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Last Four Days of Uzumaki Naruto

By Charlie

Chapter one: The Beginning

I was never one of style. I never had anything, but I didn't know that. The only thing I had was school, a place call home, and enemies. Lots of enemies.

That never bothered me, I always fight back and they just stop coming. I was a tough enemy as one might call it.

It was high school that changed it all. It wasn't being in high school, but the kids in high school. I've never felt so alone even with my best friend, Hinata, there with me.

Hinata is a girl. She's quiet, shy, but she understands me. And I understand her. There isn't much to tell about our friendship. I've forgotten how we became friends. The only thing I know was that we rode the same bus and she was the one who asked me what my name was first.

I never bother talking unless I was talked to.

I'm an orphan. The place I call home was a run-down place. I don't bother with anything, except be quiet.

It isn't hard. When high school started, it was fun. That was only the first year. I've met a boy. He was not an orphan.

His name was Uchiha Sasuke. He was rich, handsome, and smart. He was stoic, as all the cool boys were. He could've been in any group he wanted, got any girlfriend, but instead he chose us.

We were the Zen group. It had Kiba, Shino, Lee, Gaara, Ten Ten, Neji Hinata, including me and Sasuke.

Kiba was the loud one in our group, next to me that is. We argued all the time, it was fun. Every one of them had a family, but me. I didn't complain. I didn't really feel sad or angry, I was zen.

Shino was like Hinata, he never talked much. And when he did, it was something smart. They were all smart, except me. I had normal grades.

Lee was the weird kid. There's nothing to say about him. The only thing was that, he was an average kid like me, likes Sakura, and never gives up easily.

Gaara was quiet, but not like Shino or Hinata. Shino's quiet is I just don't want to talk kind of quiet. Hinata is I'm to shy to talk quiet. He, however, is quiet because he's observing us.

I know because he watches us even if it seem like he's daydreaming, he's watching us.

I have no comment on Ten Ten except that she likes Neji.

Neji was like Sasuke, except his family had expectation. All of them are and he's Hinata's cousin. They both grew up in a place of rules. Me, I break rules.

Me, I have no comment on myself either, except that I like Sasuke. I'm a boy too. Our friend knows that I like him, but not Sasuke. I think he knows, but because he has a girlfriend. We could never work anyway. We both knew it.

Our group is called Zen because we are neutral. We don't pick fights with no one and no one pick fights with us. Some pretty girls do come over sometime because of Sasuke. They want a date and all that crap, even though they know he has a girlfriend.

Sasuke's girlfriend goes to a different school so we never met her. He said when she is around, he's tamed.

Another thing, Sasuke likes to mess with people. He hits them, but not too hard, just playful. He said if he wasn't dating his girlfriend, he would've gone all out on us. A girlfriend changes a person, even if you don't know it.

He wouldn't be holding back when he hits me if it wasn't for her. You might feel depress that he has a girlfriend and doesn't care about me, but the thing is, I don't care. I like him, but only by a little.

Even if he dumped his girlfriend and asked me out, I would've said no. You might find this confusing and really stupid, but I like Sasuke because he's good-looking, but truthfully, he's not my type or rather I'm not his type.

I have all these friends around and we talk happily. Inside, I feel lonely. It's a thing that can't be control. I just feel lonely.

One day, things changed dramatically. For the better.

We were talking and Sasuke was talking like he usually does, but I knew something was wrong. I have a sixth sense about these things. Nobody notice it, but me, so I asked him.

"I dumped my girlfriend."

He had once said that if he's girlfriend cheated on him, he would go there and stab both her and her lover.

I just said oh and resume eating, everybody also did, but a tension was in the air. Everyone was uncomfortable, but me and Sasuke.

There's nothing to be uncomfortable about it, but everyone feels like it's a big deal.

Sasuke was, I guess, too angry to feel the tension.

I didn't ask the wrong question. Cause if it was Sasuke would've told me to mind my own business, but he didn't.

Even though, Sasuke didn't show it, he was upset. He became his normal self, the one that he said happens when there isn't one to tame him.

He punched harder then usual. I punched him harder too. I didn't wince or nothing when he punched me. It hurts, but I didn't wince. I don't know why, I just didn't.

It became uncomfortable and the group wasn't Zen anymore. Hinata, my best friend, was the first.

