By: Blossoming Rose (aka Sakura Asakura and Rikka K)


"Syaoran-kun! You're returning to Hong Kong?" The poor girl's eyes were filled with tears as her boyfriend of eight months packed his things into a small brown suitcase.

The boy looked at her, "Sakura, I'm sorry. It's... it's my mother. She wanted me to go back."

"But, Syaoran-kun! What about us?"

"You know this, Sakura, we can't let this relationship go on."

"No! We... we can have a long distance relationship. It'll work out, Syaoran-kun, I promise."

"Sorry, Sakura. It's over." Syaoran frowned at her. It was fun while it lasted, he told himself.

Sakura's tears fell onto the white sheets of Syaoran's dormitory bed.

He walked to where the petite girl stood, and held her shoulder, "Goodbye, Sakura."

The girl wrapped her thin arms around Syaoran's waist, sobbing uncontrollably. For what was probably the last time ever, she breathed in the faint scent of Syaoran's cologne. She could remember all the times they spent together, the times they strolled around the campus, hand in hand, just enjoying each other's company. Sakura never felt happier whenever she was with Syaoran, yet now... Syaoran was stepping out of her life.

Sakura couldn't help but cry out to the heavens. "Why? What wrong did I do for something like this to happen to me?" she shouted in her mind, "My life was perfect, and now it's ruined all over again!" she knew she was staining Syaoran's shirt with her silly tears, but she couldn't stop.

Syaoran looked at the girl leaning on him with pity in his eyes. His arms were around her thin shoulders, and he could feel her sobbing silently. He also felt her tears seeping into the front of his shirt... man, that's going to stain.

"Sakura..." Syaoran said softly to the girl in his arms. "Sakura, it's time."

Sakura looked up earnestly, "Time?" she managed to choke out before bursting into a new round of sobbing.

"Yes... the plane is scheduled at 9:30." Syaoran said quietly.

Sakura stared into Syaoran's eyes as he shifted around uncomfortably. If he didn't hurry, he would be too late to catch the plane.

"Syaoran... do you love me?"

Great. What is this? A break-up interrogation? Syaoran frowned, "Sakura! Please. This is no time for making—"

"Syaoran. Do you love me?" Sakura repeated her question, this time with more resolve. She removed her arms from around his waist and wiped her cheeks.

"What do you think?" Syaoran squirmed. He was feeling incredibly uncomfortable. What was wrong with this girl?

"Syaoran. Do you love me?" Sakura said for the third time. She demanded, actually.

Syaoran ignored her. He wanted to say yes, as he always did to other girls. But he couldn't. He did not love Kinomoto Sakura. And for some reason, he couldn't tell her that either. He picked up his suitcase, and glanced at Sakura for one last time. Sakura was still staring at him, her expression a mixture of anger, sadness and pain.

"Goodbye, Sakura." He said—his last words to her—and walked out of the door.

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--Rikka K