. "So you made it." Paulina sneered. She was sitting on the desk, allowing crocodile tears to run over your cheeks.

"Paulina?" Sam asked, worried. She took a couple steps towards Paulina. "Are you okay?" She looked around. 'Where's Mrs. Sawyer?"

"You think you can go in anywhere and taken what's yours?" Paulina asked in a low deadly voice. "He wasn't yours." She walked towards Sam in a slow, loping gait. "How dare you take what's mine, you bitch?" And with that, Paulina slapped Sam with all her might.

Sam gasped in shock. "Paulina, what the hell do you think you're doing? I don't want to pick a fight with you." She pushed Paulina out of arm's length.

Paulina came forward again, directly in Sam's face. "So you wanted to be like the rest of us, Goth girl?" She forced Sam back. "You wanted to know what if felt like to have people notice you. Too bad you never did. Danny and I were talking about it the whole time." She snickered.

Sam went cold. "What?... What are you talking about?"

Paulina smiled and put her hands on her hips. "Your website? Danny and I submitted the pictures. He would tell me all the funny things you did, like actually trying to play basketball." Sam flinched. "And blushing when you were around him and attempting to flirt." Paulina laughed. "As if. As if you pathetic little thing could attract anything. No figure, ugly face," Paulina grabbed Sam's ponytail. "Even your hair-"

Sam shoved her away as hard as she could. "Get AWAY FROM ME!!"

Paulina hit the desk hard, knocking over some books, just as Mrs. Sawyer entered the room.

Mrs. Sawyer stood shocked. "Sam?" She asked, her eyes getting wider as she stared at the clearly enraged teenager.

Paulina broke down into sobs. 'Mrs. Sawyer, thank goodness you're here." Tear ran down her face in rivers. Dash ran in to help her to her feet. "Sam just pulled me into this room as I was walking to my locker and started hitting me and yelling at me to stop stealing her boyfriend." Paulina fought to breathe over her sobs. "I didn't do anything and she starts hitting me and yelling at me." Paulina choked and clearly couldn't go on.

Dash interjected, pulling Paulina close, "It's true, Mrs. Sawyer! I've seen Manson pushing Paulina around in the hallways." Paulina sobbed loudly for effect.

Mrs. Sawyer turned a stony face to Sam. "Well, Ms. Manson?"

Sam had frozen. "Mrs. Sawyer… You can't believe this. I've never touched that witch in my life… I come in here, and she started beating me-"

"That's enough, Ms Manson." Mrs. Sawyer said. "I won't tolerate any of my athletes fighting." She walked over and patted Paulina on the head, not taking her eyes off Sam. "Take her to the nurse's office." She told Dash. "As for you, ms. Manson. You are suspended until further notice. You will not be playing in today's game or in any other game at this school. Do I make myself clear?" Without waiting for an answer, she briskly walked out the office.

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