Don't Let Your Guard Down
chapter 40

i'm gonna cry...this is the last chapter!! it's what you have all been waiting for...whats gonna happen with gigi and sirius? what about lily and james? will anything happen between remus and kacie? will the group go their seperate ways? READ TO FIND OUT!!

just so you know...gigi isn't your average girl. she's used to being a player kind of girl. guy after guy, date after date, sex after sex (lol). she freaked out when she heard that sirius loved her because she never thought she would fall in love...and that scared her. a whole hell of a lot! sirius hurt her several years ago and she thinks that if she falls in love, she'll end up hurt in the end just like the first time...she doesn't want to let her guard down. but don't worry...i'm not gonna have them break up over that. that would be a little pathetic. keep reading to find out what will happen!

disclaimer: this is the last chapter...please tell me you know who i'm not


"You did what?!" Sirius screamed later that night.

"Okay, I know this sounds bad but…" James trailed off.

"Well duh it sounds bad!" Sirius cried out. "You fuckin told my girlfriend I loved her…and she bolted."

"I didn't mean to blurt it out!" James burst out. "I assumed you did the right thing."

"Don't ever assume that!" Sirius exclaimed.

"So wait, let me get this straight," Remus said slowly. He turned to Sirius. "You know how to use the word 'love?'"

Sirius threw a book at him. "Shut up. Obviously I never should have opened by mouth and used the word 'love.' My life was going a lot better when I was a Cassonova player. I think I'm gonna go back to that life."

"Oh yeah, because that's such a satisfying life," Peter said, rolling his eyes.

"Sirius Black was never intended to use the word 'love' and now we all see why," Sirius said with a groan. He got up from his bed and paced back and forth. "Actually, this is a good thing."

"See! I didn't screw it up. This is a good thing," James said and then paused. "Wait, how is this a good thing?"

"Well Gigi is avoiding me," Sirius said. "So it won't make it very hard for me to avoid her."

"With one day left, you're gonna avoid her?" Remus questioned.

"Why not?" Sirius said. "It's been working so far."

"Oh really? Because I think that when you avoided her, James ended up telling her you loved her," Remus pointed out. "Not such a great track record."

"You aren't helping me Moony," James hissed.

"Oh you can't be helped in any way," Sirius said. "You are dead."

"I would say that's a little harsh," James said. "But I definitely deserve it for what I did."

"A slow painful death," Sirius said slowly.

"Okay, now that's starting to sound harsh…" James said, obviously a little worried.

"Where your head comes rolling off your body," Sirius said. "And you end up castrated."

"Okay, let's talk about ponies and rainbows," James suggested.

"Where ponies eat you alive," Sirius added.

"Okay, I'm starting to think that you're serious," James said.

Sirius stopped pacing and glared at him.

"Yup, I'm a dead man," James whispered.

"I screwed up this relationship beyond a point where it definitely cannot be saved," Sirius said with a sigh.

"Oh c'mon. That's not true," Remus said. "Using the word 'love' shouldn't be this big of a problem."

"My girlfriend freaked out when James told her I loved her," Sirius said. "If she could leave the Hogwarts grounds, I'm sure she'd be halfway home right now."

"Sirius, and I say this with love," Remus started. "You are such a moron."

"How is calling me a moron, saying it with love?" Sirius said.

"I'm not sure," Remus said. "But let's get back to the point."

"That I'm a moron?"

"Exactly," Remus said. "First of all, you should have told Gigi before anyone else that you love her. But obviously it's too late for that." James cowered as Sirius gave him an evil glare. "Just go find Gigi. Just talk to her. You don't have to bring up the whole 'love' subject. Just go talk to her like it used to be before all of this happened."

Sirius thought about what his friend just said. "But it's so awkward between us right now. I don't know if either one of us can just ignore what has happened and go back to how things used to be."

"Okay, well then I have another idea," Remus said. "Tell her yourself that you love her and don't ignore the subject."

