Konnichiwa minna-

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Rolling green grass. Soft, gentle breezes, and the faint smell of lavender, floating in the evening air. The sun was setting, sending dazzling streaks of light upon the land. The final light show before the moon would rise.

It was one of those moments where you wanted time to just simply stop.

"So…?" She teased.
"So what?" He replied curtly.

"What do you think!" She responded enthusiastically.

They were perched upon a tall green hill, overlooking a valley. The valley was sprinkled with varieties of trees, and they all revolved around the lake in the center. Rays of sunlight shone through the treetops, and danced upon the murky green water.

"Konoha's finest park!" The girl grinned excitedly and grabbed his hand, ignoring the blush that was creeping across his face.

The two ran down the hill, grass tickling their ankles, and the intoxicating smells of the flowers were inhaled heavily.

"YAAHOOOO!" She screamed and released his hand, tumbling the rest of the way down the hill.

"AAAH!" He panicked; unaware of the fact that she had done it on her own will.

The young teen raced down the hill, eventually gaining enough speed to pass the tumbling girl.

'Now I just have to catch her…' He pulled his thoughts together, spread open his arms, and prepared for their collision.

It didn't matter. He'd sacrifice some injuries if it meant that he could save her.

She was his life, the very reason he smiled. The very reason he could look out on a rainy day, and smile, knowing that she was probably dancing around in puddles somewhere.

They collided with a resounding thump, and he fell onto his back. She lay on top of him, laughing and trying to regain her balance.

"Thanks a bunch!" She smiled.

He was always there for her. Someone she could hold onto, and know for sure that he would never let go. Strong, hard working, and intelligent, these qualities made him who he was. But of course, these were only the benefits. Not the reason she loved him. She loved him because he was always there, a bandage for her broken heart, an aspirin for her scattered mind. That was why she loved…

"Neji." She smiled warmly and rested her head at the crook of his neck. His warm arms had wrapped around her, and she felt as if she were lying on top of the world's most comfortable bed. Best of all, it was her own personal bed, and it could not be made anywhere else in the world.

It was one of those moments where you wanted time to just simply stop.

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