Natsuki would wonder why she felt so incomplete as she sat alone in her apartment. Her fingers would idly trace the frames of the many pictures that Mai had sent her, the smiling faces of eleven familiar people beaming up at her. She seldom wondered what the missing piece in her life could be and why she even bothered to acknowledge it.

Some day's whenever Natsuki felt particularly lonely, and whenever Shizuru was free, they'd go to Natsuki's house and rent a movie. The movies ranged from anything to comedy from drama, with the couple choosing from the vast collections at their local video-store.

Shizuru held an air of dignity and grace, almost always. But with their relationship so close, as soon as her nimble fingers gently flicked the lights off her fa├žade was abruptly thrown outside the window.

They would splay their bodies across the plush black sofa that Natsuki had recently reluctantly bought, due to Shizuru's merciless coaxing.

She would bury her face in the crook of her neck, her warm brown tresses spread elegantly across the sofa before Natsuki even had the time to tune the voices of the character's away, and drift away to sleep.

The bowl of golden popcorn would stay untouched on the furnished wooden table, and the moonlight would light the room in an ethereal glow, as Natsuki would entwine her calloused fingers with the Shizuru's own soft firm fingers.

And time would stop, as their breaths came out slow and steady, as the jumbled thoughts of everyday life drifted away and ceased to exist. The credits would be rolling as the shadows danced across the plain white walls, but both of them wouldn't care, too taken away in the moment of heavy sheer closeness.

Comfortable silence would blanket the room, the world seemingly having been muted out as hesitant arms would reach out and gently grasp the other's hips, pulling her closer, breathing in her scent.

Their bodies always melded in to each other's, bending in to each other's curves and slowly turning two in to one. And always, always would Shizuru's burgundy eye's crack open, the look in her eyes never stopping to ignite a deep stirring within Natsuki's heart.

And whenever the sun rose up and the cracks of daylight squeezed its way inside the apartment, Natsuki would awaken. Her bright emerald eyes would trace the figure of her friend's face, capturing every muscle every bone, indulging in the rare moment she would see her face wrapped in such peacefulness.

She never was given much time to memorize her features, because the brunette would stir awake and press her forehead against Natsuki's and with her eyes closed, whisper inaudible words to her, the gentle melody of her thick Kyoto accent softly cutting through the silence of the morning.

Sooner or later, the couple would get off the sofa, stretching and quietly going through a morning routine that felt very much like a ritual to both. After both had washed their faces, changed their outfits, and ate their breakfasts, they would walk towards the academy, the warm sun warming their skin.

Natsuki could recall the clouds in the sky the day she met Shizuru, and she knew Shizuru could count off the specks of dirt on the floor on the day they had met, all at the top of her head.

And at that moment she knew. She knew that this was all they ever needed; the mere presence of one another was all it took to complete the missing pieces of each other's life.