By: Blossoming Rose (aka Sakura Asakura and Rikka K)

Chapter 12: From the Beginning

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In Sakura's dream, it was a large, grand occasion. The ballroom was decorated in gold and silver, in pink and green.

'Wait. No, not green. Blue. BLUE!'

... in pink and blue. Streams of color were strewn across the room, and Sakura was happy. She was happy. Why wouldn't she be?

Eriol came up behind her and held her, and Sakura smiled. It was not the wedding that mattered, after all. It was the marriage, the long tumultuous journey that would come after the wondrous celebration. Sakura knew that as much as she loved the wedding, she would love the marriage so much more. It was for the life they would have together that Sakura loved Eriol, not for how well Eriol waltzed, or how much wedding cake he consumed.

Sakura turned around to kiss her fiance, and she almost fell back in surprise, had the stranger not held her steady. Sakura looked at him. It was not Eriol. It was...

Sakura woke up. Her eyes were still closed and she was still lying on her bed, stiffly. She opened her eyes to the bright sunlight that greeted her. She was back in her apartment, in the city. She remembered how Eriol had taken her home after they had broken up in the rain. Well, she broke up with him. And she cried for half a day after she got home.

"Eriol..." Sakura sighed, looking up at her ceiling. How could she have done that to him?

"I'm the worst person in the world!" Sakura yelled, rolling over in her bed and falling off it with a thump.


"Sakura?" came a voice from the kitchen. It was not a man's voice, Sakura noticed with relief. She was half scared that it was Eriol, and even more scared that it might be Syaoran. She still didn't know what to say to him. She hoped he wouldn't be obnoxious about her breaking up with Eriol and all. And if he thought that she broke up with Eriol because she loved Syaoran (even if it's true), it would just prove that he was an arrogant little prat who didn't deserve her.

Well. She didn't deserve anyone either. Not after what she did to Eriol.

"Sakura? Are you awake? Are you okay?" Chiharu bustled into the room with a pot holder on one hand and a spatula (with something dark and smoking stuck on it, which Sakura didn't really care to know about) in the other.

Sakura sat up from her carpeted floor, thankful for her past decision to cover the floor with carpet rather than leave it bare. She looked up at Chiharu, "I'm fine. How did you know I was back?"

"Well, Eriol called me last night-he sounded like he was crying or something, what happened?-and told me to come over since you weren't feeling well."

"Oh." Now Sakura felt really horrible. Eriol was such a nice guy. She was an idiot for thinking she'd be better off without him. 'No, but he's better off without me.'

"And I'm making breakfast! Oh! The eggs!" And Chiharu ducked back into the kitchen just as the burnt smoky smell reached Sakura's nose. She laughed. Girlfriends were what she really needed. Who cared about men? She can be happy without them. She doesn't need men. She grinned. Maybe she was actually growing up!

The phone rang just then and Chiharu hurried to answer it, "Hello?" she went. Sakura heard a faint voice on the other side of the line but couldn't identify the owner of it. Chiharu's eyes widened, and she looked at Sakura, "Um, it's Syaoran."

"Oh, right," Sakura got up.

"He wants to talk to you in person."

Sakura wasn't sure if she should be happy or sad but she was scared and she felt her heart suddenly skip a beat.

"Can you meet him now? He's in the cafe across the road."

Sakura looked at Chiharu, pausing for a few moments, and she smiled, "Okay."

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