The Prophecy

By: mshutts

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Chapter 58: Claiming a Human

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Making sure to slide the panel shut all the way behind him, Sesshoumaru walked to their futon and laid his nervous mate on the surface before sitting next to the futon and looking at him.

He watched his younger brother squirm under his gaze for a moment before asking, "Would you care to explain why you ran, Inuyasha?"

"What do you care? You hate humans. I'm human right now so you hate me."

Sesshoumaru sighed inaudibly. How was he going to get his mate to see that there was nothing to be afraid of? "Do not put words in my mouth, little brother. I have never actually stated that I hate humans."

"Maybe not," the half-demon turned human conceded that point, "but you've called them filthy, worthless, and a whole bunch of other things."

"I have also called you such in the past when you were in your half-demon form. How is this any different?" Sesshoumaru said, trying to get his mate to see how ridiculous the entire situation was. But, as soon as the words left his mouth, he knew it had been the wrong thing to say. For now, instead of fear, there was malice shining in the eyes of his currently human mate. This, although it was preferred to the fear, would not exactly help the current situation.

"I knew it," the boy sneered. "You said you were going to change. You said you were going to be different. You didn't mean any of that!"

The youkai was finding himself at a loss for words. What was Inuyasha talking about? "I do not say things I don't mean, little brother."

"Oh, no? That's a load of crap! You said you would be different! You said you would change! You were lying to me!"

"That's a very serious accusation, Inuyasha. You know I do not lie."

"Oh no? Then what was that whole unmother thing years ago?"

Sesshoumaru mentally cringed. He did NOT like thinking about that incident. "That was a… mistake. Besides, that is far in the past. Why are you bringing it up now?"

All the anger seemed to be pushed aside as his young mate stood there silently with his jaw dropped. "A mistake? It was a mistake?" he asked in disbelief.

"Yes," he answered with an inaudible sigh. He could not believe he had allowed this situation to degenerate to this point, "A mistake. One which I knew was a bad idea at the time. Honestly, I do not see how I could have sunk so low as to do such a thing no matter how angry I was."

Sesshoumaru stopped for a moment to contemplate his sibling. Inuyasha still was not looking as if he could believe this information coming from Sesshoumaru. Hmm, perhaps there was something he could do to help his young mate make a little more sense of this. It would mean giving up a bit of more his pride, but perhaps it was necessary.

"I am capable of making mistakes, little brother, just like anyone else," stated Sesshoumaru slowly.

"I know, I just didn't expect you to say it, that's all."

"So, why can you not accept that the way I have treated you in the past may have no bearing on how I view you currently?"

"You can't be serious. That would mean too much of a change for you. You can barely stand to be around humans. Don't think I haven't seen how you act around my friend," Inuyasha pointed out.

"Your friends do not know how to mind their own business. There are nosy and talk when they should be silent," Sesshoumaru said in annoyance.

"Yeah, ok, they can be a bit annoying sometimes, but that doesn't make a difference. You still can't stand humans."

Deciding that this tact was not working, Sesshoumaru decided to try a different angle. "What about Rin? She is human and yet I allow her to travel with me."

"Yeah, why DO you let her travel with you again? Cause, to be honest, you should really be leaving her here where she can be protected and not out and about. If I had had somewhere safe to leave Shippo all these years, I would have."

"What do you mean you had nowhere safe to leave him? What of that village by where you were sealed?" Sesshoumaru asked in curiosity.

"I couldn't leave him with Kaede," Inuyasha explained. "For the first part, it is not her responsibility to look after the runt, it is mine. For the second part, Kaede is too old to be taking care of a growing demon child. For the third part, Kaede already has her hands full with the sick of the village. It just wouldn't be fair or right for me to ask her."

"That is abnormally considerate of you."

"Hey! I can think of other people when I want to. I just don't often want to," Inuyasha said defensively. "But you never did answer my question. Why has Rin been traveling with you all this time?"

"Hmm, several reasons. Firstly is that she is, as you have pointed out, human. It has not been safe around here for humans until just recently."

"Not safe?"

"Hn. It has taken me these past few years to sort out those in my staff who would mean her harm from those who I can trust her with. The next time I leave, she will be staying here," Sesshoumaru explained.

"And you're sure she'll be safe?"

"Of course. Now have I allayed your fears or is there something else?"

"My fears?" Inuyasha asked, looking confused.

