Charlie: well, this is the last chapters. hope you have all enjoyed reading this story.

Last Four Days of Uzumaki Naruto

by Charlie

Chapter Four: Stop Lying

I walk to school. I had left before Sasuke woke up a second time. He smells good, handsome, and was really warm, but something else was missing.

I knew what it was. Today was the last day for him to understand, for everybody to understand. If they don't understand and I tell them, I will leave.

Sasuke still has hope, so does the others. He can insult me. He can hit me, and maybe my friends, but if anybody else does I so beat the crap outta them.

I own them that much if not a answer.

Sakura is a bitch and I hate her. That much is all that is needed to know. Maybe if the future she will become more tolerable, with the helps of some friends. With alot of help.

I knew the question before they even open their mouths. I was in an argument. The teacher wasn't here, so there wasn't anybody to stop them. I didn't look at Sasuke. There was something he could do, but when they started pushing me, I knew he wouldn't.

"Stop pretending," I said when they had insulted me.

Everyone's attention turns to me. Their curiosity led them to me.

"What are you talking about?" asked Gaara.

"I will leave everything to you, Sasuke. Please...understand." I said in silent thoughts.

I sigh and felt sad. It was really painful. Everywhere was the same. This place has no meaning anymore. People live in lies to survive.

If I tell them, there will be a price. If I don't tell them, the price will not matter, but worse. I decided long before, but was afraid that things will not change.

I open my mouth. Maybe it will change after I'm gone. "You believe you don't want us sitting at the table or rather you don't care."

I stare straight at Gaara. "In fact, you were lonely. You liked us, making you feel."

I pause. I spoke again. "You can change fate, but rather you chose not to. You have a voice and feet, but you chose not to use it. You are afraid to use it."

"You may say you don't follow any goddamn rules, but you do. You listen to people, but trust only yourself that you fell apart even though you don't notice it. I do. I see it in your eyes every single day."

"You fake your feelings because you don't want to end up feeling lonely. By beating up others you feel alive, but there's other ways. You gotta look for it. You label people and people label you."

"You're living a lie. This isn't who you are and you know it. That's why you lie to yourself. Lying about yourselves to fit in. So, stop pretending or live in misery for the rest of your life."

I said nothing more. The other kids laughed, but not any of the Zen group. Gaara began shaking, trembling with something like fear. I knew what was coming.

He knew what I say is true. He is not accepting it, but my words are forcing him too.

I looked at Sasuke then. " happy." I thought this, and knew it could be true if he can step out of his cell. The one he built long ago.

He didn't meet my eyes. "Fucking coward, you're all fucking cowards," I said loudly. Just a little more.

They just laugh more. Sakura and Ino stood in the crowd, forcing a smile, but it doesn't come. They look at each other and down on the ground, shamefully.

Gaara balled up his fist and looked at me, angrily.

I saw him come. He was going to hit me. This was it. I'm gonna go down with a fight. I caught his fist as it came at me.

He still hasn't got it yet.

"Stop pretending," I told him. A little more.

The other kids stop laughing. Some try to, but like Sakura and Ino, it wouldn't come out.

"Stop pretending, all of you," I said softly. My eyes face the floor. I couldn't take it anymore. I looked up, angry.

The kids backed away. I let go of Gaara's hand. I'm tired. My anger disappeared as fast as it came.

I let the fist come at me. I didn't even fight it. I knew I said I was, but...I could never hit my friend.

Gaara's hand stained with blood, my blood. I lay on the floor with him on top, beating the crap outta me.

Someone grab Gaara and got him off me.

I looked. It was Sasuke. Kiba was with him too. I stood up and looked at them. I slowly went to get my stuff. It was the only thing I could do. I walk to the door.

They didn't stop me, though they should've, but they don't.

I stopped at the doorway. "Do you like me, Sasuke?" I don't look at him. I was hoping he say yes, knowing it could never be no matter the answer.

He felt guilty. He stood rooted to the floor and so does everybody else.

"Please...don't follow me."

Only one rain drop fell that day, because nobody knew. Nobody knew Uzumaki Naruto was going to suicide.

Sasuke stood at the stone. It was not old, barely a year or so. A hundred roses lay there, from people who even he didn't know. Don't follow the rules of Fate, or rather any rule at all.

But what Uzumaki Naruto didn't know was that, he was following Fate's rules too, but only one, he was going to die. It will happen to everyone sooner or later, only time matters.

It was not a choice whether Naruto was to die or not. He was diagnose with a deadly illness. It was not contagious, but when he dies, it will be. The longer he lives, the more deadly the disease will be. The more chance it could be transmitted to others.

Suicide is define as the act of intentionally taking one's own life and thats what Naruto did. He was "put to sleep" and he's body burned. His ashes will flow freely through the ocean.

You are following a rule, even me. You act the way people want you to act, or rather what you think they want youto act like. We cannot escape that one, but a boy did. His death changedothers.

The first one was Sasuke. He is happily living by his own will.

That was also Naruto's will.


Charlie:I...hope this will help. you may think this is sad, but you shouldknow by instinct that its not. instincts don't have question. yes, Naruto didn't livehis whole life, that is sad, butothers will. he feel happy that he could help. feeling useless andlonely is the worst kind of feelingever.