Title: Take the Pain Away
Author: Phantom Starwolf
Summary: Another Rude finds Reno injured ficlet
Pairing: Rude x Reno
Rating: R (some graphic images)
Word Count: 482 words
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys and girls of Final Fantasy 7, SquareEnix does.
Author's Note: What strange dreams I have…


Rude looked on in horror. In the middle of the room his partner floated gently in the crimson pool. He couldn't tell where the blood stopped and where the fiery strands of hair started as the liquid rippled and lapped gently. Not caring if his uniform would become soaked in the blood red water, he stepped down into the room. The water was as frigid as if it had come straight off the great northern glacier. That was both good and bad to his way of thinking. Immediately he became drenched up to his thighs as he cautiously made his way to where Reno was floating. "Reno?" he spoke softly. Seconds ticked by without a response. "Reno?" he called louder this time.

This time there was a response. "Eh? Rude…?"

"Yeah pal, it's me," Rude said cringing as he knelt down in the freezing water so he could slip an arm around his injured partner's shoulders, his other hand carefully brushing hair from the too pale face.

All he could see was blurry shapes of light and dark. He wasn't able to feel anything either and it scared him. If he was dieing, he didn't mind that. It was that he couldn't see or feel anything that he minded. He wanted to experience every sensation along the way and he was being denied it. "I can't feel anything Rude. Why can't I feel anything?" he asked, panic evident in his weak voice.

Rude took a quick glance at his young lover's body. Legs intact, arms in place. No missing limbs which was good. What injuries they had sustained would have to be assessed at a later time. "Shh… It's all right Reno you're safe. Don't worry about it at the moment," Rude murmured. His fingers slowly walking their way up his lover's spine checking for obvious damage. They encountered too many open wounds for his liking but again that was something that could be dealt with later, if there was a later.

"Oh," was Reno's only reply at the moment as his breathing continued to be labored. With Rude there, he no longer felt scared and alone. He felt safe, protected, and wanted. He let his eyes fall shut, content to let his partner take care of him.

The older man finished checking out the extent of injuries the younger had sustained. He had a chocobo egg sized knot on the side of his head and the back felt softer then he liked, but he was safe enough to move. "I'm going to move you now Reno," he said before brushing his lips across his lover's forehead. "I'm sorry if I hurt you."

"You can never hurt me," Reno breathed out. "You always take the pain away." Letting out a whimpered cry of pain as he was lifted from the water, he slid into oblivion. Once more safe in his lover's arms.