Love Shine

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This is a Tikku, because, well, I love Tidus/Rikku. There may also be some Yuna/Gippal, because I said so.

I got the idea for this fic while talking to Scottie2. She was telling me about this theory that the good/perfect ending is just a dream (which, for us Tikku fans, is a pretty appealing, albeit not very likely, theory). Well, the more I watch the perfect ending, the more I see it -- because, y'know, it just leaves Yuna standing there by herself -- what kinda love story ends like that? Not to mention you can't see Tidus in the water below. Really, the perfect ending itself is pretty retarded, I've seen better explanations for Tidus coming back on FFN. lol. Anyway, Hineko and I were chatting it up, and came up with the idea for this story, which she was originally going to write (I'm more of a muse myself). We ended up turning it into a lj community rpg, but it didn't get too far before I realized I wanted to write this myself. So, um, I am. XD LOLRNRDDROMGKTHX!11oneoen


He stood where he had two years before, overlooking the dead city of Zanarkand. He was back, he was here with her... yet all she could feel was this melancholy sadness. She kept her distance, cautious. The very air made it all seem so fragile, as if it all might just fade away if she breathed too loudly, if she glanced away even for just a moment.

"I got a theory." His voice broke the eerie silence, sending shivers up Yuna's spine. "I think the fayth gathered up my thoughts and put 'em together to bring me back." He spoke slowly, as if he himself didn't fully understand how it had all happened. "Maybe. Something like that."

Her eyes followed his movements, memorizing them, in case... No. She couldn't bring herself to face that possibility, not having lost him once already.

Tidus gave breath to her fears. "Or maybe...I'm still a dream."

"Wait! So you'll disappear?" Her heart raced, and she lowered her eyes. Somehow the words didn't surprise her... it was something she had prepared herself to expect... but it was the last thing she wanted to hear.

"Cherish me, Yuna." Her eyes shot up; he was still there. "And I'll cherish you. All right? We gotta stay together." He spoke the words as she thought them, her plan to keep him here, to hold on to him and never let go. "That's what we have to do."

That's what we have to do. She ran to him, a sense of hope welling up inside of her as her arms wrapped around him, pulling him close. She breathed him in, and smiled. "Is that what the fayth told you?"

Tidus smiled back. "Nah. But I like it." She laughed, lost in the moment, and as his laughter blended with hers, she stepped back on a whim and playfully pushed him into the water below.

The splash brought a smile to her face. Wiping the water from his eyes, Tidus shouted back at the girl. "Hey! That's not cherishing!"

She answered his confused expression with a simple statement. "You didn't disappear." As the words left her lips, a sudden sadness overcame her. Tidus lifted his hands, looking at them, and laughed at the realization. She nodded and smiled sweetly, sadly...

As the pyreflies flew over the ancient city bathed in twilight, Yuna closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. And when she opened her eyes again, she realized she was alone.


Chapter 1: Still in My Heart


"...Tidus?" Yuna's lips moved ever so slightly as she furrowed her brow, caught in the moment between dreaming and waking.

Rikku leaned over her sleeping cousin, gently shaking her shoulders. "Wakey wakey, Yunie!" she sung. "Come on, it's getting late and we need to take Paine back to Bevelle!"

Yuna moaned. "But Tidus and I..." As her eyes slowly fluttered open, she met Rikku's questioning gaze.

"Tidus...?" Rikku's heart skipped a beat at the mention of his name.

"Oh!" Yuna sat up, swinging her legs around the side of the bed. "How long have I been asleep?"

Rikku grinned. "Long enough! We came all this way back to Besaid for your welcome home party, and you go and spend half the afternoon asleep in bed!" She laughed. "And Paine's been a grouch the whole time about missing the guys' speech! If it weren't for Lulu keeping her busy with baby Vidina, I woulda gone blitzcakes!"

Yuna giggled at the thought of Paine holding a baby. "Aww, I missed that?"

"Blitzcakes?" The two girls swung around at the familiar voice, Yuna gasping in embarassment. "That's even dumber than 'disasteriffic', Rikku."

"Aww, whadda you know, Paine?" Rikku made a face and stuck out her tongue at her stoic friend.

Paine walked across the room to the two cousins. "I'd charge you a respect point for that, but I don't think you have any left."

"You don't mean it!" Rikku's face fell in disappointment. Paine laughed at her unusually serious expression. "Hey! Why are you laughing?" Rikku was distressed. "Not funny, Paine! SO not funny!"

Paine smirked. "Anyway." She turned to Yuna. "Brother has the ship ready to head back, so whenever you're ready..."

Yuna nodded.

"Now, I don't want you to think any less of me for it, but... I really will miss you two." A chorus of "awww"s met Paine's ears, and she instantly regretted her statement as Rikku ran over and began to squeeze the life out of her with a giant bear hug.


"RIKKU." Two blurry green eyes looked up to find Paine's unusually red ones glaring down at her. "Can't breathe. That's enough, thanks."

"Eh heh heh... sorry," Rikku said sheepishly as she relinquished her death grip on her friend. "I guess we'll have plenty of time for goodbyes later, anyway."

"Mm." Yuna nodded with a smile and stood. "Let's go!"

Still in My Heart: Cleared!

A/N: That's it for chapter one! Sorry it's so short! XD And I apologize for the usage of "blitzcakes", I have no idea where that one came from. I don't tell Rikku what to say, she just says stuff! Crazy Al Bhed...