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Man's Greatest Treasure

He didn't know why he couldn't sleep that night.

He didn't know why he chose to break out his invisibility cloak.

And above all he didn't know why his feet led him to the old library.

Harry Potter just didn't know why.

That is quite possibly exactly why he found himself, placed by fate, into the hands of a girl almost as bewildered as he was.

"This true love is rather unbelievable."

Harry Potter whirled around to see a girl slowly dragging her bright silver eyes off the book in her hand and bringing them up to meet his confused gaze. She was sitting cross-legged on the library table with what was undeniably a fairytale in her small hands.

She was wearing a long silver skirt her long blonde hair fell picturesquely down her back and her oddly lovely face was drawn into what can only be described as a happy scowl. She was quite a sight to behold and Harry found himself almost wanting to wish on the shooting stars she had bewitched as her earrings.

She continued to speak, not necessarily to him, but being kind enough to allow him to listen, "Everyone is supposed to have one special person that 'completes their soul' that they just 'fall in love' with and never want to be without… it's all rather impractical."

Harry Potter couldn't believe what he was hearing, Luna Lovegood, THE Luna Lovegood, the believer of blibbering humdinger and crumple-horned snorkacks didn't believe in love! It was simply unfathomable! Harry's confusion could only be deepened by the quiet asking of this simple question,

"Do you believe in true love, Harry?"

Harry Potter opened his mouth, completely sure of his answer, and then realized he didn't have one. He, of course, loved his parents and Sirius. He even loved Ron and Hermione platonically but he knew that wasn't what Luna meant. She wanted to know if he believed in true love: soulmates, and fireworks kisses, and chocolate and flowers, and could-never-live-without-always-want-to-be-with true love. And Harry Potter just did not have an answer.

He wanted to tell Luna that this was all just too confusing and he wished to leave but he didn't want to hurt her feelings...just then Luna awoke him from his reverie,

"Sometimes I think that other people don't hurt your feelings," she quietly mused, "as much as you are hurt by other people's feelings, you know?"

But Harry Potter did not know, as a matter of fact Harry Potter was pretty sure he just felt his brain explode.

Luna jumped gracefully off the table and took a step closer to him,

"Maybe," she reflected, "It's the unbelievable things people need to believe in most?"

Harry looked deep into Luna's bright silver eyes and found the evident question and the hidden answer.

"Yes, I believe in true love, Luna."

She leaned up and whispered dreamily in his ear, "me too".

Then with a soft kiss on his cheek, she was gone.

She left him standing there, more confused than ever, yet somehow not confused at all.

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