Lovely Princess

Author: Yuya, princess. Kyo, still Kyo. Shinrei, Yuya's fiancé. Mahiro, Yuya's maid. Kyoshiro, Yuya's childhood friend. Enjoy…

Chapter 1 – Royal Girl

"YUYA-HIME!" Mahiro ran all over the castle compounds and found Yuya loitering by herself. True, she was the princess's friend, but at the same time, she's also her maid. It was her job to keep her safe!

"Oi, Mahi-chan! C'mere, the carps have gotten bigger!" Yuya was kneeling near the pond and waved to Mahiro.

Mahiro sighed and stomped her foot. "Your highness! Lord Shinrei will be here in a few hours! This is not the time for you to be feeding useless good for nothing fishes! You should dress up before the lady finds you here!" Mahiro pulled Yuya's left arm and dragged her all the way to her room.

"Mahiro! Release me, onegai!" Yuya begged for Mahiro to release her but no chance. She was very troublesome in every single way, she always ran away from everything. Okuni, the lady, her stepmother, was the one who suggested her marrying Shinrei. Her father, Megeira just obeyed. Her real mother, Sai, died 4 years ago, along with her brother in a raid. Her sister, Sakuya, was already married to her friend Kyoshiro.

"Yuya-hime, this is not the time for you to be playing around! You are to marry Lord Shinrei and become head of this family!" Mahiro took a load of silk kimonos and threw them at Yuya's face. "Dress up! After that, I need to do your make-up and hair! And wear shoes!"

"Hai, hai, hai!" Yuya took the kimonos and got dressed behind the screen. "Should I wear pink or green or black?"

"Pink! Hurry up!" Mahiro fumed. It was a bad day for her, VERY BAD!

"Hey, 12 layers! 12 layers!" Yuya yelled. "How do you expect me to finish dressing up under 12 layers of kimonos under one minute!" Yuya undressed herself and started overlapping her first kimono with another one, and another one, and another one, and another one and you got the gist of it!

"Yuya… hurry up!" Mahiro said impatiently. "The lady is expecting you to meet her!"

Footsteps were heard outside the chamber. A figure stepped inside; it was Lady Okuni, heiress of the Izumo family. She once served as a Shinto Miko at the Izumo Shrine. She married Lord Megeira after receiving his invitation. She was a very interesting woman considering that she was a Miko, but dresses sexily.

"Yuya… are you ready?" her soft voice sent shivers towards Yuya. Yuya saw her not as a mother, but a sister, who cares for her in a strange way…

"Not yet, Lady Okuni… just a few more layers…" Yuya said behind the screen.

"Lord Shinrei is very excited to see you… he wants to see you so badly that he arranged today's meeting, isn't that exciting!" Lady Okuni clapped her hands, "It's so nice to be so young!"

"Milady, he's 7 years older than me… isn't that a big gap?" Yuya's head popped from behind the screen.

"Not that big of a gap… he's nice, perfect, handsome and of royalty as you are… we expect him to be early… so Mahiro, do her hair and make-up as quickly and as carefully as you can…" and with that last sentence, lady Okuni left the chamber.

Yuya sighed and plopped herself on her bed. "Mahiro, I need a break… after all of this, I'm taking a ride on Shirô…" and Yuya sat up in a sitting position and smiled at Mahiro. "Let's get this done with and I'll be home free earlier…"

Mahiro smiled and winked at her. "Alright, just leave everything to me!"

After a while

"There, done!" Mahiro placed the lipstick on the make-up table. "What do you think?"

Yuya opened her eyes and saw her other half, her princess half. Beautiful, elegant, charming and has great charisma with all those layers of make-up. Yuya sighed, would that Shinrei guy like me without make-up? Well, it's not that I'm ugly… but he only saw me once, and with make-up! What if he saw me without it? Would he think indifferently of me?

"So? What do you think?" Mahiro asked eagerly.

Yuya smiled. "It's fine, it's pretty cool too…" Yuya was not kidding, it was very fine work to start off with, and Mahiro has a knack for fashion, ever since she was small. They all used to hang out together, her, Sakuya, Nozomu, Kyoshiro, Mahiro and some other kid… Yuya didn't remember him so much, he was quiet, he had long hair and he never seemed to smile around them. Especially with Kyoshiro and Sakuya…

"Hey, Mahiro… do you remember the guy who used to hang out with us? The guy with long hair? The guy who doesn't like to smile? Do you remember about him?" Yuya turned to Mahiro.

Mahiro thought for a while and clapped her hands. "Yeah, I do! He doesn't talk much, does he? Well, anyways… I remember his name was…" her words were cut off by the sound of the door opening, Sakuya was standing right behind it.

