Title: Who am I?

Author: vashsunglasses

Fandom: Now and Again

Rating: K

Summary: Michael Wiseman ponders his existence.

Disclaimer: I don't own "Now and Again". If I did, it wouldn't have been canceled.

I can't believe I never saw this coming.

Hi! I'm Michael Newman.

It slips out of my mouth so easily that I almost don't realize what just happened.

I'm Michael Newman.

It used to be so difficult to say that name. I used to have to consciously correct myself every time I said it.

Michael Newman.

But now it rolls off my scientifically engineered tongue so easily. It felt so natural just now to introduce myself by that name.


Is that who I really am now? Is that who I've become? Did the experiment become the man, or did the man become the experiment? How could I have slipped so far down this slippery slope? Is there anything left of the man known as Michael Wiseman?