High School! Naruto style

"Akimichi…Chouji?" (apologies if I have spelled it incorrectly)

"Here." Chouji grunted.

"Chips away Akimichi."

"Damn it…" He mumbled. The crinkling of the potato chip bag was heard as it was shoved under the chair of a certain chubby someone.


"Present!" Sakura chimed happily.


"Here!" She said very timidly.


"Here." He said calmly, barely above a whisper.


"Uh huh." He mumbled, staring out the window.


"Here." He said quietly, lost in thought. Sakura and Ino looked fondly at him for a second and then returned facing front.

The teacher sighed and breathed in deeply before calling out the next name.


"UZUMAKI NARUTO AT YOUR PRESENCE!" He screamed, standing up and slamming his fists onto the desk, filled with pride.

"NARUTO! SIT DOWN!" Screamed both the teacher and Sakura.

"Yamanako Ino?

"Here!" She said cheerfully.

"Tenten?…Tenten?" The teacher looked around.

"Here!" She gasped running in. She slid quickly into a seat next to Neji.

"Hey." She gasped and settled into her chair.

"Nice Tenten. Alarm clock problems?" Neji opened one eye and gazed at her.

"Shh!" She elbowed him and fake smiled to the teacher.

"All right, now that everyone is here, time to start the lesson!" The teacher walked up to the front of the board and began scribbling down formulas and problems for the students to solve.

Chouji scrunched up his face. "I hate math I'm hungry." He looked under his chair at the bag of chips, wishing for the period to end so he could go to lunch.

Shikamaru mumbled something along the lines of "troublesome" and scribbled down the formulas on a ripped sheet of paper. Sasuke finished the last problem and sat there waiting, like Neji and Hinata. Ino and Sakura were doodling pictures of themselves with Sasuke.

"WHAT IS THIS CRAP!" Screamed Naruto. He stood up and raised his hand. "Teacher this makes no freakin sense! Let's have recess!"

'Typical idiot.' Shikamaru, Sasuke, and Neji thought.

Tenten just stared out at the window, wishing for some fresh air.

"NARUTO STOP BEING SO DISRUPTIVE!" Both the teacher and Sakura screamed, this time waving rulers around to smack him with.

"Okay okay okay…" He sat down and wrote down the problems, simply staring and frowning at them.



"I could help you with them if you'd like.." Hinata asked nervously.

"REALLY? AWESOME!" He hugged Hinata, who turned red and passed out.

"Someone wish to escort Hyuga to the nurse?"

Tenten and Neji both raised their hands.

"I'll go."

"All right…then both of you can go." The teacher nodded. Neji held up Hinata piggyback style while Tenten carried a hall pass to avoid further troubles.

"Tired yet Hyuga boy?" She teased.


"I said…oh forget it." She sighed.

"No really, what did you say?" Neji turned his head curiously.

"Its nothing white eyes." She stuck her tongue out.

"Wouldn't be talking tardy ass." He smirked.

"Hey!" She pushed him lightly.

"Nurse." Neji motioned with his head. The clicking of high heels was heard as the nurse walked out of the office, and notice the 2 conscious teens escorting one unconscious one.

"Oh dear, Hinata passed out again didn't she?" The nurse bent over and picked up Hinata and carried her to the bed.

"Could you two stay and watch her while I go to the office for something?" The nurse scurried off as soon as the two teens nodded.

Tenten sat comfortably on the bed across from Hinata. Neji sat next to her.

"What's up Hyuga?" She smiled.

"Nothing really. Why were you late?" He looked at her.

"Hm, Mr. Genius, tell me what today is?" She poked his forehead.

"A Monday?" He tilted his head to the side. "Its just another day."

"Makes buzzer sound WRONG! It's Valentine's Day! And I just had trouble finishing the last valentine." She grinned and pulled out a valentine from her pocket.

"Here! To the great Hyuga Neji…" She rolled her eyes and handed it to him. It was a lacy red heart with two white doves painted on the bottom.

"Thanks.." He looked down at it, not knowing what to think. It was pretty surprising though. He didn't know Tenten could be so girly with this.