Some girl in her class just offer to do her hair and the boys looked at her. She blushed, but then the girl in her class talked and talked. The blush no longer held there.

The Zen group wasn't zen anymore. We feel apart on the inside, but outside we were still pretending. We talked and laugh at the place where we waited for our bus.

Sasuke talk and laugh too. His laugh was force, no happiness. Nobody noticed it, but me.

I sometime had a force a laugh, but not anymore. I just stood there. We were friends on the outside, but inside we were strangers.

It started on that day. The day when Sasuke's anger broke loose.

I knew it was gonna happen, I also knew it was today. It felted different that day. Everything was normal until I talked to Sasuke.

We didn't say anything for a long time. Our friends were close by and they were talking. I just stood among them, flipping through a book.

Sasuke stood behind me and then lay on my shoulder. I didn't move or nothing. It wasn't a surprise, but neither was it really expected.

Then for no reason he hit me and just stood back up. I hit him back. I knew something was gonna happen just from the hit.

We started hitting each other, and then I stopped. I let him hit me. It was getting boring. I knew he wasn't gonna stop.

My friends told him to stop, but he didn't. I knew it was gonna be a big burse there. I told him to stop, but he shoved me. I got up, but didn't do anything.

My friends stepped back, afraid, but they're not afraid their friends are fighting. They're afraid of Sasuke. They knew he was strong.

I looked to each and every one of them. None of them met my eyes, except Gaara. The reason was he wasn't a coward or simply he didn't want to look at the ground. He never did, he always stood with his head high.

The others looked away, pretending not to even know me or that I even existed.

I look at Sasuke. He had an angry look in his eyes. It was finally coming out. We never knew the details of Sasuke's break-up, but I did. It was because there wasn't any love. It was gone and so the only thing to do was break-up, but after that happen. Sasuke must've regretted it, but it was too late. She had another boyfriend.

His eyes told me everything. He wanted to take his anger out on someone and he decided that someone's gonna be me.

I don't know why, but I smiled. It was the first real smile I have in my life. In this situation, I found it funny. I knew it was gonna cost me, but I did it anyway. I wanted to find out who my friends really are. I want to know the true them, but the only way that can happen is if I let Sasuke beat me up.

That sound stupid, but you guys wouldn't understand and even if you did you still think it's stupid.

I smile and it agitated the animal inside of him. He shoved me, but I got back up. He pushes me against the barb wire fence.

I still smile for I found it too funny to resist. He punched me and it hurt. I didn't even try to hide it, but I didn't scream or nothing. His punch made me fall down.

In this area of the school, there was no teacher. So, the fight didn't stop. Nobody helped me.

I was testing everyone here.

I stood back up, but Sasuke's kick to my stomach made me fall on all four. I spit out blood and was standing back up when I felt Sasuke's shoe kick me again and again.

I felt his anger that I wouldn't stay down, but I wouldn't. More over, I couldn't. I just won't let it. It was just so much fun!

Now, I'm not a masochist, but I found it funny that my friends were so brave, but when it came down to this, they were really cowards, except Gaara. He didn't like anybody in our group, not even me. He just didn't want to say anything, letting us be fools. In his eyes though, the only respect he had for was me because I understood everybody.

I know I should be honor by this small amount of respect, but I'm not. I don't even care.

Sasuke kick me again and again. I coughed up more blood. He was breathing hard, tired from kicking me. He stepped back and smirks.

He was about to turn around when I couldn't help myself. I had to stand up. I want to see his surprise face and everybody else. I wasn't brave or a coward; I just did what I feel like. I ignore the pain and stood up.

Each and every one of them bitches, including Sasuke, was following the rules. They were living by fate, letting everything control their lives even when they claim otherwise.

The pain became less as I ignore it more. When I stood up, something tugs at my lips.

Sasuke's face was surprise, so was my friend, just as I said it would be. Everyone was surprise.

They don't even know that they are being controlled by the people around them. The people they call friends, but I wasn't control.

I couldn't resist the smile or the laughter that welled up inside me. So, I burst out laughing. It was a small laugh, but it was real. It was realer then any one of them in here and that made it funnier.

Sasuke grew angry. He balled up his fist and punched me.

I fell on the ground, but then stood up again.

That was when the bus came.

Charlie: this story was inspired by my friend. thank you so much, though I won't say his name. it's a he if you haven't already guessed. he was talking about his girlfriend and my imagination started working its way to this.