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The Land of Leaves

Chapter 1: War Erupts

He can't believe he's doing something like this. After 10 years of his self-imposed exile, Sasuke was running home, back to Konoha. The time of flowers are nearing to its end. As he ran, he could feel the heat from the early summer sun burning through his skin as he raced to go to the Land of Leaves. Sweat soaked his clothes, which are now like a black second skin wrapped around his body. His calves burned due to exhaustion but he would not relent, HE is on his way there and he, Sasuke, would not miss another chance at killing his brother.

The day before, Sasuke found out that Itachi was on his way to Konoha to assassinate the Hokage, to make way for an easier Sound Invasion. Sasuke didn't give a damn about Tsunade but the fact that his accursed brother was going to be present in the place that he thought had the least chance of a visit from Itachi, made his blood boil. He pumped more chakra to his screaming leg muscles and doubled his speed.

How many times did he let him get away? How many times did he lose to him? He couldn't remember anymore. It has been five years since Itachi made any appearance anywhere anyway. This time around though, Sasuke wouldn't let him get away.

He finally reached the gates of Konoha after 2 days of nonstop travel. He knew Itachi worked fast and he cursed himself for not getting there sooner. Most likely, Itachi has already finished his job.

He jumped up to the high wall that protected the Land of Leaves. Shock of what he saw overwhelmed him. The village was in chaos. The usual bustling town of Konoha, is now a raging storm of explosions. The Academy that he once attended in was in ruins, probably torn down by some kind of bomb jutsu. Leaf Chuunins leaped from roof to roof above as he tentatively walked through the rumble filled streets of Konoha after he has gracefully jumped down.

Uchiha Sasuke may have seen the worst of the worst during his 23 years of life but what he saw now made him tremble inside. The once revered Village of Leaf is now crumbling down.

Did his master start the attack on Konoha without telling him? He pondered for a moment and decided that Orochimaru didn't have the obligation of telling him about his plans. In his eyes that fact was reasonable enough. The snake, after all, sees him only as his next vessel, his future skin.

As he, too, leaped from roof to roof, the unbranded nin wondered why the snake sannin hasn't transferred into him yet. Sasuke smirked at the thought that the snake might actually be keeping his end of the deal. 'Not likely…' he thought to himself. The only reason why Orochimaru is still biding his time with him was the fact that he hasn't been able to defeat his more powerful brother. He mentally cursed himself. He blamed his weakness once again. Ten years has elapsed since he accepted the deal but still he hasn't been to track down his elusive older brother but now he knows he's going to have his chance. With Konoha still in full alert, not dropping their guard, there's a high probability that Itachi and the Akatsuki, might still be there.

Sasuke raced to the Hokage's residence although he might have done it too fast since he didn't notice the fact that there are now five faces carved on the cliff face of Land of Leaves.

He ran up the spiraling stairs of the red building towards the Godaime's office. If there's a place where Tsunade would stay during an attack this would be it. He slammed the door open only to reveal the large glass pane behind the desk shattered and a very much shaken Shizune right bythe door.

"Where's the Hokage?" The younger of the Uchihas demanded.

Shizune was still trembling in fear as she gazed at the broken window, "The Sixth is battling the leader of the Akatsuki…" Tsunade's assistant shakily pointed at the open window.

The word 'Sixth' exploded in Sasuke's mind. There's a new Hokage? What happened to the Godaime? He asked the same questions to Shizune while at the same time trying to shake her back to her normal self.

"T-the Godaime…died a year…a-ago…of unknown reasons."

Tsunade, dead? And ironically enough, she died without anybody knowing the cause. Sasuke wiped the sweat from his brow while trying to let all the information to sink in. He just now noticed that Ton-ton, the pig, was also shaking its tail off in Shizune's arms.

He gazed at the broken window, pondering how everything has changed in this Land of Leaves. He used to see this town as a perpetual entity. He used to believe that it will always stand, that it will always be able to beat all the odds. This is the one place he thought would last for ever but once again, he thought, his hopes have deceived him.

Not a moment too soon, going back to the task at hand, he asked himself, 'Who's the Rokudaime then?' He decided that it's was probably Naruto. At the pace that Naruto was growing stronger, the fox demon vessel would've grown strong enough to be Hokage. The blame for his own weakness only grew strong in his chest. He let out a low grunt in his throat and would've jumped to cool off some steam by going back on looking for Itachi until what Shizune said stopped him cold.

"Sakura-sama…please help Sakura-sama….d-don't let the Sixth die or else Konoha would fall!" Shizune pleaded the missing nin of ten years.

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