"Yuya? Are you ready? Lady Okuni asked me to fetch for you… Lord Shinrei is already downstairs…" with that Sakuya left after closing the door.

"Here we go… next stop, stairway to hell…" Yuya then sat up and was escorted downstairs by Mahiro. When she was descending the stairs, Yuya could see Lord Muramasa, an acquaintance to her father and brother-in-law of Mahiro. To say this, Mahiro's family served her family for decades. Before Mahiro, Mayumi, her sister worked for her mother. And now after Lord Muramasa married Mayumi, she was allowed to quit the job and Mahiro was next in line. So, before Mahiro marries off with another family, she cannot stop working for them. She's not a slave!

"Ah, Yuya-hime, nice to see you… you too, Mahiro," Muramasa flashed a warm smile which both Yuya and Mahiro returned.

"Where's nee-san? She's not with you?" Mahiro looked around to search for her sister's presence but found no one that matched her sister.

"Oh, Mayumi's too heavy to come here… she is pregnant, you know…" Muramasa laughed seeing both Yuya's and Mahiro's jaws dropped.

"Oh, really? When! Is her womb big now?" Mahiro asked eagerly.

"A few months… it's due this summer…" Muramasa sighed. "She's being acting weird, like all pregnant women are…"

"Aren't you excited to be a father?" Yuya asked. She was answered with a nod.

"Very excited… so excited that I was kicked at the ribs when I touched her womb…" Muramasa sighed again.

"Mayumi's kick?"

"Yes… very much her's and the baby's, I guess… it was a hard kick!" Muramasa smiled and laughed.

"Yuya, come meet Lord Shinrei, he's outside at the garden…" Okuni came from behind him. "Your father's talking to him right now…" and she led Yuya outside where a man with silver hair tied in a ponytail dressed in marine blue awaited.

He turned around and flashed a smile. His golden eyes sparkling brightly. "Yuya-hime, so nice to see you again… you look breathtaking…" and he bowed to her.

"Hello there, Lord Shinrei… nice weather today, isn't it?" Yuya reluctantly greeted him.

"And Shinrei, DO NOT TOUCH HER BEFORE THE WEDDING! Bye dear, have a nice talk…" and Megeira left with Okuni.

Yuya watched in amazement as her father walked away. What did he actually mean?

"I see you have grown into a beautiful woman since the last time I've seen you…" Shinrei flashed a warm smile before he coughed.

"You alright?" Yuya went to his side and gently patted his back. "Okay now?"

"Y-yes… thank you… I guess I'm having those bad coughs again…" he gazed at Yuya and flashed another smile. "Yuya-hime… please excuse me, I got something that I must do right now." With that, he left Yuya alone.

Yuya just looked at his figure walking away, out of her reach… she sighed.

"I might as well go exploring… I have to find Shirô, he might be with Kyoshiro right now…" and Yuya lifted her long kimono to prevent it from brushing dust and walked away.

"Kyoshiro! Kyoshiro! Shirô!"

"Who's that?" Kyoshiro's voice echoed from behind a stable. Yuya went to see what he was doing and saw that he was feeding a pony.

"Hey, where's Shirô?"

He stood up and stretched his arms. "He's at his stable, I've just fed him, why?"

"No, I was just… well, I want to go out for a bit. It won't be for long… I'll come back as soon as the sun sets."

"Well, come back earlier, you know your beloved Shirô has no sense of direction…" and Kyoshiro led Yuya to Shirô's stable. There, Yuya could see her white horse, wagging his long tail as if excited to see her. Yuya smiled and hopped onto him.

"I'm sorry of the extra weight, I promise this will be the last time you have to bear with my kimono… and Kyoshiro, tell them not to worry, okay? Hyaah!" with that Shirô leapt over the stable and dashed all the way to the front gate.

"Who'd be worried? Every time you go out horsing around, you'll come back earlier coz you're scared or something…" Kyoshiro said before continuing to feed the ponies.

Yuya travelled quite a distance, for a second, she's in the forest. Shirô galloped slowly from exhaustion. Yuya was also quite exhausted, her kimono torn slightly from the work of tree branches. This was the first time she travelled this distance, usually, she would just ride around the garden.

It was getting very late, the sun has set and yet she still stayed in the forest. The sound of birds chirping a tune had soon faded and was replaced with howls of wild wolves. The air was getting chilly and still Yuya stayed still. Her slow breathing was heard among the silent air. She sighed. I'm lost

A rustle came from behind her and the alerted Shirô yelped in surprise and dashed away leaving Yuya unstable and fell from him. Everything went black.


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