"Yes, this ridiculous fear you seem to have about me not accepting my own mate simply because he happens to be human at the time."

"It is not ridiculous. You CAN'T accept me."

"Why can't I accept you?"

"You hate me!" Inuyasha shouted in exasperation.

"I do not," Sesshoumaru stated with finality.

"Yes you do!"

"Whatever gave you that ridiculous idea?" Sesshoumaru asked, obviously having no idea where this was coming from.

The confusion set Inuyasha off into a rant or all his confusion and upset, "I ruined your mating! I destroyed it! I couldn't trust you and I ruined it! And now you hate me and never want to see me again!"

Sesshoumaru had had it. There was no way that he would allow this to continue on any longer. His mate just didn't seem to understand no matter what he said.

Deciding words were not enough to convince the inuhanyou, Sesshoumaru grabbed his mate by the back of his head and pulled him into a crushing kiss. He could feel the squirming, but chose to ignore it. This was his beta, he had ever right to kiss him whenever and wherever he wanted.

After a time, he allowed Inuyasha to pull back. Through great gasping breaths, Inuyasha yelled, "What the hell, Sesshoumaru! I'm human remember?"

"This does not preclude you from being my mate."


Sesshoumaru tried to explain calmly, "Human or not, you are my mate and, as such, the very idea that I would reject any part of you is ridiculous."

"But… I thought you hated humans," came the confused reply.

Sesshoumaru was very close to physically injuring his young mate despite the fact that said mate was human at the time. Hadn't they already covered this? Perhaps a different approach was in order. "You are not a human! You are my mate!"

It was a highly affronted hanyou turned human who replied, "Hey, I am too human!"

Finally driven to complete frustration, he once again decided to forego the talking and just show his mate how important he was. Besides, he still had to make sure that the human side of his brother was properly marked.

This thought in mind, he stripped the hanyou turned human of his clothes and placed him on the futon, pointedly ignoring any and all protests. He had had it. Once the younger male was in place, he knelt there looking at him with great interest. He had never seen his younger brother's human guise. Inuyasha had been much too adept at hiding it from him.

But, now that he could see what this being before him actually looked like, he found himself awestruck. The largest difference was of course the ears. They were no longer sitting on top of his head like bizarre antennae, they were now just normal, human ears. Not all that exciting at all.

Then there was the silver hair turned black. If he wasn't mistaken, it looked silkier than when it was silver. He made a mental note to check if that was the actual case before moving on in his inspection of the being beneath him. The skin was a darker shade than usual and the eyes were a deeper, darker hue as well. Although, the thing that really got him about the eyes was not their shade, but their depth.

This guise of his mate held emotions much closer to the surface than the other two forms. For the youkai, there was almost no emotions whatsoever, while the hanyou showed few, but those that were shown were deeply felt. Now there was the human, the human who, evidently, was the storehouse for the emotions of the other two. It was really quite extraordinary when he thought of it.

But for now, he could see confusion in the expressive eyes below him. "What?" came the curious, no longer upset voice.

"You are breathtaking," the youkai lord answered without thought.

The immediate response to this was a blush that stained the human's cheeks. And damn it, it made him look even more appealing! There had to be a law against being so attractive.

Unable to help himself, he kissed his helpless brother until he could feel the human struggling against him. Releasing him, he watched as his younger brother sucked in breath after breath. Unfortunately for the boy, the sight of his bruised lips only served to further entice Sesshoumaru.

Looking upon him, the elder youkai knew without a doubt that he had to have this creature beneath him. Now. But, in this thought, another disturbing idea popped to the front of his mind. Earlier his young mate had said that there was no mark on him. He had had yet to confirm this for himself.

To that end, he flipped the younger male, who was still trying to catch his breath, over in one fluid movement. Upon sweeping the long, black hair to the side, he searched his mate's back for any sign of the dog howling at the moon. There was nothing.

Panicking for a moment, he jumped over to his wardrobe door and pushed it aside, quickly striding to the mirror in the back of the wardrobe. Turning, he grabbed his hair in his one hand, flinging it over his shoulder, looking to see if his little brother's mark had faded from his back as well. Sighing in relief when he saw the tree was still present, he stopped and considered what to do about the problem with his unmarked mate who was currently sitting up on the futon, looking very confused.

"What's wrong?" Inuyasha asked, sounding a little unsure and afraid.