"You have some of the worst ideas I've ever heard," Sirius said, sighing and leaning up against his bedpost. "I'm just gonna pray that I die before tomorrow."

"Oh yeah because that's a better idea than the ones I had," Remus retorted, rolling his eyes.

Sirius sighed and walked over to the windowsill and sat on it, heaving another sigh as he plopped down in the corner. He looked out of the window and noticed Gigi leaning against a tree. She looked so cute as she sat there reading a letter in the comfort of the shade. He smiled a little to himself realizing that he could just watch her all day doing something as simple as reading to herself, and that just confirmed his belief that he knew that he really did love her…he just wished his best friend didn't already tell her.

Lily glanced up from her magazine and gazed at her two best friends. Gigi was sitting on the floor painting her toenails bright red while Kacie was sprawled on the couch reading some book she picked up from Lily's shelf.

"Who names the crayons?" Lily questioned.

Both Kacie and Gigi looked up from what they were doing and just stared.

"Ya know, like the crayon called forest green or midnight blue. Who decides what midnight blue is? To me, midnight would describe black, not blue," Lily said.

"You've been hanging out with Sirius far too long," Kacie concurred.

Lily laughed. "Sorry, I'm reading an article that just said the girl had midnight blue eyes which got me thinking about that color which made me think about crayons which…" Lily trailed off as Gigi and Kacie started giggling at how stupid she sounded. "Oh shut up. School's out, I don't need to explain my thinking process to you."

"What thinking process?" Gigi snickered.

Lily grabbed her magazine and threw it in Gigi's direction. Gigi laughed and then paused. "What about that new color, Caribbean green? How can we be sure that that color truly is the color of the Caribbean?"

Kacie glanced up at Lily and all three girls burst into laughter. "It's sad that our brains are so full of information from the NEWT's that we have to resort to talking about crayon colors," Kacie said with a giggle.

Gigi sighed, putting the cap on her nail polish and admiring her toenails. She looked up from the floor and said, "We'll still have lots of talks like this even after we graduate, right?"

"I can almost guarantee that talks about crayons will not come up that often after we graduate," Lily teased.

Gigi threw the magazine at her with a laugh. "I meant just all of us hanging out together talking about whatever's on our minds."

"Of course," Lily assured her. "If I can't talk to you guys about what's on my mind, I may go crazy."

"Will we have to listen to more boring stories about James?" Kacie joked. "Because if so, I'm moving far far away."

It was Kacie's turn to get the magazine thrown at her…along with a pillow. Kacie laughed. "I'm just kidding. When I marry my doctor, I need you both there."

"You getting married?" Gigi asked with raised eyebrows. "I wouldn't miss that for the world…mostly because you'll be standing at the altar alone."

The girls all turned to the entrance as a loud commotion erupted from the portrait hole. "Don't worry girls," James said with a grin, showing up in front of the girls and putting his hands on her hips. "The men are here."

Gigi stretched her neck to look around James and Remus. "Behind you?" Gigi teased.

James stuck his tongue out at him. "Just proving her point honey," Lily said with a laugh.

Remus came out from behind James and sat down on the arm of the couch. "What are you guys talking about?"

"Crayons," Kacie said.

"Oh c'mon," James said. "You don't have to come up with a lame excuse to cover up that you were really talking about us."

Lily, Gigi, and Kacie all exchanged looks and burst out laughing. "So what do you think about the color midnight blue?" Lily asked her boyfriend who plopped down on a chair right beside her.

James shrugged. "That anybody who thinks about it has way too much time on their hands."

Lily turned to Kacie. "I think it's his turn."

And three seconds later, James was whacked with a magazine.

Lily snuggled closer to James as he tightened his grip around her shoulders. Lily couldn't believe that she wouldn't be seeing James every day after tomorrow like she was able to do at Hogwarts.

James kissed Lily on the forehead. "I can't believe we leave this place tomorrow," James whispered, afraid that if he said it any louder it would actually be true.

