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So it ain't mine.

Disclaimer#2: InuYasha is the ingenious creation of Takahashi Rumiko-sama.

That also don't say "LuClipse85". So that ain't mine either.

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Hi there, everyone! It's been a while since I posted anything new.

"Or anything PERIOD." Koga muttered.

Hee hee!

"What? That's it? No 'shut up' or 'shut yer hole, wolf'?"

Nope. My revenge is my audience's entertainment. I tried to get this done BEFORE Christmas, but inspiration wouldn't cooperate. So, here it is after Christmas and all that. It's one of my favorite songs and the words just fit TOO well to ignore. So I present to you all the latest installment of my comedic genius,

"WHAT THE HELL?" Koga hollered when he read it over. "And what the hell are you two igits doin' singin' this?"

Ginta and Hakkaku stood by their instruments, teardropped and wincing at their leader's tone.

"Sorry, boss, she made us do it. You'd get humiliated on Sailor H." Hakkaku cowered.

Koga teardropped. "I'm already frickin' tuxedo boy! What more could she do to me?"

"LuClipse85 said if we didn't do this, she'd make you and Inuyasha Zoicite and Malachite, respectively." Ginta answered.


"Get on the ball, you clowns."

The fan-author grinned happily and presented her work to her vast audience.

Koga Got Ran Over By a Hanyou

Koga got ran over by a hanyou
Mackin' on Kagome Christmas Eve
Inuyasha got a case of road rage
And as for me and Ginta, we believe

Koga met up with his woman
With a smile stretchin' wide
Took his honey's hands and gazed into her eyes
And asked, "Dear Kagome, will you be my bride?"

Inuyasha was straight trippin'
Koga called him a half-breed dyke
Went right back to his proposin'
And he got ran over with Kagome's bike

Koga got ran over by a hanyou
Talkin' to his sweetheart on his knees
Inuyasha blew up and straight-jacked him
Regarding anger management, he's in need

Koga came to hours later
He remembered what went down
Beat the livin' hell outta Inuyasha
Then Koga went to search for weddin' gowns

I think the gods are out to get him
Inu's temper's out the do' (door)
Rents a snowmobile and goes out on a rampage
Koga's silhouette ran six feet in the snow

Koga got run over by a hanyou
Runnin' off to find some bridal wear
Inuyasha's gettin' like Charles Manson
And Koga's days are numbered, we declare

We're all lookin' for our leaders
Heard commotion up ahead
And we KNEW we saw it comin'
They're at war and tryin' to bust each other's heads

We all sighed and thought them stupid
Took a rest and popped some corn
Sango said, "Let's sit and watch the battle
"And we'll see which one's still breathing in the morn"

Koga got the smackdown from a hanyou
He wouldn't be defeated by a dog
Eight hours went by, they haven't quit yet
And me and all the others are sawin' logs

Christmas Day, the war is done and over
Koga and Inuyasha are both affright
Kagome, she found them too exhausting
And ran off with Miroku last night