"You do not carry my mark," Sesshoumaru responded very matter-of-factly. There was no need for his young mate to be aware of just how much that little fact disturbed him.

"Well, yeah, I told you that already."

"I had not thought you were actually serious."

"Oh, well," the human looked at him nervously, "um, what do you want to do about it?"

"It will need to be rectified immediately," Sesshoumaru said with finality.


A nod.

"As in do the mating thing all over again?" Inuyasha elaborated.

Another nod as he came closer to the futon, indirectly stalking his mate.

"Oh, no," came the response as his young mate skittered back on his feet and hands. "You can't do that to me, I'm human!"

"It must be done. You are my mate."

"But I'm human! I'll bleed!" Inuyasha was beginning to panic at this point.

"I am aware of this," he responded in a monotone. Truly his little brother was highly amusing.

"I don't heal good!"

"I am aware of this as well."

"You can't just bleed me dry in the name of making me your mate!" Inuyasha screamed on the edge of hysteria.

He raised an eyebrow at the boy. "Now, why would I do that?"

"What? You think I don't remember what happened the last time? All that blood? I can't afford to lose that much blood as a human! I'll die, you bastard!"

"You cannot honestly believe that I would put your life at risk. There is another method for creating the bond."

The panic in the half-demon-turned-human's face went down a bit at that. "There is?"

"Of course. How else would father have mated your HUMAN mother?"

That seemed to settle him down considerably. "Oh, OK, so, how do we do this?" the curiosity was back.

He stopped to think for a moment. He knew that there was a way. There had to be one. His father had done something and it had not killed Inuyasha's mother. Now what had it been that he did?

"You don't know how to do this, do you?" came the resigned voice from his mate.

Looking up at him sharply, Sesshoumaru tried to give off an air of confidence as he replied, "Of course I know how to do this. Nothing could be simpler."

"Fine. You know so much? It should be easy to just TELL me what you plan to do."

That brought the elder up short for a moment. He had no idea what he was supposed to do. But now, if he went back on that, it would seem like he had been lying to his mate and he did not want to do that either. It was enough to drive him to the point of insanity.

Deciding to take the straightest route, he said, "It is not easy to explain, I will show you instead." He was hoping that sudden inspiration would come to him while he was in the act. Surely his youki would know how to mark the boy without causing him undue stress.


He kept reminding himself, 'He's human, I have to be careful. He's human, I have to be careful,' even as every fiber of his being wanted to plunge so far into his mate that there was no way to separate the two.

Just as he was about to reach his climax, he noticed that his claws had turned blue. The first time they had mated, he had been so far gone by this point that he had not even noticed the color change from the normal green for his poison. But this fluid under his claws, 'this must be what makes the mark,' he thought. Forcing himself to remain semi-coherent, he lightly scored his younger brother's back with the blue-tipped claws.

Watching in amazement, he saw the blue tinted red fluid seep out of the scoring and cover his entire back in a thin layer. And then, to his shock, for he had not scratched all that hard at all, the boy under him collapsed.

Pulling out of his newly marked mate, Sesshoumaru moved to where he could get a better look at him. His fears for Inuyasha's safety were allayed when he saw that the human was sleeping peacefully. Recalling that the mark making rendered one unconscious, he turned his attention back to his little brother's back.

As he watched in amazement, he could just make out a figure taking shape under the blue. He was sure that this would be the same image that was there before, but, as he watched it, the parts he could see did not look like what he could recall from the previous marking.

Could it be that there was a second marking on his little brother? One that did not look like it did normally? It seemed there must be even though it didn't make much sense to him.

Realizing that he would not be able to tell what it was fully until after the mixture on his back had been wiped away and not wanting to do it while it was being made for fear of leaving an incomplete mark, Sesshoumaru sat off to the side of his mate as a guard.

It would not do for his mate to be left doubly weakened and in danger.

After what seemed an interminably long time, Inuyasha began to stir. The swirling on his back had finally evened out into an image. This one was different from the previous one by a great amount, so much so that it was shocking to Sesshoumaru.

Rather than the image of the single dog youkai howling at the moon, there was now the image of two dog youkai lying curled up together. As Sesshoumaru looked closer, he realized that the dog youkai were in fact him and Inuyasha if Inuyasha had an animal form. Sesshoumaru considered what the difference in the marks meant for him while he awaited his mate's full awakening.


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