Lily smiled up at her boyfriend, knowing he was having the same thoughts she was. "No Twister, no hamburger eating contests, no hanging out with you guys for hours on end-"

"No watching Sirius attempt to flirt with McGonagall to get out of doing homework," James said with a snicker.

"No watching how surprised he is when he actually does well on an exam," Lily noted.

"Or how surprisd we are," James said with a laugh.

Lily laughed along with him and then looked up at James with sincerity in her eyes. "What do you think's gonna happen to us? To the group? To everyone?" Lily asked, not sure if she wanted to know the answer.

"Well," James started, rubbing Lily's shoulder a little bit, "You and I are going to be just fine. We don't have to be together every day to make our relationship work. As for the group, hopefully we'll all live close enough that getting together and hanging out like old times won't be a problem. I know Remus, Sirius, and I have discussed getting a flat or moving into the place that Sirius has now. And as for everyone else...hopefully Snape will fall down a well, Dumbledore will continue being Headmaster, and McGonagall won't party too hard after Sirius graduates."

Lily burst out laughing, happy that James could always put her in a good mood. "All you want for Snape is for him to fall down a well?"

"Well, what I really want is a little too vulgar and frankly, I don't want you knowing just how much of a dark side I have," James teased, pushing a strand of hair out of Lily's face and tucking it behind her ears.

Lily grinned, thinking back to what James said before. "So you believe that we'll all stay friends?"

"I believe that we are all inseperable now so why would anything change?" James asked. "And there's still letters and floo powder if someone has to move away."

"That's true," Lily murmured. "Anyone who doesn't want to remain friends with the group wasn't really our friend in the first place."

"Exactly," James said with a shrug.

Lily scrunched down on the couch and put a pillow in James' lap, placing her head on the pillow and smiling up at James who was now stroking her hair. She gazed at the door that led to her room and then turned her attention to the door that led to James' room and sighed, wishing that she could always be that close physically to her boyfriend. Lily entwined her fingers with James and tried pushing thoughts of post-graduation out of her head.

"Oh my god! I can't believe we are officially not gonna be apart of Hogwarts in twenty minutes!!" Kacie shrieked, giving Lily the biggest hug she's ever given. She looked around in the throngs of people but didn't see Gigi anywhere. "Where the hell is Gigi? She should be celebrating with us!"

"Probably avoiding Sirius," Lily mumbled. "She's getting pretty good at it."

"I don't get it," Kacie said. "It's so obvious that she loves him. Why can't she just admit it to herself?"

"And most importantly, admit it to Sirius," Lily muttered and then shook her head.

"Group photo!" Remus cried out, putting his arms around Lily and Kacie and pressing the button.

"Where are the rest of your buddies?" Kacie asked.

"Probably taunting the professors," Remus said. "They only have another few hours to do so."

"I bet Sirius squeezes another detention in before we go out into the real word," Lily said with a laugh.

"I bet he gets two detentions before we leave," Kacie said, laughing along with Lily.

"Why do the professors keep running away when I walk up to them?" Sirius asked, munching on a pretzel.

"Experience," Peter snickered, walking up to the group with James.

"Okay, we need a photo of all of us," Remus suggested. "Where's Gigi?"

"There she is!" Kacie called out, waving Gigi over to the group. Gigi walked over with a smile on her face, determined not to let the whole Sirius and love thing get in her way of graduating.

"Hey babe," Sirius said, kissing her on the cheek. He too decided that they were both making a big deal out of nothing and wanted this day to be the best day of his life. Gigi smiled and put her arm around his waist.

Lily looked around at her best friends and couldn't help but grin. She had the best seven years of her life, the last one being the best ever, and she couldn't believe that soon she wouldn't be waking up every day to see the Marauders, her girl friends, and especially James. She put her arms around James on the left and Kacie on the right and smiled for the camera.

