Title: Curses!

Author: Spaz

Summary: Kiba teaches Hinata something New.

"I-I don't know if-if this is such a good idea, K-Kiba-kun..."

Kiba grinned to the stuttering Hinata in front of him and leaned in closer to her. Inside his jacket Akamaru shifted with him and then settled again. "It's not that hard, I promise. It's just a word. You can say it."

"I-I don't know..." Hinata whispered, ducking her head as fingers nervously pressed together. Her cheeks were already turning a light shade of pink and Kiba couldn't help but grin wider, fangs showing.

"C'mon Hinata, you do can it. Here, I'll say it first." The Inuzuka lifted his chin, grinning. "Fuck."

The pink on the young girl's cheeks darkened and she squeaked a little. "Kiba-kun!"

Kiba shifted closer to her, still grinning like a madman; Hinata was too sweet for her own good sometimes, in his opinion. "Just say it- it's just a word. You asked about cursing after all..."

The Hyuuga heir shifted her eyes left and right, ducking her head as her cheeks flushed even more. Fingers pressed tightly together before she finally whispered in a tiny voice, "... fuck."

Kiba fell back howling with laughter, unable to help it. It was Hinata cursing after all; the phrase ended up far more cute then vulgar when falling from her lips. Even Hinata let out a shy smile as both her hands came up to cover her mouth.

"What are you doing?"

Kiba rolled his eyes back to look up to Shino as Akamaru finally snuffled out of his coat. He smirked up to the Aburame, waving a hand lazily. "Teachin' Hinata to swear!"

Shino wasn't quite as amused as Kiba; he didn't think corrupting their innocent teammate was a good pastime.

Kiba had fleas for a week.