Title: "The Crowning of Alexander"

Author: Baliansword

Chapter: 7, "Confessions of a King"

A/N: Once again, thank you for the reviews. To address Queendel in particular, I know that there was a mix of passions in the last chapter. You'll see why below. As for the first claiming, you are completely right, it was harsh and rather forced. Alexander made it up to Hephaestion though, and in this final chapter you'll understand why he was so distant originally. Thank you for your very critical review though. I like how you point out every aspect of the chapters.




Alexander ran a finger over his lower lip feeling the slightly puffy, yet still very tender, moistened skin beneath him. It took a moment and slowly Hephaestion stirred. He lay on his chest, head turned towards the balcony, lying completely nude from just above the small of his back up. Alexander was leaning over him, carefully arched so that he did not press against him. Hephaestion smiled as Alexander stroked his finger against the spot just behind his ear that made him smile.

"What are you doing," Hephaestion asked playfully as he yawned and covered the side of his face with his hand. He was still exhausted from the night's obligations. Alexander only leaned lower, a lock of his hair brushing against Hephaestion's shoulder, and kissed his neck.

"Do you remember when I said there was something I needed to tell you," Alexander asked, kissing him and whispering into his ear at the same time. He ran his tongue over the edge of his ear until he sucked upon his earlobe. Hephaestion turned himself and finally faced Alexander. There was worry in his eyes, over something else, and Alexander noted that he'd address that next.

"Yes," Hephaestion replied quietly.

"I meant to tell you that I love you," Alexander told him. Many things had happened in the last few days that he'd call a seer mad for speaking. He'd realized that he truly loved Hephaestion. No longer did he think of it as a far off possibility and no longer did he fear rejection. He'd just known one morning when he awoke that he loved Hephaestion, regardless of anything he'd done, or could ever do again in his life. This resolve had been decided upon before his father had been killed though. Yet it still remained true.

His father may have loved him, in the best way that he could, but Alexander knew what his fate would be. Eurydice's son would take over Macedonia. He'd be sent to die and his mother would be killed as she'd told him. He'd thought of such before Olympias mentioned to him. Smiling, he stared down at the gift before him. Hephaestion was the purest thing that he knew. It did not matter that he'd been involved. For he was part of him, and was only doing what in truth, truly protected him. Trying to take it back had gotten him nowhere. There was only a small bruise and a slight remaining sign of a gash where his head had been forced into the wall. Hephaestion could not have changed the events that took place even if he'd never known about it, nor if he had, nor if he'd been Pausanias himself. In truth –Philip was going to be assassinated one day, no matter by whom. Alexander knew this, had known it for some time, and at least now was glad that he'd gotten Hephaestion out of the deal. If he hadn't gotten land, nor a palace, nor an army or riches, he would have been content with the man lying beside him.

"I still love you," Alexander clarified. He met Hephaestion's lips, kissing him softly, not wanting to let him go ever again. Nor did he wish for Hephaestion to repeat his words. They would have been hollow. Hephaestion had already shown him that he loved him. Which led him to his next thought, of last night. Alexander reached out and put a hand on Hephaestion's cheek. He then whispered the words he'd wanted to say since he'd ordered Hephaestion to make love to him, closing off his emotions as he'd done so. "Forgive me, for last night."

"It did not hurt as much as," Hephaestion began but was silenced as Alexander put a finger to his lips. Withdrawing his finger he kissed him once more. Poor Hephaestion, never thinking about the wrongs that he had done to him, but rather the scenarios where he could have possibly harmed him. Alexander could only smile for a moment as the kiss ended before continuing. He knew that it had hurt Hephaestion, the physical aspect of him taking him, but really what hurt Hephaestion was something else. It was that Hephaestion had been ordered to take him, and Alexander had acted like it did not matter in the least. Hephaestion knew what he was talking about and his straight lips turned into a frown. "If I disappointed you, it was not my intent Alexander."

"No," Alexander said, forcing him to look up at him. He shook his head. "You could never disappoint me Hephaestion. It was not that. What you did to me, I felt every move of you inside of me. But…I was afraid Hephaestion."


"Yes. I was afraid that if you loved me, as I loved my father, something would take you from me too. I could not deny you though, and so I let you claim me, as I will let you from every night from now on. But it will not be like last night because I will let myself cry out and I will let you know that I want you. Hephaestion, I wanted you so bad, that I knew that if I had you the gods would take you from me. Yet as I slept I knew that I'd done you a disservice. Hephaestion, what you did to me last night, even though I pretended not to be interested, made me feel far more a man than anything in my life. Does…does this make sense to you, what I am trying to tell you?"

"Everything you say makes sense," Hephaestion told him. Again Alexander kissed him passionately and welcoming on the lips. It did not take long before Hephaestion's hand slid under the sheets and wrapped around Alexander's arousal. Alexander let Hephaestion touch him and let himself give in to his body. He trembled and his lips quivered as Hephaestion stroked him. Soon he came in Hephaestion's hand, and Hephaestion knew that Alexander did want him.

After this they both dressed and left the room. Alexander told Hephaestion to go to the dining hall by himself for a moment. He needed to speak to someone. Without the least bit of complaint Hephaestion nodded and smiled, then left and made his way to the dining hall. Alexander watched him go. He then turned and made his way in the opposite direction. He went to Olympias' rooms and entered, finding her there, snakes surrounding her as always.

"Alexander," she greeted but he shoved her back into her seat. Her eyes went from a proud mother's to a captive tiger's. Alexander kicked a snake away from his foot and then looked back at her. If he could get rid of them all he would. Olympias frowned, staring at him, but already knew that Alexander had figured things out on his own. He was brilliant most of the time. She also knew that Hephaestion would not be one to give her up as one involved with the plans. But Alexander had known.

"Never," he ordered of her. "Never again do you try to bring him into your realm of darkness. Do you understand me, mother? Hephaestion does not need you to protect him and neither do I! Are you aware that you could have ruined him? Had others found out they would have killed him, claiming treason. Do you know the results of the game that you play?"

"It is good then," she said with a smile, "that you are king."








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