Sirius kept his arm around Gigi and turned to the group. "This is the life," Sirius said. "It's all I've ever known."

James turned to Sirius. "Remember back in first year when we all became roommates," James said with a huge grin, looking around at Remus and Peter. "And we realized that we'd actually have to do homework." James looked at Sirius. "Well, most of us."

"And we learned how to pull of pranks!" Sirius cried out and then looked at Peter. "Well, most of us."

"And you guys got like twenty detentions in one week," Lily said with a laugh.

"Oooh, and what about second year? That was even better," Sirius said. "We started to become really cool. We tried out for the Quidditch team…and made it! We got with a bunch of girls…and a few guys."

"What??" Lily and Gigi cried out.

"Just seeing if you were paying attention," Sirius said with a wink.

"When did we meet you guys?" James asked.

"When you tossed pudding at me during first year," Lily said with a laugh.

James thought back that far and burst out laughing. "Wow, you hated me."

"Who says anything changed?" Lily said with a laugh, tightening her grip around James's waist.

"Well I remember meeting you guys in Potions during the first week or so," Remus said.

Kacie burst out laughing. "The Potions class where you guys all got detention because you accidentally spilled your potion on that poor boy."

"Oh Kace. I thought you knew us better than that," James said, "That was no accident and definitely no poor boy. It was Snape."

The group laughed so hard that they didn't hear Dumbledore over the speaker telling them all to take their seats.

"I can't believe how fast these seven years have gone," Sirius said with all seriousness, glancing down at the group that occupied all his time during Hogwarts.

"Ahem," Headmaster Dumbledore cleared his throat, looking straight at the group. "When I say everyone take their seats, that mean you guys too."

The group glanced around at everyone starting to sit down and couldn't help but burst out laughing again.

"You know you'll miss me Dumbledore!" Sirius cried out and was glad when he could see a faint smile come across the face of the Headmaster. Sirius grinned as he took his seat, giving James a high five, not at all embarrassed by his actions.

Gigi stood in the corner of the grounds, leaning up against a tree, admiring everyone hugging and congratulating each other on graduating. She even laughed as she saw Sirius practically jump into the arms of a fellow Quidditch member and then saw a beater from the team bombard both of them, flinging his arms around their shoulders.

"And what is such a pretty girl doing hiding behind a tree?" a voice asked from behind Gigi.

She turned and gave a weak smile. "Hey James. What are you doing over here?"

"Finding out why you're not out there making a fool of yourself in front of your former classmates," James said with a laugh.

Gigi threw her head back and laughed. "I think it's more fun to admire everyone else being absolute imbeciles."

James grinned. "It is interesting," James said, letting out a laugh as Sirius jumped on Remus's back from behind.

James looked out of the corner of his eye and noticed Gigi sigh. "I'm sorry for causing problems," James mumbled. "I didn't mean to make a big deal out of the whole love thing with you and Sirius."

"You didn't," Gigi said. "It's nothing to worry about."

"Have you even told him congrats on graduating?" James wondered.

"I'm waiting for everyone else to tell him how amazing it is that he actually graduated," Gigi said. James gave her a look. "No really, I was gonna throw him a surprise party…but then I figured him graduating was surprise enough."

James couldn't help but laugh at that response. "Just go talk to him."

"James, seriously, I'm not standing over here because I'm afraid about the subject of love, okay?" Gigi said.

"Then what are you afraid of?" James wondered.

"Goodbyes," she whispered to herself.


Gigi sighed. "I don't want to say goodbye to all of you. I don't want this to end."

"It doesn't have to," James assured her. "Just because we're leaving and won't have homework or exams or detention after detention or-"

"-hamburger eating contests or strip Quidditch or game after game of Twister," Gigi said with a smile.

"Right," James said, smiling back at her. "Doesn't mean what we have is gonna end."

Gigi just smiled to make James happy and was able to get out a, "Yeah, I suppose so."