"Oh! Hey Neji, do you want a kiss?"

"A kiss?" Neji blushed.

"Yeah! So you want one?" Tenten pulled out of her pocket and gave him a HERSHEY'S kiss. (A/N wahahahaha evil I am!)


"You were thinking a real kiss weren't you?" Tenten laughed. "Neji you can be such a baka."

"Hey I'm not the one who-" Neji never finished his sentence since Tenten had pressed her lips against his. Neji blushed madly but he didn't refuse the kiss (A/N yay!). They broke the kiss as soon as they heard the familiar clicking of the nurse's high heels coming back into the room.

"All right you two, head back to your classroom. I can take care of Hinata from here."

"Okay!" Tenten smiled and grabbed Neji's hand and pulled the dazed Hyuga out of the room.

'What …was that all about..?' Neji was still beet-red as Tenten dragged him back to class. When they reappeared in the classroom, he tried to hide his emotions, concealing them successfully and sitting down calmly as Tenten jumped back into her seat.

"How did it go?" Sasuke turned his head slightly to his pal.

"What do you mean 'how did it go?'!" He glared back.

"You seemed a bit red, Hyuga boy." Sasuke smirked and turned around to face the teacher.



"PAY ATTENTION!" The teacher screamed and threw a ruler at Naruto's head. (which..MIGHT have been aimed for Sasuke..but who knows. )

"Ow! WHAT WAS THAT FOR SENSEI!" Naruto screamed. The whole class was trying super hard not to laugh.

"Uzumaki, SIT. Uchiha, LISTEN." The teacher turned back around and continued to scribble on the board.

"Nice job dunce." Sasuke leaned over and whispered to the idiot sitting in front of him.

"Shut up pussy!" He hissed.



"OFFICE, the teacher screamed, "NOW!" And finished off the screaming with her trademark ruler toss straight to the head.

(A/N I don't hate Naruto, its just he's the only one who would get in trouble)


The girls quickly gathered their binders and books, and chatted out of the classroom, while the guys simply walked out behind them. Except for Chouji who had already rushed out of the classroom as soon as the bell rang.

"So what happened Hyuga boy?" Sasuke smirked.

"Nothing." Neji simply stared ahead of him, trying to avoid Sasuke's eyes. Sasuke's eyes could read every emotion on his face.

"Hey Sasuke!" Sakura and Ino cooed.

"Hey." He nodded and continued walking down the hallway with Shikamaru and Neji.

"I still don't know why girls are so obsessed with you dude." Shikamaru remarked.

"Don't you see, he's Uchiha lover boy." Neji smirked evilly.

"Yeah, you're right." Shikamaru smiled.

"Oh no, don't you two-"

"Sasuke the play boy sitting in a tree-" Shikamaru started.

"Flirting with a girl," Neji mocked.

"but sounds more like 3!" (A/N sorry the song and rhyming suck) Shikamaru laughed and made kissy faces at Uchiha.

"Don't make me stuff pizza down both your pants jackasses." Sasuke mumbled.

"Short tempered idiot." Neji whispered.

"Uh huh." Shikamaru agreed.

"SHIKAMARU! SASUKE!" Tenten came running over with a brown bag. She reached down and pulled out two clear bags decorated with hearts, filled with chocolates.

"Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you dudes get some valentines!" Tenten grinned and then ran back to the table where Sakura and Ino were sitting.

'Wonder why Tenten didn't give me a bag.' Neji pondered.

The three boys grabbed trays with pizza and slid them down to the cashier, paid and sat down with Chouji.

"Sup Akimichi." Shikamaru said.

"Hey." This was all Chouji could say, seeing as 99 percent of his mouth was filled to the brim with junk food.

"Hey, Hyuga." Sasuke poked Neji.

"What?" Neji replied.

"Wheres your lovey dovey bag from Tenten?" Sasuke asked curiously. Shikamaru nodded.

"I was wondering the same thing."

"Oh, she did give me a valentine…" Neji pulled it out of his pocket, trying not to wrinkle it. Then he realized there was something scratched onto the white painted doves at the bottom of her valentine.

"Will you be, my valentine?"