"AGGGH!!!" Lily shrieked, jumping up at Gigi. "We're done!!!'

"No more exams! No more staying up all night studying!" Kacie cried out, running to hug Gigi and Lily…which ended up in too much weight and they all fell down to the ground.

James folded his arms across his body. "This is hot."

Remus came up admiring the group. "All we need is jello."

Lily grinned and pulled them down with them.

"Dude, you are totally ruining the threesome that was about to occur," Peter said, shaking his head at James and then at Remus.

"I'd rather have an orgy that I'm apart of," James said, grinning from ear to ear.

Peter thought about that for a second and then piled on top of them.

CLICK. The entire group looked up to see the flash from a camera that Sirius was holding. "This one is going straight to Dumbledore," Sirius said with a grin.

"Come here," Gigi said, pulling him on top of her. Sirius smiled at her and gave her a huge kiss on the lips.

Sirius glanced around at his best friends, his partners in crime, the people who got him through every tough thing he's been through and he couldn't help but smile from ear to ear. He laughed as James starting piling leaves on Lily at the same time that Kacie, Remus, and Peter were having a vicious grass-throwing contest. "This is the life," he whispered, not caring that Gigi was the only one to hear.

Gigi glanced up at Sirius and quickly got onto her feet, brushing the grass and dirt off of her. "We should say congrats to the other graduates as well," she said abruptly, darting away before anyone could say anything.

"What's her problem?" Remus wondered.

"I'll give you one guess," Sirius said, hanging his head with a sigh.

"Hey hun," Sirius said, finally finding Gigi behind the stage fifteen minutes later.

"Hi," she mumbled, not even having to glance over; she knew exactly who it would be before he even got there.

Sirius sat beside her on the back of the stage and put his arm around her shoulder, letting out a sigh of relief when she didn't run away but instead nestled closer to him. "What's wrong?"

"What do you mean, what's wrong?" Gigi retorted. "We're leaving. This is it. Only one more night here at Hogwarts and then we're thrown out into the real world."

"Oh don't worry, I'm already working out a plan to get all of us to stay here much longer," Sirius teased.

"What did you have in mind?"

"Well I'm either gonna send Dumbledore an anonymous owl that someone here is a murderer and no one can leave until we figure out who or…" Sirius trailed off. "Well that plan took a lot of work so I only came up with one."

"So basically what you're telling me I should pack my bags?" Gigi said with a smile.

"Yeah, that's probably a good idea," Sirius said, glad to hear a laugh escape Gigi.

Gigi and Sirius grew quiet as they looked out on the horizon and noticed the sun slightly starting to set. Sirius glanced down at Gigi leaning against his chest and sighed. She had every right to be upset…he didn't want to leave either.

"Hey Gi?" Sirius whispered.


"I know I should have been the one to tell you first and not James," Sirius said. "But I-"

"No, don't," Gigi said quickly, her voice trembling. "Please don't ruin this perfect moment."

Sirius's face grew flush and he let go of Gigi. He backed away slowly, turning his head away from Gigi so she wouldn't see how hurt he was. "It would ruin the moment?" When he didn't hear a response, he told himself to stop shaking from embarrassment and turn and look at her, to see what she was thinking.

Gigi sat there completely helpless and completely silent, a few tears escaping her left eye.

Sirius tried to sit there being angry at his girlfriend because of what she just said but it wasn't working very well, especially since she was sitting right in front of him crying. He couldn't even think of what to say; he hated when girls cried…especially the girl he loved. "Gigi, please tell me what's wrong."

"I got an internship," Gigi finally admitted.

"So?" Sirius questioned. There was a few seconds of silence as Sirius waited for her to explain why she seemed so upset. When he realized she wasn't going to say anything he continued, "That's awesome! You actually have a plan for the future. You are gonna do something with your life. You-"

"In Romania," Gigi concluded, not daring to look at Sirius. Instead she focused on the stick by her right foot.

"-are leaving me," Sirius finished, a stunned look plastered on his face. Gigi had to turn away because she couldn't stand seeing Sirius upset. When Sirius could finally say something all he could think of was, "What?"

Gigi sighed. "I got an internship working in a Potions Conservatory…in Romania."

"But you hate Potions," Sirius said.

"No Sirius," Gigi corrected. "You hate Potions."

"Oh…are you sure?" Sirius asked.

"Sirius, you hate anything that has to do with classes," Gigi pointed out.

"Oh right." Sirius looked down at Gigi who was refusing to look his way and tapped her chin ever so slightly, forcing her head to the left where he was sitting. "But what about us?" Sirius asked.

Even though Sirius was holding her chin, she darted her eyes away from his. "I have to do this," Gigi said softly, referring to the internship.

Sirius looked down at Gigi who appeared so vulnerable at this moment and was refusing to look at him. "Why won't you look at me?" Sirius asked powerlessly.

"Because I can't," Gigi said, her bottom lip trembling.

It was silent for several awkward seconds until Sirius finally spoke up. "Why didn't you tell me this before?"

"And ruin the end of Hogwarts?" Gigi asked.

"At least I would have been better prepared!" Sirius cried out, not getting angry at her but getting angry at the fact that she could be leaving.

"I just found out last night, what do you expect from me?" Gigi asked, getting up from the stage and pacing in front of him.

"Well I certainly didn't expect you to leave for another country," Sirius cried out.

"There's nothing in England for me!"

Sirius just stood there for a few silent seconds. "So I guess that makes me nothing," Sirius said, not saying it in the form of a question but instead just bluntly stating it.

Gigi sighed. "You know that's not what I meant."

"Oh really?" Sirius retorted. "Because that's exactly what you just said."

"Sirius," Gigi said helplessly, not wanting him to get mad.

"You know what?" Sirius asked. "Just forget it. Go to Romania. Have a nice life."

Gigi watched Sirius walk away. "Sirius," Gigi called out, practically begging.

To her surprise, he actually stopped walking and slowly turned around, that same wounded puppy look on his face that made her want to cry. In fact, she wanted to go over there and just hold him. But instead, she stood her ground and just looked at him, not sure why she called out his name because she couldn't think of anything to say.

She finally opened her mouth, "Do you really want to end on a fight?"

"It would make it a lot easier," Sirius murmured, not even sure what he meant by that.


Sirius sighed. "It's a lot easier to let you go if I hate you."

Gigi let out a sharp intake of breath. "You hate me?"

Sirius bit his lip. "I wish." He sighed. "It would make this a lot easier."

"You mean a lot to me, Si," Gigi explained. "But this is the job of a lifetime. I can't just give that up. And if I stay in England, who's to say that I'm ever gonna get an opportunity like this."

Sirius took a few steps forward and looked up at her. "When?"

"When what?" Gigi asked monotonously.

"When do you leave?"

Gigi just looked at him for a few seconds before answering. "In three days."

"Three days?" Sirius cried out. He ran his hands threw his hair a couple times and went to sit on the stage. He looked up at Gigi as she started pacing back and forth in front of him, obviously confused about whether she was happy about the job and sad to leave Sirius and angry at him for getting mad at her. Let's face it, she was one complicated girl.

Sirius looked at Gigi's face and realized that getting mad at her on one of their last days together wasn't the right thing. "Gi," Sirius said slowly, still sitting on the stage as she was pacing irritably in front of him.

Gigi didn't want to hear him reprimand her anymore. "No. Look, I know this sucks, believe me, I know. But it's something I have to do," Gigi cried out.

"Gigi," Sirius said calmly.

"I love Potions. This is a job of a lifetime, I can't just give that up!" Gigi shouted.

"Giliba," Sirius called out.

"Or should I?" Gigi wondered and then hesitated. "Oh my god. You think I should give this job up, don't you?"

"Gi," Sirius repeated.

"I can't do that!" Gigi shouted and then sighed, looking into Sirius's eyes. "I need to do this."

"Gigi," Sirius said, looking back into her eyes.

Gigi tilted her head to the side with an aggravated sigh. "What?"

Sirius held out his arms for Gigi and she slowly walked towards him, falling into them, so happy to have his arms around her. He stroked her hair. "I know," he whispered. Gigi melted into him and didn't even care when her tears stained the shirt on his chest.

Sirius wrapped his arms around Gigi tighter as she shook, the tears sloshing out of her eyes. Finally she wiped her eyes dry and pulled apart from Sirius, stepping back a little. "So does this mean…" she said slowly.

Sirius nodded. "I think so," he said, having trouble getting the words out. Gigi and Sirius looked at each other one last time, knowing that they were breaking up.

Sirius jumped off the stage and turned his back to Gigi, glancing around for the rest of the group. He saw them conversing with Dumbledore. Sirius looked down at his feet, refusing to turn back around to look at Gigi and instead, kept his back to her. "Goodbye Gigi."

Gigi wanted to take the five steps towards him and just wrap her arms around him, holding him forever, but she just stood there helplessly. She saw him walk around the stage and up to their friends and sighed to herself. "I love you Sirius." And the only thing she could think about was how he was never going to get to hear those words from her.

Gigi walked wearily over to the group sitting on the folding chairs that were just used for the ceremony. She noticed the last of the professors and graduates go their separate ways and turned her attention back to the group…as James conjured up a champagne bottle.

Lily smiled. "It's nice knowing that you can't get into trouble anymore."

"Oh I don't know," Kacie said. "Sirius still has that one last detention to get in before we leave tomorrow morning."

"Should my last detention be because I blew Snape up? Or because I swam stark naked in the lake?" Sirius asked with a laugh.

"Go with the lake," Kacie said. "More fun for us."

"I object," James said, taking a huge swig of the champagne. "Seeing Snape blown up into a million pieces is way more fun for me."

Sirius took a sip from the bottle and looked up at Gigi, locking eyes with her. He handed her the bottle with a half smile on his face, which took all the energy in the world to muster up.

"Okay, I'm gonna go skip rocks," James announced, looking over at the lake.

Lily rolled her eyes but got up (after taking a huge gulp from the champagne bottle). "I'll come with you."

Remus watched them go and then turned back to the group. "Somehow I have a feel no rock skipping is going to occur."

Lily took James's hand as they walked over to the lake, the sunset's reflection shimmering off of it. They stood in comfortable silence, watching the ripples in the lake, both of them refusing to think of life after Hogwarts.

Lily cleared her throat and turned her body so she was facing James. James hesitated but finally looked at her. "I've decided that I definitely am going to a University," Lily elected.

James didn't even realize he was holding his breath until a huge gasp of air escaped his mouth. "But…" was all he could think of to say at first. "But, what about us? I know I haven't been the perfect guy but I'm trying. Doesn't that count for anything?"

Lily smiled at how vulnerable her boyfriend looked. "Yes, and that's why-"

"I can be better! I promise!" James exclaimed. "Please Lily, I'll do anything."

"James. I'm going-"

"I'll buy you candy and flowers every day," James pleaded.

"James!" Lily cried out. James sighed and tilted his head to look at her. "Ask me where."


"Ask me where," she repeated.

James sighed. "Where?"

"London," Lily concluded.

"London? England London?" James asked, a huge smile creeping up on his face.

"Actually it's London, England," Lily said. "But yes."

James wrapped his arms around Lily's waist and touched his forehead to hers. "I love you."

Lily smiled and nestled her head against James's chest, tightening her arms around his torso. "I love you, too."

Lily looked up at James and she stood up on her tippy-toes in order to kiss him. He deepened the kiss and his hands found their way to the small of her back. He broke apart and said seductively, "Ya know…we only have the private quarters for one more night…"

"But what about the others?" Lily asked.

"Well, they can come too," James said. "But I was kind of looking forward to the privacy."

Lily hit him playfully on the arm. "We can't ditch them."

James laughed. "I know. I was kidding," he said with a shrug. Lily gave him a look. "…for the most part."

Lily rested her head against James's shoulder and they both continued to look at the sun set off in the horizon. After a moment of silence, Lily said, "So…candy and flowers everyday, huh?"

James threw his head back and laughed, happy that Lily could get his mind off the fact that Hogwarts was ending.

"You can't be serious," Kacie cried out with a shocked laugh.

"Oh I am," Sirius confirmed and then paused. "And not just because that's my name."

Kacie laughed and handed the almost empty champagne to Sirius. "You amaze me sometimes."

"Thank you," Sirius said with a smug grin.

"Like how you graduated…that's pretty amazing. Or how you weren't expelled back in first year," Kacie explained. "And how somehow practically every girl at Hogwarts has fallen for you."

Sirius's grin faded. "Somehow I get the feeling that me amazing you isn't a good thing."

"You're a quick one," Kacie said with a wink.

"Hey guys," James said, walking back from the lake with his arm around Lily. "Whatcha talking about?"

"Sirius's stupidity," Remus said with a shrug.

"Oh but guys…we only have til tomorrow morning," James joked, giving Sirius a playful pat on the shoulder.

"Ya know…" Sirius said slowly. "I'm starting to think that you guys don't find me that smart."

It was silent until James cleared his throat. "Oh c'mon. We don't think that…" James said slowly and unconvincingly.

"You know, I was always taught not to lie," Lily whispered in his ear.

"Shhh," James hissed back and then turned back to Sirius and gave him a fake smile.

"Let's play spin the bottle," Sirius decided.

"Let's not," Remus offered.

"Hmm…also a good idea, but let's go with mine," Sirius said.

"Let's not," Remus repeated.

"You keep saying that," Sirius said.

"And you keep not getting the picture," Remus said.

Kacie plopped down Indian style on the ground and looked up at her friends. "So what are the predictions?"

"What do you mean?" Remus asked, taking the last sip from the champagne bottle.

"On the future," Kacie said with a shrug. "Like in eight years, I predict that James and Lily will be married with at least two children."

"And I'll be the best man at their wedding," Sirius said with a grin.

"I predict that Sirius will be living in a box with an imaginary friend named Bongo," Remus said.

"That's very descriptive," Sirius said. "And I would name him Antoine, not Bongo."

"I can see Kacie as a professor somewhere," Lily decided.

"Really?" Gigi said. "Because I can totally see Remus teaching somewhere."

"I bet Peter becomes the most successful out of all of us," Gigi said with a grin.

"Don't worry," Peter said. "I'll invite you all over to visit my mansion."

Sirius looked over at Gigi and couldn't help thinking how successful she was going to be at potions…in a completely different country.

"Well, I think Sirius and Gigi will end up married," Kacie said, causing both Sirius and Gigi to choke on air and sit there frozen in place. "I mean, someone has to make Sirius settle down at some point."

Gigi and Sirius refused to look at each other and instead, Sirius changed the subject. "I don't want to talk about the future anymore," Sirius said. "It's too depressing." Gigi silently thanked Sirius for keeping the conversation away from her.

Lily glanced around at her friends who were sitting there laughing about their futures. She looked at Kacie and Remus discussing where they would end up teaching and then turned her attention to Peter who was comparing his fake future life to Sirius's, making her laugh as they discussed the elephant and giraffes they would have in their mansions. She couldn't help noticing how quiet Gigi was, just staring out at the pink sky, watching the last sliver of the sun go down.

Lily turned her attention to James who was leaning in to kiss her at that moment. Lily wrapped both her arms around James and hugged him close. She couldn't believe that Hogwarts was ending but at the same time, she was a little excited to see what the future had in store for her.

…too bad she didn't know just how short of a future it would be.


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